Bloodbaths and Boomsticks Double Feature!!!


This week Kyle and Tim return to talk about Kyle watching the T.V. show Taboo.  Tim needs your votes to win an award. What we consider the greatest movie of our generation.  Convention stuff and how to survive one.  And Kyle pitches a movie where Dolph Lundgren destroys an evil corporation. Trailers, movie reviews, and a ton more bullshit.


This week Kyle and Tim start the bullshit early by recalling all the foreign objects that Tim has brought to E.C.W. house shows.  Kyle sees Get Out, Secretly gay Disney cartoons that all the uppity soccer moms have forgotten about. And Kyle tells the story of the time he was in 6th grade and knocked the eye out of a kid with a rock.  Also, we talk about what happens when Marvel Superheroes get old and pissed off in LOGAN. And sharks get possessed by Satan and bad CGI in SHARK EXORCIST.

Gross Movie Reviews #401


Gross Movie Reviews #401


Sledgehammer (DVD/YouTube) – No, this isn’t a remake of the 80s S.O.V. flick we remember so fondly. And no the filmmaker Joshua Miller isn’t the former punter of the Pittsburgh Steelers. With that out of the way it is a film about a young man Yolner who is having a bad day. His girlfriend broke up with him, his car broke down, he is threaten to be fired, and on top of that his co-workers pull a prank on him by putting shrooms in his coffee. Yolner loses mind and goes on a psycho rampage killing his co-workers, random people, all in the search for his former girlfriend. He is nicknamed the “Sledgehammer Killer” by the press as he continues his rampage through the city! Watching this I thought I was going to get this cool ‘Jackhammer Massacre’ type of flick? Oh, I was so wrong and wanted to turn this flick off 25 minutes in as it was so terrible. Instead of shorten up the flick and adding blood and guts for fun we get what resembles a horrible music video flashback from the early 90s? Beyond words how terrible this film is, but I got through it and hopes of you not making the mistake I did as I give it 0 out of 4 stars. If curious, stupid, or just like to be abused you can get it through .

Peelers (DVD/Vimeo) – A small town strip club owned by a pretty lady named Blue Jean is having the typical rough night she is used too. What is different about this night is Blue Jean has sold the place and has plans to ride off in the sunset on her bad ass cop motorcycle. Things change when some workers from the local mine roll in with oil and dirt all over them wanting booze and naked ladies. When one of the guys feel sick and run to the restroom the fun begins as he pukes up all of his bloody fluids and becomes “a crazed, brutal, brainless killer”! To make it even more interesting it is up to Blue Jean, her pseudo-son, and the bouncer to protect the strippers until they find out the crazy fucked up dudes and is killed with water. Fuck yeah people, ‘Neon Maniacs’ we are talking here people. A surprisingly entertaining flick that is a blend of ‘Feast’ meets ‘Zombie Strippers’ with a tanker full of blood and guts. My only big beef with the flick is the strip dances could have been edited down some. It’s a strip club; we know we are seeing some tits at some point. You do not have to establish every stripper and the dance they do that is called porn. With that aside this pleasant horror surprise is worth seeking out as I give it 2 ½ out 4 stars and can be found at .

Bethany (DVD/Vimeo) – Apparently James Cullen Bressack is able to poop out movies at will as his latest is a thriller is about a woman whose past comes back to haunt her when her mother dies. When Claire was a kid she did not have any friends and her mother made sure she was in every beauty pageant there was. So Claire begins to talk to her imaginary friend Bethany in the wall of her bedroom. This all flashes back to Claire as she talks to her husband as they plan to stay in her departed mother’s house. Claire wants a family but has had issues since their first try was stillborn and Claire lost her marbles. The longer Claire stays in the house the more odd things happen including Claire speaking to Bethany again. The film gets pretty creepy as secrets are revealed and the film isn’t your typical ‘Paranormal Activity’ cookie cutout bullshit. The film sports a pretty nasty fingernail scene and a serious Tom Green as Claire’s therapist that makes you cringe with joy. I enjoyed the fresh twist with the Bethany character and for that I give this flick 3 out of 4 stars. You can find out more at .

Psychos (DVD/Vimeo) – Three young women get a disturbing text that shows them in very embarrassing and awkward videos from ten years ago. So J.J., Sasha, and Norma set out to find this house that is from their nightmares to steal the DVDs so these videos cannot be posted or texted again. Once there things get stranger as the three women are separate personalities of a young woman who is having recurring nightmares of all the sexual abuse she encountered from these two old pervs that live a normal life! Bloody, creepy, and a little weird makes ‘Psychos’ an interesting watch as I give it 2 ½ out of 4 stars and more can be found out at .

Deviant Behavior (DVD/Vimeo) – Here is a good slow burn kinda of thriller for you from a filmmaker Jacob Grim. A lonely private investigator named Chuck is hired to find a girl that the cops seem to be dragging their feet on. Chuck hits up the usuals: hookers and bums for information. But that goes a little dry until he is visited by an old colleague from the force who tells Chuck it is being covered up. Once Chuck puts a few things together and has a suspect he regrets stumbling into something he never could imagine as two twisted serial killers are the cause for disappearances of the girl he is looking for but many more also. Lots of gore, characters you care about and creepy/fucked up killers make this slow burn type of film make this an interesting watch for horror fans! The film reminds me somewhat of a cool much unknown Christopher Lambert flick ‘Resurrection’. Has that weird fun thriller feel? I give the flick 3 out of 4 stars and more about it can be found at .


Don’t Kill It (On Demand) – Mike Mendez and Dolph Lundgren together for a supernatural horror film equals horror GOLD! Dolph Lundgren aka Mr. Woodley the Demon Hunter rolls into a small Mississippi town looking for a demon that have cause a triple homicide three times in one week. We learn the demon cannot be killed as if you kill the person it possesses you become possessed. So this mucks things up as Mr. Woodley must be able to capture the demon by committing suicide. Mr. Woodley comes from a family of demon hunters who have done this for years and he has been trying to figure out what he can do with this demon so no one can let it loose again. Woodley has trouble trying to explain to the small town folk that you just can’t going blasting it away which leads into an awesome bloodbath at “Town Hall” that will make horror fans drool! Congrats Mr. Mendez and Dolph your film will most likely make my best of 2017 movie list as I give this bad ass horror film 4 stars! It is like someone gave the TV show ‘Supernatural’ Grade A steroids and Dolph Lundgren.


The Hunters of the Golden Cobra (DVD/YouTube) – I fell down the worm hole again of cinema in the Philippines in the early 80s. This time around I find this flick that stars David Warbeck in some kind of action/adventure flick that takes place in the 40s. A couple governments get together to hire a British agent and his buddy to find the “Golden Cobra”. This precious artifact will somehow restore order? So off to the jungles where a lost white woman controls the natives and her twin sister tries to screw everybody over for the precious artifact. Pretty corny and fun crap to watch if you are on the lookout for something different as I give it 2 stars.


The Beast in the Cave (You Tube) – The latest short film from filmmaker Cameron Mccasland tackles a short story from H. P. Lovecraft. A man writes down what exactly happened to him when he strays away from his tour guide in a cave. Fun Lovecraft stuff for the fans as I give it 3 out of 4 stars.


Taught in Cold Blood (DVD/Vimeo) – High School student Cameron is a lonely teenager struggling to get through his day. No dad, no mom (she is mostly a passed out drunk when not yelling at Cameron), and no friends. Even though a pretty girl named Amy tries to make herself known to Cameron he still believes he is alone. That is until Cameron by accident follows a bloody man into the woods only to watch him die at the hands of another man named Tony. After helping Tony dispose of the body, Cameron becomes obsessed with Tony and his killing ways. Cameron returns Tony’s wallet and begins to question Tony everything about murdering someone. While this goes on for days and days Cameron and Amy finally talk after Cameron saves her brother from two bullies. Cameron soon finds himself being pulled in two different directions but soon it becomes very serious when Tony is now obsessed with Cameron and stalks him. Cameron must choose: pretty girl or being a supreme serial killer? A well written thriller that has you invested in the characters and keeps you at the edge of your seat in what Cameron believes he should do… I give the flick 3 out of 4 stars and it can be found at and .


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Gross Movie Reviews #395


Gross Movie Reviews #395


Daylight’s End (On Demand) – Some time has passed since a plague has just about wiped out humans. Some are survivors and some have become some kind of vampire/zombie mutants that now feed on humans. A man on a lonely mission helps out a young woman who gets jumped by other survivors. She takes him to a safe haven in the city that happens to be a police station where survivors have fought of the mutants and plan on leaving soon. But problems come along with the lone hero as a smarter mutant or “Alpha” is setting up the survivors to be a late night snack if they do not leave soon. The pacing of the flick is good, some gore, it has the man, the myth, the legend Lance Henriksen, and it’s another post-apocalyptic film which I enjoy. But the whole time watching the movie I felt like something was missing, not sure what? It’s kinda weird because the film is solid but not great as I give it 2 ½ stars.


Blair Witch (On Demand) – So there is a sequel or is it a remake? It’s a sequel… Honestly who gives a fuck as the movie annoyed the shit out of me just like the original. Heather’s brother now grown up and obsessed with finding answers to his sister’s disappearance decides to travel to the woods to do his own investigating. After a few crappy jump scares and shakier camera work, oh look… the Blair Witch! I will stick with ‘Book of Shadows’ if I wanna keeps abusing myself with these films as I give it 0 stars.


Ninja III: The Domination (DVD) – Lucinda Dickey, James Hong, and Sho Kosugi make the ten year old still in me love this product of the 80s all over again. A dying ninja possesses the young and beautiful Lucinda Dickey after she finds him in the desert. Not knowing of this when she sleeps the ninja spirit dresses up, grabs the sword, and begins his or her reign of terror. After a visit with screen legend James Hong, Lucinda and her boyfriend find out only a ninja can truly kill a ninja. Yep, its corny… But not in 1984/1985 where the ten year old me couldn’t get enough of this flick playing on cable TV. I give this classic 3 stars.


Comin’ At Ya! (DVD) – Old school western but shot in 3-D with some fun visuals that make this lost gem of a film absolutely a must watch. Before ‘Treasure of Four Crowns’ the same people made this flick about a cowboy named H.H. Hart who is about to get married until two evil brothers try to kill him and steal his bride. Once healed Mr. Hart goes on a revenge tour of tracking down the two brothers to slaughter them! If you are a spaghetti western fan or just a cinema buff and have not seen this yet? Correct this mistake quickly as it is a wonderful and fun movie experience as I give the flick 3 stars.


Cyborg 3: The Recycler (DVD) – First, we got JCVD in a post-apocalyptic world. Second time around we got a young Angelina Jolie as a cyborg and naked! Third time around it was like the director and casting person got together threw a bunch of genre veteran names into a hat, picked them, and made a movie that no one will care that it was made… except me. Richard Lynch is Lewellyn a man who is willing to track down all cyborgs, steal their eyes, and sell them for spare parts. Lewellyn becomes obsessed when he finds out information about a female cyborg that is pregnant and tracks her to a cyborg safe haven. From there of course its war! It is B-movie fun if you lasted through the first two films this makes a great dessert film buffs as I give it 2 ½ stars.


Night of Something Strange (On Demand) – Right or wrong, good or bad, this movie proved to be “something strange”. A janitor at a morgue gets the wise idea to have sex with a corpse. The corpse is a Jane Doe that just happens to be dead from radiation or STD’s. The janitor goes home, mutates, and then rapes mom! From there gets run down by two drunken hillbillies and hitches a ride to a convenience store to kill the clerk. And finally makes his way to a motel where a group of teenagers have deiced to stay for a night of sex on their way to a beach for spring break. Great effects, zombies, and hilarious vagina punching may have made Frank Henenlotter proud. I like to call the film “Spring Breakers vs. Sex Starved/Flesh Eating Zombies” and give the movie 3 stars as I laughed quite a few times.


Killbillies (DVD) – You learn something new every day as apparently this is the first Slovenia horror film ever released. Zina is a model who is traveling with another model and a photographer to the countryside for their new photo shoot. While setting up, two ‘Wrong Turn’ extras show up touching themselves and kidnap the small crew of four. The two disgusting men don’t wanna cannibalize them but use them to make some strange moonshine or vodka. Knowing death is coming Zina forces her way out to try and escape these men. Great first horror flick out of the gate and hope for many more as I give this flick 3 stars.


Detention (DVD) – Dolph Lundgren is a former Special Forces vet who must put his skills to work again when he is a teacher that must protect his students. Dolph gets stuck with detention duty on his last day of work. While he is trying to keep it together through this last duty some criminals have plans to use the school as part of their heist of heroin. Once the school is locked down for the weekend with just the students in detention, the criminals make their way in and set up. When they go to kill all that is left Dolph breaks into action as his students to stop them. With the Nu Image logo you knew you were getting that low budget direct to video fun. I give it 2 stars.


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Gross Movie Reviews #392


Gross Movie Reviews #392


Krampus (DVD) – So all that little Max wants is the Christmas holiday to be fun again. He still believes in Santa Claus and misses the days of just hanging with his older sister, Mom, Dad, and Grandma during the cheerful holiday season. So he writes Santa a letter asking for all this and when his cousins arrive they steal his letter and embarrass him. Now Max is ruined and throws it out the window but someone was paying attention. An old demon named Krampus makes a visit to Max’s household stealing and slaughtering everyone around him. Cool Christmas monster and really enjoyed the practical effects of the mutant jack-in-the box. Holiday horror for the whole family as I give it 3 stars.


Masters of the Universe (DVD) – So I decided to revisit this cartoon to live action big budget film adaptation that starred Dolph Lundgren, Meg Foster, and Courtney Cox. The film was littered with problems from beginning to end and was not released until 1987 where He-man’s popularity was already slowing down. Good or bad or just disagree with the direction of the storyline it was just cool to see something like this as a kid. Now saying that time hasn’t been kind to it since we are all older and can point out the many flaws but I believe that is the joy of the film? But damn it to hell I wanted me some Ram-man! I give it 2 stars.


Jurassic Shark (DVD) – Found this Brett Kelly production by accident while looking for another shark movie so I said fuck it and watched it anyway. An oil company doing some illegal drilling on a private island awakens an ancient shark and it’s hungry. A few thieves and college girls try to fend it off but die trying. The cheesiness of the plot would be well worth the watch but the terrible overacting and hideous computer shark effects make you wanna barf. Its bad folks, its real bad and that is coming from a fan of Brett Kelly films. I give it 0 stars.


Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses (DVD) – Old Danny Trejo runs a boxing gym to keep young kids out of trouble and just so happens to help out his neighbor Danny Glover when his store is being robbed. Word gets around some old dude beats up the thieves Andrew Divoff gets involved and forces his son to prove himself by taking the senior citizens out. Problem is the two are tough old bastards and refuse to go down easy as they take on the Argentinian nationalist (Andrew Divoff) and destroy his side business. It’s god damn Danny Trejo you know you are gonna watch it as I give it 2 ½ stars just for involving one of my favorite actors Mr. Divoff (I want another Wishmaster movie for the love of Rutger Hauer or Andrew Divoff in this case!)


Dead Noon (DVD) – Kane Hodder is a burned up cowboy who is keeping captive a young woman so he can tell her a boring story about a cowboy who leaves hell for revenge. Now that Frank has crossed over into present time it’s up to a couple brother sheriffs to send Frank and his minions back. I am sure Kane got paid well for his appearance but I want paid for wasting my time where a computer generated effect of a crow was even terrible in the film. Or it sucked a bag full of donkey dicks as I give it 0 stars.


The Greasy Strangler (DVD) – A new disturbing film that you are either gonna hate it two minutes in or laugh your ass off like I did. Otherwise you are just a bullshit artist! The story is about Big Ronnie and his son who lives together and run a celebrity disco tour (Big Ronnie’s Disco Tour) while wearing matching pink outfits. But Big Ronnie has a secret besides being one big raging boner; he is “the greasy strangler”! When Big Ronnie doesn’t have enough grease, get upset with small dick son, or just cannot have sex with his son’s new girlfriend he becomes a greasy monster and kills someone. Or at least that is what I got out of this very disturbing but funny flick. If it helps Elijah Wood makes his presence felt again as a producer… If you are a fan of Troma, ‘Slime City’, and films in that vein you watch this multiple times as I give it 3 stars.


Death Run (YouTube/VHS) – ‘Death Run’ is from the UK, maybe? But is better known as ‘Mutant City’ if yinz weirdos go looking for it? A young couple is thrown into a suspended animation experiment in hopes of surviving an ongoing nuclear war. They awaken 25 years later to a new world that is just a wasteland, cans of Coke don’t exist, there is lots of mutations, and the most non-threatening villain named “The Messiah” rules the wasteland. Jenny and Paul get captured but eventually escape the clutches of The Messiah but not without cost as Jenny dies making Paul and others wanting to ruin The Messiah’s famous “Death Run”. This B-flick really looks like someone had a bunch of friends and a junkyard to make an apocalyptic movie but the difference is they all were passionate about making this project happen. It’s beautiful late 80s B-movie cheese worth tracking down foe a watch and hope it makes it too DVD someday. ‘Mutant City’ I will be revisiting you again as I give you 2 stars.


The Monster (DVD) – A slow burn creature flick that really focuses on the relationship between a troubled mother and her young daughter whose relationship is all but over. The mother hungover had promised to drive her young daughter to her father’s house but begrudgingly starts the long drive. Along the way they hit a wolf and the car stalls and gets a flat tire. The two are forced to speak to each other and call for a tow truck and paramedics. During this flashbacks explain a little more of the trouble between the two but when the tow truck arrives, the dead wolf disappears. Next thing we know Jesse the tow truck driver disappears and his arm flops on top of the car sending the two screaming for their lives in the car knowing they are not alone. The thing that is stalking them is a bad ass looking mutated gorilla/wolf/awesome practical scary ass creature that tears shit up. I really enjoyed the creature but the focus of the film the mother and daughter relationship. Plus, I believe it’s time for the “creature feature” to make a comeback and this flick will most likely make it on my ‘best of 2016 list’ as I give it 4 stars.


Army of One (DVD) – Dolph Lundgren is a truck driver whose partner (Ken Foree) gets shot after they are pulled over by a motorcycle cop. Taking the fall for the cop killing Dolph’s character is sent to jail but during the transfer a couple of guards decide it’s time to take their frustration out on Dolph. Dolph doesn’t want to clear his name, he wants to track down his employer who screwed him over and take the money he is owed. Along the way Dolph happens the kidnap a hot ass undercover police officer and gets into one of the best action film gunfights you will see from a 90s film. This is must see viewing for Dolph Lundgren fans as I give the film 3 stars.


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Episode 207 is up and we go all over the place with this one…


We return to talk about 3 movies from the unpopular 1990’s.  First an anthology covered in slime and gore in NECRONOMICON.  Then Christopher Walken uses his power of the shushing in THE PROPHECY. Then a weirdo mish-mash of cyber punk nonsense in JOHNNY MNEUMONIC.  Also we have strange tales of Tim finding CHUD’S in Pittsburgh basements; Kyle sees the new Star Trek flick, and a metric ton of other chit chat.


Gross Movie Reviews #384


Gross Movie Reviews #384


Full Eclipse (DVD) – Oh the glory of random HBO original movies… This lesser known werewolf film if you can classify it as that was released in 1993 starring Bruce Payne, Mario Van Peebles, Patsy Kensit, Dean Norris, Jennifer Rubin, and Paula Marshall. Max is a young cop who just lost his partner in a chaotic hostage takeover of a nightclub. Some time passes and his partner is back and good as new or so it seems. Meanwhile a man named Adam Garou wants Max to be part of his “special forces unit” within the police department. They help reduce crime drastically where ever Garou goes. Max not being a team player thinks something is weird and sees it in person when he is invited to a raid of a mob party where this group turns monstrous and kills all! Garou injects the team with a serum of his making that makes the team impervious to pain or being killed. One problem you are part werewolf and could go mad or become disfigured if you do not take the serum on a regular basis. ‘Full Eclipse’ is a very different twist on the werewolf genre that not many horror fans talk about plus added bonus debating if it was influenced by the ‘Wolverine’ character, just sayin? I give the werewolf film 3 stars.


Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves (DVD) – Let that title sink in for a minute as it is totally based on an accurate account of Alabama in 1910… Helen and family are attacked by these vicious creatures known as Nightwolves which causes her to be deaf and blind. So Helen takes upon herself to defend her small town and family against the evil creatures with some help from Barry Bostwick. The film also includes a hilarious line when Helen first meets Barry Bostwick’s character and feels his face and says, “It feels like Bruce Campbell”. This movie had me laughing from the time it began to after the credits as it takes nothing serious and that’s good in my book as I give it 3 stars.


Ozark Sharks (DVD/SyFy Channel) – Sharks have infested a Colorado lake and there is a dude with a Jeep Cherokee Truck that has a harpoon gun attached to it just because. Okay I will watch but I didn’t say it was good as I give it 1 star.


Shark Killer (DVD) – Arnold Vosloo is an unstoppable bad ass who likes diamonds and lives in South Africa. Someone screws over Vosloo and the biggest diamond on earth has been swallowed by a great white shark. The only one that can help is bootleg Chris Pratt aka Chase Walker who makes his living with sharks, sort of. His brother is the one that screwed over Vosloo and Vosloo has been shot, burned, and attacked by sharks but keeps coming. A wonderful overlooked B-movie worth watching with friends and enjoy the cheese but be entertained also as I give the flick 2 ½ stars.


Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (DVD/SyFy Channel) – It’s been five years since the last known Sharknado has hit anywhere in the world. Ian Ziering as Finn has been resting comfortable at home with his and April’s son and decides to go to Las Vegas. There is the epicenter of Tommy Davidson’s invention of a weather destabilizer and many located around the world stop the Sharknados before they ever get started until now. This time around the Sharknados get started on land and cannot be stopped as there is a snownado, firenado, radioactive Sharknado, you name the nado! Finn rushes back to Kansas to save his son but must help everyone along the way. Tara Reid returns from the aid of her father Gary Busey. David Hasselhoff returns, Lloyd Kaufman makes an appearance, horror fans get Caroline Williams from ‘TCM 2’ fame to make not one but two references to ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, and if that wasn’t enough Steve Guttenberg shows up with a Stephen King ‘Christine’ reference! The series is fun but as I said last time out I believe the series needs to end as I give it 2 stars.


2 Lava 2 Lantula (DVD/SyFy Channel) – I believe I have finally broken the computer’s spellcheck with that title? Steve Guttenberg is back as Colton and this time he has to go save his college-aged daughter in Florida as the lava spiders are attacking again. With the help of his partner Michael Winslow, Colton leaves his latest film project to find his daughter, throw out I believe a very random ‘Cocoon’ reference, and fight with Martin Kove about not waking the queen lava spider and long enough for Kove to say “sweep the leg”. The sequel still has the magic of the first film but like ‘Sharknado’ kill off the series before it becomes a shell of itself and where in the hell is the real star Michael Varrati? I give the sequel that had some awesome trailers 3 stars.


Spectre (DVD) – James Bond faces his own extinction and must make a choice as the demise of the “007” program is about to be finalized but for the wrong reasons. With no one to trust and being tracked by his own government James must find out why the program is about to go away but why one man is about to be given all the power of most of the world’s securities and be able to track and see anything and everything. I really enjoyed the Bond film as I thought it was a spectacular ending to the recent stretch of Daniel Craig entries. Will it be his last remains to be seen but if there is one more this has made sure we will get finally a stand-alone Bond film that has no connection to the past films. This film presents a case that Bond is still relevant as I give it 3 stars.


Outlaw of Gor (VHS/Comet TV) – The Professor Cabot once again returns to the world of Gor where the place he once saved is in trouble as a high priest and a cheating queen cause issues in the kingdom. The high priest is played by Jack Palance and this 1988 film has made it on many bad film lists over the years and one of the more popular episodes of MST3K among fans. For me it’s a sequel and I seen the first fantasy film so of course I needed to see this oddity as I give it 2 stars.


Frontier Marshal (YouTube) – As a request from a friend I watched this western to review it and glad I did. The 1939 film is all about Wyatt Earp and the O.K. Coral and put it simply influences the modern day film ‘Tombstone’ that stars Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer. It’s wild as we get to see a young John Carradine, a young Cesar Romero play Doc Holliday, and the Wolfman himself Lon Chaney Jr. playing a henchmen/paid gunman. Enough violence to make it stand out from the usual westerns of the day but its portrayal of the O.K. Coral is amazing and you understand why so many kids of that era wanted to be cowboys. I give this oldie but goodie 3 ½ stars.

Creature Feature

Creature Feature (DVD/Vimeo) – Filmmaker Chase Smith presents to you an anthology of scary stories that are being told by a group of friends trying to scare each other at a Halloween party. We have clown statues, revenge zombies, witches, scarecrow/pumpkin man, and a haunted house with a baby killer/werewolf who lives there. The group is trying to scare the shit out of each other with each story as drink more and more but who ends up scaring who is the twist. The 80s inspired anthology screams fun with its short quick stories, nudity, and gore and gives horror/Halloween themed film fans something else to look forward to watch for the upcoming Halloween holiday as I give the film 2 ½ out of 4 stars. You can found out more about the film at and .


Batman: The Killing Joke (DVD) – The comic book story of Batman and Joker of where Joker crossing the line comes to animation film land. Batman has been training Batgirl/Barbara Gordon for a few years now and things have become different at least for Batgirl. Frustrated, she goes out on her own to fight a mob boss’ son who wants to get in the head of Batgirl. Once resolved and the relationship has changed between Batman and Batgirl, The Joker has found his way out of the asylum and has big plans for Commissioner Gordon and his daughter. I enjoyed the film till the end where Batman and the Joker just laugh together instead of killing each other. I am sure there is some comic book nerds that will explain this to me but I thought someone die after Barbara Gordon was raped at gun point. I give the film 2 stars.

Hollywood Nightmare

Hollywood Nightmare (DVD/Vimeo) – Another Chase Smith film that stars Zoe Meyers as a stuck up actress Kendall Summers who thinks she is a movie star before she has become one. Kendall walks off her latest project for the weekend to get together with friends and show off her new million dollar home she just signed the papers to lease. Once there her two friends have better plans as their boyfriends show up and Kendall is forced to go to bed alone and drunk. Annoyed, Kendall keeps hearing noises all night. Next morning Kendall practicing lines for Monday’s scenes notices a shadow/a dark figure while studying the tape of her lines. When the leasing agent Sam keeps showing up unexpected, Kendall begins to question Sam about the history of the home. Sam is vague about everything as Kendall continues to hear noises, have dreams, and see a dark figure. The film is a fun thriller that runs a little longer than I like but the performance of Zoe Meyers is what makes this story work as I give the film 3 out of 4 stars. You can find out more at: and .


Reviled: Ep. 2 (Vimeo) – Filmmaker Jim Stramel continues his zombie saga that revolves around zombie pit fighting in the south. The events happen after the zombie apocalypse has come and gone and were a blimp on the social radar screen. Frank and his zombie daughter travel in their dirty van killing or crippling zombies in the illegal sport for money. But the real story is how Frank is still attached to his undead daughter and refuses to let go. This episode continues to introduce some new characters and expand the universe of this unique idea. Its dirty, has a lot of grime, a little gory, and absolutely beautiful zombie universe. My favorite part of this episode might be the kids selling bug spray for 25 cents as it is a little thing that makes it known to me that Jim Stramel takes this project seriously and make me wanting more! I give it 3 ½ out of 4 stars. Wanna check it out or maybe throw a few dollars Stramel and company’s way to help fund future episodes go to: .


Vile Prey (DVD) – Independent filmmaker Tim Novotny has a new sick horror project out there. It begins with three men doing a blood ritual of sorts but we are quickly thrown into a scene of brutality as the three men are torturing a couple during a house invasion. Credits roll… with news clips on television about murders, serial killer, and the local authorities being baffled but determined in solving these small county murders. But the three men are getting sloppy with their work and what seems just another torture movie takes a left turn when Marcus, the leader’s van has engine trouble on a dark back road. Soon they are being watched by someone with a night vision gun scope who captures Marcus. Beats him up a little, drugs him, and explains it is time for a hunt as Marcus is left disoriented in the middle of the woods. The man is named Max and he captures Marcus’ two cohorts to torture and maim them. The weird thing is Max’s brother is Dan head of the police department who knows all about what Max is doing in the middle of the dark woods. They believe in justice and covering it up so the feds believe the killer or killers are dead or captures. Novotny does a balancing act between thriller and just another torture revenge flick with ‘Vile Prey’. The film could have gone in many directions and I would not be surprised if there were several revisions of the script from Novotny as I can easily see the talented filmmaker revisiting this material again for another twisted project. ‘Vile Prey’ is somewhat brutal and interesting and shows Novotny is just getting started writing and directing wise as I give the flick 2 ½ out of 4 stars. For more info and to see the trailer check out: .


Legendary (DVD) – The film is also known as ‘Tomb of the Dragon’ and stars Scott Adkins as Dr. Preston who is a cryptozoologist who is tracks down strange creatures to see if they exist or they are just mere myth. On his latest expedition one of his young assistants is killed when they find a prehistoric bear and Dolph Lundgren as Harker shoots at it wanting another trophy on his wall. Months have pass and lawsuits are piling up from Harker until a mysterious lawyer comes by the office to have Dr. Preston look into a dragon/giant lizard/croc-like creature attacking in China. The creature keeps attacking a facility that has already hired Harker to kill the creature. This is a Saturday night SyFy Channel film if I ever seen one and with Adkins and Lundgren starring in it this film was a blast as I give it 3 stars.


Dead Rising: Endgame (On Demand) – Jesse Metcalfe is back as Chase Carter the reporter who broke the story about Zombrex and the military and based on the video game. Two years have passed and Chase has entered the East Mission Quarantine Zone tracking his story still about the military and the zombies. The military has expanded to using drug dealers in and out of the quarantined zone in exchange for fresh subjects for experimentation. Chase gets the footage but starts the clock on the “Afterlife Project”. A fail safe for the military to kill all 1.5 million people who are infected and have the tracking devices implanted in them at the same time. Ultimately the military will release another zombie virus into the population for them to keep the experiment going. Chase with the help of his news team and his gun nut friend go through the infected city to get to the V.A. hospital to shut down the Afterlife Project from its source. Plus what is a zombie without Billy Zane as a crazy doctor experimenting on humans and zombies? A fun zombie video game adaption that goes unnoticed because it’s not called ‘Resident Evil’. I enjoyed both games but feel ‘Dead Rising’ is the superior zombie movie series thus far or until ‘Resident Evil’ gets rebooted as it needs to be? Zombie fans stop waiting for the next lame season of ‘The Walking Dead’ and live or die a little and take a chance watching these entertaining zombie flicks as I give this sequel 3 stars.


Alien Uprising (Blu-ray) – An alien film that is British, has Jean-Claude Van Damme for twenty minutes, and the aliens win? Okay you got my attention! Once all the power goes out and the military is fighting a losing battle against aliens a group of friends fight to survive and go visit Uncle JCVD… A little different and worth the watch for weird people like me and Jon Cross as I give it 2 ½ stars.


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This week we are joined by our podcast friend AXL of PROFONDO CINEMA


This week we are joined by our podcast friend AXL of PROFONDO CINEMA as he stops by to lend his expert advice and to send Kyle down the path of Burt Reynolds enlightenment as he watches the stunt show HOOPER for the first time.  Also, Axl bring along a treat from the mid 80’s in the form of a stitched together anthology entitled NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR starring Richard Moll and a bunch of naked ladies.  And Tim has discovered a new flick in which one of our favorite dudes, DOLPH LUNDGREN punches a shark in the face in SHARK LAKE.  And along the way we talk about some news stories, ramble on about what we have been watching, and ponder the whereabouts of a certain former co-host.  So have fun and listen… Jan Michael Vincent would want you to.



Episode 143 is up for your listening pleasure.


This week Kyle finally gets Tim to talk about a movie he has been waiting for over 2 years to discuss. And that fine flick is GALAXY OF TERROR.  And since Kyle can’t come up with a copy of VAMP we decide to talk about something else in the Dolph Lundgren sci-fi alien drug dealer run amok I COME IN PEACE.  And as always we answer your listener questions, and talk about what we have been watching. Now download this episode and GO IN PIECES!!


Gross Movie Reviews#325


Gross Movie Reviews #325

By Tim Gross


In the Name of the King 3: The Last Mission (DVD/SyFy Channel) – Uwe Boll uses his endless supply of money to make another sequel to a film that no one cared about in the first place. But hey, don’t let the little things like that stop you as Dominic Purcell star in this new fantasy adventure. Purcell’s character is a hitman who is sucked into a different time/dimension of fantasy when he takes an amulet from a girl he kidnapped that just happens to match the tattoo on his wrist. Dragons, a prophet, hot warrior women, and Purcell’s character learns a life lesson before he is sent back to the future. I give it 1 ½ stars. Mr. Boll I personally would like more monster movies or horror movies since you have this endless supply of funds?


You’re Next (DVD) – A film that starts off innocent but soon becomes a film in the same vein as a “Funny Games”, “Strangers”, etc., you get the picture. A family who is not super rich but let’s says well off is getting together for their parents’ anniversary. The kids/adults are all older but still have sibling rivalry. But during dinner they get attack by a person or persons with arrows being shot through the windows. The movie then evolves into the family trying to survive an onslaught from unseen murder/ murderers or are they in this bloody fun film. Barbara Crampton stars which is always a plus and the only flaw of the film is you see the ending coming about ten minutes in but has its gory moments that make you happy you checked the flick out. I give it 3 stars.


WNUF Halloween Special (DVD) – A found footage film released by Camp Motion Pictures recently that tries to do something different with the same old concept of found footage. The film is a fake Halloween special with a séance about to happen in a haunted house in small town America. The found footage is a news broadcast that leads into the special that is on a public access channel and made to look grainy and crappy like a VHS tape would look like today if played when it recorded this special in the late 80s. The flick gets annoying quickly but what saves and makes this watchable is the commercials as they are all fake commercials that were made to fit the time frame when the special would have taken place? And for me that was a treat because I grew up watching a lot of bad cable TV and remember the bad computer repair, College Tech, love chat lines, and other bad commercials that were a product of that time. I give the film special a ½ star but the commercials 3 stars and applaud their efforts for making them.


Robot Ninja (VHS) – In the age of weird, horrible, obscure low budget VHS movies getting legit releases and special VHS/DVD combo releases I am very surprised there is never been any news on this relatively lesser known gory comic bookish horror film. J. R. Bookwalter’s second feature was made in four months and $15,000, a lot less than his first feature “The Dead Next Door”. The film revolves around comic book artist Lenny who is upset with his agent selling the rights of the comic to NBC for a weekly series and is now being pressured by his boss to start making the comic book more like the weekly series. This makes Lenny go over the edge and become the real life Robot Ninja after he tries to stop three individuals from raping a couple on the edge of a freeway. He has the costume made; he is taking a massive amount of drugs, it’s time for Lenny/Robot Ninja to take to the streets looking for revenge! The film is a disgustingly fun time for J.R.’s second effort. I give the movie 2 ½ stars. The film also boasts appearances from Linnea Quigley, Burt Ward, and Scott Spiegel. I remember first seeing the film in 1990 when I helped a video store order it out of the Cinema Home Video catalog.


Boggy Creek (DVD) – First off I tried tracking down info on this Sasquatch film to see if it was a remake or even any relation to the films of same name but I came up empty. So, the filmmakers are that good making sure there wasn’t any info linking this low budget flick and the originals or everyone doesn’t give a fuck that it was a remake? So anyway we have swamp sasquatches that have been killing males and breeding with females for about 40 years or so in the swamp and the sasquatches like eating humans. I give the flick 1 ½ stars.


Mediatrix (DVD) – Cory J. Udler is a filmmaker that gave us the great trilogy of “Incest Death Squad” which I highly recommend. This time around he doesn’t go too far from keeping Christianity into his storyline as a woman of the name Mary Ann Van Hook is or was a fake medium (long story). As a child she could see things but now as an adult she is busy collecting money from the local men who want to bang her in the ass! Then as a child people from all around the world would come to visit her who believed in her holy visions but it was ruined by a man of the clergy and his unspeakable unchristian-like acts. Miss Van Hook who is hooked on drugs, alcohol, and prostitution has a plan for a local woman named Carrie Brackett who still believes in Miss Hook’s powers. Miss Hook just needs to clean herself up enough to make the plan work and knows Carrie doesn’t know about Hook’s past with her husband. It is brutal, disgusting, and just so much fun to watch what Miss Van Hook will make people believe next in this tale of some people will believe anything. Thanks again Cory for a film like no other as I give it 3 out of 4 stars. You can find the film at .


Netherworld (DVD) – David Schmoeller directs this Full Moon film from the early days of Full Moon that I swore off after seeing it when I was in high school. So I thought it was time to give it a second chance after 20 years to see if it was still as bad as I thought it was? A man named Corey Thornton inherits an estate from a father he never knew that is in the heart of the bayou where black magic thrives, Cory’s dead father asks to be brought back from the dead, and a lot of sex stuff happens! If that wasn’t enough a witch of sorts has power of a cement hand or ‘hand of Satan’ to kill people. Surprisingly enough I made it through and thought it was better than “Demonic Toys vs. Dollman”. I give the film 2 stars.


Spiders (DVD) – The government and NASA are screwing around with genetically mutated spider that just happens to crash land back on earth after an experiment goes wrong. The military shows up to gather the wreckage and bodies and doesn’t know about the three young reporters who stumble upon the crash thinking aliens who hide in a truck to find out the real story. Soon spiders begin to fuck people up in an underground facility. The creature effects were done by KNB! Fun throwback flick to the sci-fi 50s as I give it 2 ½ stars.


Psycho II (DVD) – Possibly one of the most underrated sequels of all time as Anthony Perkins reprises his role as Norman Bates. Tom Holland the writer crafted an amazing story of bringing this legendary character back to the big screen. The movie now over 30 years old and still hasn’t lost its touch as Norman has been released from the criminally insane after 22 years. He returns to his home and motel with his doctor knowing he must face his fears of what happen so many years ago. Norman is older, wiser, and just wants to adjust to life in the real world again and even has a job at the local diner down the road. But soon Norman begins hearing his mother’s voice and seems to be receiving notes from her and tries to believe she is dead but some in the area still have the events of 1960 fresh in their mind and want Norman to be locked up again. Authorities keep an eye on Norman as people begin to disappear and the Bates Motel reopens under Norman’s management. The clever writing makes this film work on so many levels and Anthony Perkins lets the uncomfortable, awkward, easily excited psycho Norman Bates personality out as this movie proves he was perfect for the role. As Robert Englund for Freddy and Kane Hodder for Jason, some people are just meant to be and Mr. Perkins made the Norman Bates character so scary without effort. Do yourself a favor and rewatch this this classic sequel that I still believe doesn’t get the love it deserves as I give it 4 stars. And be sure you pay attention as there is a funny line in the film when Norman says with his straight demeanor, “I do not kill people anymore”.


Psycho III (DVD) – Two years go by and another sequel is born this time directed by Anthony Perkins himself as the movie picks right up from the end of part two but eventually falls apart in the end. Norman Bates still adjusting to his new life but has accepted his mother will always be with him hires a new assistant manager in Jeff Fahey and has a new tenant named Maureen. A blond that he soon lets his desire out to kill but instead saves her when he finds her trying to commit suicide in room #1 where it all began so many years ago. Norman tries to keep the inner psycho locked inside of him and tries to have a relationship with Maureen but he eventually goes mad and begins to kill again. As Norman does say “Everyone goes a little mad every once in a while”. The movie is fun and you cannot get enough of Anthony Perkins but the film seems to fall apart or doesn’t stay strong as part two in the last ten to fifth-teen minutes. I give it 2 ½ stars.


Psycho IV: The Beginning (DVD) – Henry Thomas plays a young Norman Bates in this film where Norman Bates now trying to live a normal life away from the Bates Motel calls into a radio station to talk about mother killers. Norman tells the story of what led up to him killing his mother and why he had to keep her corpse. It may have not been the ideal finale we wanted but it is a worthy one as Anthony Perkins returns, CCH Pounder is the disc jockey Norman tells the story too, Olivia Hussey plays Norman’s mother, Mick Garris directs and John Landis is the producer of the station. I just believe Anthony Perkins knew he didn’t have much more time on this earth and wanted to give fans a film that explains the Norman character in-depth but also tie it all up. I give the film 2 ½ stars.


Battle of the Damned (DVD/SyFy Channel) – Dolph Lundgren is a former special forces officer who is sent into a quarantined zone in Southeast Asia where a whole city has been shut down because of a zombie outbreak. He goes in with his team to find a daughter of a CEO whose company made the viral outbreak possible. Lundgren, zombies, and robots pretty much tell you everything you need to know as the only thing that would have made the film better was a bigger budget as I give the flick 2 stars.


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Gross Movie Reviews #316


Gross Movie Reviews #316


By Tim Gross


Oblivion (DVD) – A great sci-fi/western/comedy off the beaten path type of film from Charles Band and Full Moon back in the mid-90s. It’s the year 3031 and the old west is back again with even a cyborg deputy played by the cool ass Meg Foster! A bad dude named Red Eye played by Andrew Divoff rolls into town of Oblivion for the mere reason to shoot down the town sheriff. Once done, Red Eye and his S&M sidekick Lash plan on taking over the town. The son of the sheriff learns of the news from the undertaker and returns to a town looking for a new sheriff and he believes he isn’t it as his father and he didn’t see eye to eye. Whether Zack wants to or not he must face off with Red Eye in a showdown as lives depend on it. The film has some great moments that include the night scorps and an arm wrestling event that involves a little green puppet monster. This is a film that has been forgotten by most but worth revisiting as Charles Band proved he can do other projects outside of the usual suspects: Puppet Master, Trancers, and Subspecies. The film also stars the likes of Issac Hayes, Julie Newmar, George Takei, Carel Struycken, and Irwin Keyes. I give the flick 3 stars.


Oblivion 2: Backlash (DVD) – The film continues the storyline of Lash still doing criminal activity but with Red Eye dead she is forced to do everything herself and the new sheriff Zack plans on keeping the town of Oblivion safe. But soon that changes when a bounty hunter played by Maxwell Caulfield flies his ship into town to arrest Lash for something she never did years ago. Zack finds himself between a rock and a hard place when he has to defend Lash but also finds out Red Eye has a brother Jaggar has just landed and wants to find Lash also. The sequel struggles to have the same fun western/sci-fi feel of the first flick and seems at times Charles Band maybe shouldn’t have stretch the storyline to a second film… But if you watched the first film you need to see the second film to see how it ends as I give the film 2 stars.


Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong (DVD) – The mish-mash flick may never have lived up to the hyped but Charles Band goes all out to market the film any way possible as I got mine in a box of cereal called “WEEDIES”! At least Full Moon veteran actress Robin Sydney (Sarah) returns; as the pretty girl who owns the bakery that brought to life the foul-mouthed cookie monster we all know and love. But Charles Band doesn’t stop there as he brings back Larnell from the “Evil Bong” series and he relives his story through flashbacks now that he owns his own Head Shop and would like to meet Sarah in order to help each other out business wise. Meanwhile the evil cookie is back and wants his revenge on Sarah but he has to go find them in the world of EEBEE the Evil Bong. Soon it builds for a face-off that just putters out than be a fun colossal fight. This film disappointed me, but shouldn’t have as Charles Band has tried mish-mash fights like this in the past and it doesn’t translate well in Full Moon movie world as I give the film 1 ½ stars.


The Missing (DVD) – Tommy Lee Jones stars in this supernatural western film that has him as a father to Kate Blatchett that left her years ago to pursue a dream he had that told him that he needed to leave his family. But now he is back trying to reconnect only to have it go wrong when an Indian attacks his family and kidnaps his granddaughter. But this Indian is considered a witch as he hangs snakes from trees and only believes in selling women of any color in Mexico. To be honest I totally forgot this flick but glad I got a chance to watch this film as I can see why some people even classify it as a horror film. I give it 3 stars.

Survival Quest

Survival Quest (VHS) – A great forgotten Don Coscarelli film that doesn’t get its due it deserves as Lance Henriksen plays a character named Hank Chambers who is a mountain man that helps normal people come to his camp and learn to work together, survive in the wild, and respect the world. When Hank confronts a crazed weekend warrior and he is wounded his group runs for their lives and tries to survive the crazed weekend warrior’s attacks throughout the woods and the only ones they can depend on is themselves as Hank has taught them. A great 80s adventure film that seems timeless and deserves a better fate than YouTube/VHS hell. I give the flick 4 stars and as usual prove Lance Henriksen makes everything better including having Reggie Bannister as your airplane pilot.


The Last Warrior (DVD) – A 9.7 magnitude earthquake separates California from the rest of the United States and Dolph Lundgren has taken it upon himself to try and restore order at his lonely armed forces compound to all who come. The film sounds better than it is just for the mere fact the film lacks budget and could have possibly been bad ass if there was a better budget for Dolph and company. I give the film 2 stars.


My Sucky Teen Romance (DVD) – Emily Hagins, the young filmmaker that gave us the interesting zombie flick “Pathogen” several years ago this time around tackles teens facing college, their last trip to SpaceCon, and are vampires actually real. The movie pokes fun at the recent “Twilight” films every chance it gets but also pokes fun at today’s awkward teens just trying to live their lives the way they want. Don’t let the title mislead you away from this very funny and a must watch comedy. I give it 3 stars.


The Fine Art (VHS) – Its Eric Stanze’s shot on video student film from 1992 and released in 1994 that revolves around an artist named Valerie that is very talented but not at love as she is very unsure of herself. Valerie goes out on a blind date at her friend’s persistence with a friend of hers and soon allows him into her world. But when Valerie peaks into his world she is disturbed and scared what could happen next, especially when her best friend brings up the Cedar Hill Slayer murders that happened last year. The film is very rough around the edges but if given a chance you can see why Eric Stanze is considered a talented filmmaker. I give it 2 stars.


Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball (VHS) – Michael Dudikoff and Lisa Howard are back in the sequel playing bounty hunters who get tangled up with the mob only to realize they really need to work together before both are killed. Yeah, the movie is a big bag of boring poo but with Dudikoff starring and a number 2 after the title there was no way I could pass it up. I give the flick 1 star.


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