Gross Movie Reviews #371


Gross Movie Reviews #371


By Tim Gross


Passed the Door of Darkness (DVD) – Two detectives that are having trouble catching a serial killer that is always one step ahead. The older detective finds out he has a brain tumor and is blacking out. Eventually he comes to the realization that the killer is him. The film fails to try and hide who is the killer from the start and just about put me to sleep trying finish the film as I give it a ½ star.


Wer (DVD) – The film begins with a family hiking it out in the middle of rural France only to capture their vicious animal attack that killed the husband and kid and scarred the wife, Claire Porter. Immediately, local authorities bring in a very large hairy man that doesn’t talk much and lived with his mother nearby the attack. This gets the attention of an American Human Rights Lawyer, Kathrine, who has a practice there and wants to represent the very large hairy man, Talan. The local authorities disregard that only an animal could do the damage it did and this man Talan has a rare disease that affects his joints, bones, etc. So it seems like a slam dunk for the lawyer to get Talan off from this brutal murder. But tests keep coming up inconclusive; the police know more than they are saying and Kathrine and friends dig deeper into Talan and his family and find a history like no other. That’s when the movie gets even more interesting when Talan escapes and begins a city wide murder spree! A werewolf flick with a whole different spin on the werewolf legend in this American/French production that was shot in Romania. On top of that I loved the creature and blood effects in this entertaining and refreshing spin on the werewolf genre. I give the film 3 ½ stars.


Evil Bong 420 (DVD) – Who says, “You can go to the well too many times”? Apparently Charles Band ignores that phrase with this entry into the “Evil Bong” series. The film is a sequel of sorts to “Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong”, which the movie came inside a cereal box where the cereal tasted like a generic ‘Cookie Crisp’ in case you were not paying attention? Anyhow Sonny Davis’s character manages to break out of Eebee’s weed fog inside the bong reality and open up a topless bowling alley. Once, Charles Band makes sure all of the characters from both franchises made their appearances exception of Tommy Chong. Gingerdead Man makes his escape and Eebee is pissed as she comes back to take her revenge in capturing all who escaped. Thus setting up another sequel… I give it 1 star just for the mere reason I am still a fan of Charles Band, Sonny Davis, Robin Sydney, and David Decoteau made an appearance! Plus it doesn’t help the film come off as one long ad for Full Moon merch. Sorry Mr. Band you have a few websites for that.


Cyborg Cop III (DVD) – The film was originally called “Terminal Impact”. But honestly who is paying attention to that except for Jon Cross, maybe Ed Demko’s dad, and me? So Delta Tech builds cyborgs while a local news reporter is investigating this cyborg thing. She finds out about something she shouldn’t have and Delta Tech sends cyborgs after her. Lucky for her two lucky go happy bounty hunters happen to drive by and help her out. I give the flick 1 ½ stars.


Insane (Vimeo/DVD) – One of my favorite hard working independent filmmakers Massimilano Cerchi is back with his latest release, “Insane”. The film is about a hot young couple buy their dream home off the internet and pictures don’t do it justice. But of course the weird neighbor just happens to stroll by and tell the young couple they are pretty much “doomed” if they stay because of the history of the home. Michael’s girlfriend Sarah is completely pissed off and wants to know why the realtor didn’t tell them this before they bought it. Michael of course believes it isn’t a big deal until the weird neighbor begins telling Michael of the stories about the murders that happened there. Michael becomes obsessed and begins filming everything and documenting anything to find evidence of something possibly supernatural in his new home. But just like the weirdo neighbor says, “You might not like what you find?” The evil clown is a nice touch but Cerchi’s approach of stripping down the bloated paranormal genre with few characters, not a ton of dialogue, and allowing the scenes tell the story make this feature refreshing and fun. I’m still not a big paranormal film fan but it’s nice to see there are still some entertaining and creepy ideas from great filmmakers out there! I give the flick 3 out of 4 stars as you can find out more about the flick and Mr. Cerchi at: .


The Last Witch Hunter (DVD) – From the beginning this Vin Diesel flick could have been the next great horror film but internet geeks and word of mouth never allowed this movie to have a chance. Now saying that I am not saying this is one of the best movies out there I just believe anymore these days most movies don’t survive the harsh criticism of it before it is ever released. As I try to do if the movie exists I will give it a chance and that is what I did here. Vin Diesel plays a witch hunter who is not one by choice but becomes one after his family is murdered several hundreds of years ago and is guided by a man/priest given to him by the church. Michael Caine plays the latest who believes it is time to retire but wants to give Diesel’s character the full story of what the church is hiding. But he is killed, maybe? And Elijah Wood steps in to help or fuck shit up just to bring the original witch queen back from the dead. I wanted this movie to be so bad that I enjoyed it because of what I heard, example “Cursed” anyone? But it wasn’t… It’s not great but like I said, “it exists”. Maybe it would have been better without Vin Diesel as the ‘Last Witch Hunter’ and should have been a Rutger Hauer or Jeffery Combs? Who knows? But the point is at least watch the movie then decide if it’s as bad as a lot of people believe because I don’t as I give it 2 stars. This film just suffers from ‘never having a chance once thought went to paper’.


Appleseed: Alpha (DVD) – Another fun CG-animated sci-fi feature about a cyborg and his female partner just trying to make it in the wasteland and maybe save the world. The two are just trying to repay their debt to a shady guy who rules New York City. So when they go out the outskirts of the city to remove some unwanted cyborgs, they stumble across another cyborg and a girl who are traveling to complete a secret mission. The two unlikely couples decide to travel together but now have evil cyborgs and the shady dude from New York City trying to stop them from accomplishing their mission. These types of movies are fun stuff: “Resident Evil”, “Bio-Hunter”, etc. This is geeky, fun flick for someone like myself as I give it 2 ½ stars.


John Wick (DVD) – Keenau Reeves jumps feet first into the action genre about a man who just lost his wife and has a dog and a bad ass Ford Mustang. He gets the shit kicked out of him, his dog gets killed, and his classic car stolen by some dumb ass mob kid. When word gets around whose car the kid stole people begin to panic as John Wick used to be a hitman that was flawless and stopped at nothing to kill all he was suppose too. From there the bullets fly and John Wick kicks ass. Even though I enjoyed the film two things bothered me as I watched it and maybe I am just a product of the 80s (Rutger Hauer, Arnold, Sly, Dolph, even a Jason Statham) but it seemed like Keenau just didn’t fit the role. Also I felt they built up the John Wick character a lot and he is easily captured and beaten up! I give the film 3 stars.

The Survviors

The Survivors (The Hack Collection Volume One) (Blu-ray) – Well the talented independent filmmaker Steve Rudzinski finally granted my wish of doing a sequel to “Slasher Hunter” and did not disappoint at all. According to Steve, “it’s not just a sequel; it is a sequel to everything he has done.” If you have been following Mr. Rudzinski’s films they all have been leading to something or leave you wanting a little more and it all comes to this… Steve puts everything together in this latest project where ‘The Slashers’ are in complete disarray as Frank is in hell and they lack real leadership. Meanwhile, the group just known as “The Killers” is stronger than ever and keeps two steps ahead of the “Survivor Initiative” until now. “The Slasher Hunters” have some new allies (helps if you have seen some of Steve’s past films to understand some of the characters and why they are there) that includes one my favorite’s ‘Wolfster’. Wolfster is a character Steve came up with early in his filmmaking career I easily could have seen as a movie franchise with a new entry every 12 to 16 months? It all comes down to one final fight between The Slasher Initiative and The Killers leader Norm unless Frank finds a way out of hell? We also find out what was Frank’s worst mistake thanks to hell. This project is beyond hilarious, entertaining, and everything I have expected from such a talented filmmaker. Steve has a way of writing very likable characters good and evil that in my opinion makes him successful for the long haul. Steve this is one of the best independent projects I have seen in 2016 and hope to see a lot more as I give the film 4 out of 4 stars. The copy of “The Survivors” I have is part of “The Hack Collection Volume One” Blu-ray two-disc set that has bloopers, trailers, almost all of Steve’s movies and a lot more. Find out more about the film or purchase it at: and .


Land of Doom (VHS/DVD-R) – A lesser known C-grade Wasteland film that looked like it used the leftovers from Fred Williamson’s Eye-talian films. The Peter Maris film has a woman named Harmony trying to make her way across the wasteland just trying to get away from everything only to meet up with a man who is trying to get these ‘raiders’ to believe they can rebuild. Cannibals, killer snakes, horrible motorcycles, and no real ending (Thanks Metalstorm) are the highlights of this film as I give it 1 ½ stars.


Marked (DVD) – Six years after a woman witnessed her father murdered and the murderer die in front of her is doing paranormal research for answers. Answers for what not totally sure but it is just another miserable entry into a bloated genre that is starting to rival the other bloated genre, ‘zombies’. I give it 0 stars.


Lost Souls (DVD) – A late 90s flick about John Savage, his wife, and kids just moved into a new home. His daughter happens to be autistic and some murdered children from years ago are trying to communicate through her after they find an old device in storage at the house. Every time the machine is turned on something paranormal happens. After a few twists and turns the family finds out it is the local sheriff with the murdering past. The movie was a TV movie that had a few showings on the now defunct channel UPN before going into obscure cheap paranormal DVD box sets. I give the film 2 stars.


Let Us Prey (DVD) – An Irish film about a new constable starting her job for a station in a small town. While walking the beat she witnesses a drunken kid run down a man. She takes the kid in but cannot find the man. Later the mysterious man is found by other officers and brought in to get a statement but refuses to speak but just stare. The mysterious no name man is put into a cell while they call a doctor and that is when things begin to get weird because anyone that is near the mysterious man knows their deep secrets. But what all inside the station don’t know he is there to collect souls before the stroke of midnight and everyone’s past comes back to haunt them in one way or another. The film starts slow but builds into a chaotic, bloody climax worth checking out. In the end, the movie starting off slow makes a lot of sense after watching it as this is one of those lesser known recent horror movies worth seeking out as I give it 4 stars.


The Gates of Hell 2: Dead Awakening (DVD) – Literally a sequel no one knew about and for good reason. From what I could stay awake for the film is very low budget and set in the early to mid-80s, never mind the dedication to Lucio Fulci. But anyway no zombies and barely demons on-screen that are brought forth by some stupid middle aged men who are also looking for a woman who has a medallion that is supposed to help them with conjuring some demons. The film was mostly shot in Fort Worth, Texas in 1986/1987 according to sketchy information I was able to dig up on it. But fuck it, the movie is so bad it shouldn’t exist so let’s stick with “Death Metal Zombies” and “Heavy Metal Massacre” for our fun bad stuff shall we? I give it 0 stars.


Indigenous (DVD) – The usual crap about stupid American college kids not listening and going to a waterfall in the middle of a dense jungle of Panama. Bad shit happened there supposedly but they don’t listen and go visit only to become dinner to a Chupacabra. But that’s when the movie gets interesting when a guy uploads his video to his social media and it goes viral within four hours causing a military to search for them and millions to watch on 24/7 news channels for their rescue. I liked the monster/Chupacabra looked like an extra form “The Descent” but I thought the movie was much better and interesting when the film took a serious turn in using social media as part of the storyline. Now, I thought if the movie would have continued that storyline instead of wasting storyline and film of the rich kids partying, bumping uglies, drinking, and repeat before they visit the Chupacabra? Then a lot more horror movie fans would be talking about and seeking out this monster flick. Sometime filmmakers it’s better to color outside the lines than keep coloring inside the lines of the same picture film in, film out. For that I give this movie 2 stars.


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Highly Acclaimed Post-­apocalyptic Thriller Released by Gravitas

Ventures Coming to VOD, iTunes, Amazon Feb. 16



Refuge is a post­-apocalyptic thriller from Passerby Films. Refuge was enthusiastically received by audience s last year at multiple festivals around the world, including fan favorites ​Toronto After Dark​, ScreamFest​ and won ​Best Directorfor Andrew Robertson in Sydney a t Australia’s ​Fantastic Planet.


Refuge ​has been compared to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road​ as the austere s etting a nd large cast of villains are reminiscent of the world that film inhabits. Director Robertson says of the post-­apocalyptic universe: “I wanted to focus on a family living in portray the quiet fear that would become the default if we all went into hiding after a big societal breakdown. I expect life would become a slow burn, interrupted with bursts of fear and violence.”


Refuge’s distributor, Gravitas Ventures, says of Refuge: “Gravitas is excited to be collaborating with the bold and innovative filmmakers behind Refuge and bring these new voices in horror to 100 million homes across North America.”


SYNOPSIS: Refuge chronicles the struggles of a family trying to survive in the wake of a deadly and mysterious catastrophic event that has brought America to its knees. Despite their efforts to remain hidden from the pervasive marauders and dangers that surround them, the family is ul timately discovered and forced to fight for survival. But, fighting back has its consequences.


*the fight begins on February 16th, 2016, when the film is available through VOD on: iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, XBOX live and Playstation Network.


Downloadable trailer link:




Release Date: February 16th, 2016 (VOD & Cable, US & Canada).


Distributor: Gravitas Ventures (​)

Gross Movie Reviews #370


Gross Movie Reviews #370


By Tim Gross


Sorceress (DVD) – Jim Wynorski and Jack Hill added their two cents to the fantasy world in 1982 with this lower budgeted gem. Twin daughters are born and the evil wizard Traigon demands that the first born be sacrificed. But unsure which was born first wants both put to death while torturing the mother. “The Two that are One” are saved from the evil wizard and Traigon spends the next twenty years searching for them as they spend their days getting naked and punching centaurs in the face. Once Traigon knows their whereabouts we got all kinds of shit going including zombie warriors showing up to the party! It is no “Sword and the Sorcerer” but the fantasy film is still a lot of fun to watch as I give it 2 ½ stars.

Demon Queen

Demon Queen (DVD) – One of Donald Farmer’s first films is a mostly incoherent S.O.V. film from 1986 that has a female vamp named Lucinda eating her way through the city or men. Depending how you look at it. The film doesn’t really have a beginning or ending but just exists which is kinda cool in retrospect. If interested just put together a special edition of the film for DVD which I am sure is well-produced as usual. I give the flick 2 stars. If it helps there is a wonderful face-melting effect in the film.

Scream Dream

Scream Dream (VHS/DVD-R) – A couple films later Donald Farmer puts together a much better S.O.V. film that deals with an evil demon-like rock singer named Michelle Shock. Film has an amazing opening as we get to witness a woman being split in half by a chainsaw. Michelle Shock just happens to be the next hottest thing happening in rock music and strange shit happens around her constantly. You soon find out why when Michelle goes down on a male fan and turns into a demon and bites off his junk! Ms. Shock continues her murder spree as management denies everything and news outlets begin to investigate missing persons on nights of her shows. Not wanting to deal with it any longer the record producer fires Michelle Shock to hire a new fresh face. Jamie is the fresh face but just becomes the next meat suit for the demon when she searches out Michelle Shock. A demon, gore, and boobs sum up this fun indy flick. I give it 3 stars.


Amazonia (DVD) – The 1985 film is considered the last of the Eye-talian cannibal films by some but also known as “Cannibal Holocaust 2”, “White Slave”, and “The Catherine Miles Story”. The film claims to be a faithful reconstruction of what happened to Miss Miles over ten years ago. When Catherine was 18 she went into the Amazon with her parents only to be murdered and Catherine to be kidnapped by a tribe. For over the next year she spent her time being tortured and forced to be a part of the tribe that kidnapped her. But after finding out the horrible truth she goes on a bloody rampage. And the story is told from Catherine in court justifying what happened to her and her actions afterwards. Bloody but not as disturbing for most as a “Cannibal Holocaust” but an interesting watch to say the least. The movie is out on DVD in America but is considered an out of print collector’s item. I give the film 3 stars.


Mark of the Devil II (VHS/DVD-R) – The 1973 Austrian/German production is a sequel to the famous cult classic starring Udo Kier. The story follows Countess Elizabeth Von Solmenau and her family being ripped a part because she is accused of witchcraft by a madman named Balthasar Von Ross who killed hundreds of women for their belief in witchcraft. Lots Satan talk, shaving witches, people’s feet being burned, and a seven year old that is accused of becoming a werewolf because of witchcraft! Fun stuff, but interesting enough I cannot find any print of the film on any format after 1986. And I believe the copy I watched is a several generation VHS to DVD-R copy and been told there isn’t a lot of good looking copies out there to begin with? So movie geeks happy hunting as I give it 2 stars.


A Serbian Film (DVD) – A retired male porn star is offered an offer of a lifetime. An offer that will set up his family for the rest of their lives. But of course that is never true as he goes down the down rabbit hole of working with this so-called porn-artist. And the film just goes into the world of sick, disturbing acts that you cannot unwatch. The film is well produced but that is where I stop my praise of the film mainly because I am a monsters and slasher film guy. The subject matter is harsh to say the least and as I said before you cannot unwatch this film after you have watched it. Good or bad this film will find its audience for years to come and not sure I can give this film a fair rating. Sure this review may piss off a few of the fans of this film but hey I am part of the cool crowd I finally watched it! Still haven’t figured out if that was a good thing or not?


The Last Horror Film (DVD) – An odd slasher/serial killer of celebrities flick that stars Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro from 1981. Joe is Vinny Duran, a cab driver with big dreams of going to the Cannes Film Festival meeting his favorite actress Jana Bates and making his movie. Thing is Vinny is what we would call a stalker these days and will stop at nothing to meet Jana and tell her about his script. But friends of Jana are showing up dead and all fingers point to Vinny. And the very last 30 seconds of the film is the greatest as I miss an actor like Joe Spinell. I give the flick 3 stars.


At the Earth’s Core (DVD) – Peter Cushing and Doug McClure have built a machine that can dig through dirt at a quick pace at hopes of discovering something new under the earth’s crust. But what they find is much more as they find a whole new world in the outer and inner core of earth. Which of course includes Caroline Munro and friends being slaves, to some weird dinosaur birds that hang glide? And things that keep the cave people in line to do their bidding or just keep the magma from flooding the city and killing them all. A wonderful and mildly entertaining mid-70s flick which has Peter Cushing not in his usual serious role. I am sure at some point this film was a staple for early 80s horror hosts as I give the film 2 ½ stars. The film just recently got a really awesome looking Blu-ray well worth the cash.


The Fear Chamber (DVD) – A lesser known film about a police chief played by Steven Williams who puts his best detective on a case of a guy (Richard Tyson) who plays doctor with female victims he kidnaps. The detective almost catches him in the act but is stabbed in the chest and gets a heart transplant. Now he sees female ghosts who give him clues of how to find the evil doctor and his next victims. I like the ending that ties up the loose ends of the story. Not first movie I would go rent but definitely something to keep for a rainy day if interested as I give it 2 ½ stars.


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This week Tim and Kyle take a look at a piece of early 80’s scare tactic propaganda in the made for television movie THE DAY AFTER.  And Tim picks the best movie of the French horror wave in INSIDE.  Along with melting old men, assaults on unborn babies, and Belladonna look-a-likes we also get into a list of the worst horror movie directors, chocodiles,  paper routs, making a murderer marathon watching, and deaths, deaths, and more deaths.  So enjoy this episode and PLEASE DON’T DIE!


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