The boys from JAGOFF MASSACRE ( the slasher with local flavor) Daniel Boyd, Chuck Connors, Tim Gross and Bryce Katzman stop by and talk up their horror/comedy and the upcoming sequel. See what happens when you mix 5 horrible horror dudes and 30 pack of PBR! With music from Mark Alexander‘s 3 QUARTERS DEAD and the young thrashers, CONDITION CRITICAL!



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We love this movie, and you should too.  So we invited Danno over to cut a full length commentary for it and we are giving it to you as a Halloween treat.  HEY!  It sure beats those orange and black candies that are still leftover the time Christmas rolls around.


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This week Tim and Kyle take on an H.P.Lovecraft adaptation in The Unnamable, and we see what happens when George C. Scott’s daughter turns to a life of porn in the late 70’s in Hardcore directed by the great Paul Schrader.  We also have updates, your questions, and talk about what we have been watching!


Gross Movie Reviews #331


Gross Movie Reviews #331


By Tim Gross


Porkchop (DVD) – Independent filmmaker Eamon Hardiman takes you on a trip to Camp Wood where the legend of a man wearing a pig’s head stalks the woods and kills all who try to have sex, drink, or just stay the night. Hardiman tries to give his vision of a throwback slasher on no budget and just having fun with the idea. Hardiman gives the viewer a lot of laughs, boobs, and blood along the way. But we also get two store clerks who are the highlight of the film besides Porkchop, people talking about $10 abortions, and death by lawn darts which is always cool in my book. If you like your independent throwback horror films: sleazy, corny, and blood-filled then you are in for a treat with this feature as I give it 2 ½ out of 4 stars. For more info or to purchase the films check out: .

Porkchop 2

Porkchop II: Rise of the Rind (DVD) – Hardiman and company are back with their follow-up as Porkchop has failed to fill his quota on stupid naked people in the woods and with saying that the film opens with “Death by Vagina!” But the main plot of the film is about a new boy who has just moved to the small town near by the legendary Camp Wood and his name is Simon and he has just met a cute, flighty girl that makes him break out into a musical to explain his circumstance. With Simon wanting to fit in and Meg wanting to help out her new boy crush, she throws a party at Simon’s home when his parents go looking for the movers that never came. Then comes a death by bong, lots of nipples rubbing, Porkchop obliterating teenagers, a cool death by tiki torch, and a twist to the story that deals with the cute, flighty Meg character. Once again lots of fun here to enjoy as I give it 2 ½ out of 4 stars and more info or want to own the film you can go to: .


Porkchop 3D (DVD) – Or if you are lame like me you just get the 2D version because I don’t have much faith in the 3D technology. It’s very hit or miss these days. As Hardiman continues his series about the brutal killer Porkchop we last seen Porkchop and Meg hand and hand as they are father and daughter. Strangely enough the film opens up with Meg being killed but apparently Porkchop’s years of raping young women has paid off as he has another young daughter to line up potential victims? But this time supposed survivors of the past have return to Camp Wood to lure Porkchop out with a lame plan. But Porkchop’s other daughter does most of the tracking and brutal killing in this sequel as she is trying to help her father against the survivors. Hardiman figures the formula worked for all those other slashers so why not for Porkchop? I give the independent flick 2 out of 4 stars as I just felt like that spark you feel watching the first two films wasn’t there. For more info or to purchase the films check out: .


Pig Girl (DVD) – With Porkchop dead, Hardiman uses Porkchop’s daughter “Pig Girl” to continue the killing spree! But with Porkchop now dead teenagers and stupid people alike feel it’s cool to go back to Camp Wood. Example: a college dropout and his step-father take a trip to the legendary area where all the murders happened. Soon murders begin to happen again. The film seems more relying on story this time to build up the Pig Girl character since her father Porkchop was killed in the last film. Possibly to give horror fans another woman of horror to cheer for? The film has a more dramatic feel to it but no matter what Eamon Hardiman is proving he has the passion to make independent horror films on almost no budget so go support as I give it 2 out of 4 stars. For more info: .


Ghost of Mars (DVD) – Ice Cube stars as Desolation Williams a lifetime criminal on the planet Mars who has been finally caught and looks like the charges against him are going to stick. Problem is he has six murders being pinned on him he had nothing to do with and strange things are happening to the mining colonies on Mars. A special police force comes in by train into an empty mining colony to pick up Williams only to figure out they are in for a shitload of strange shit as a Marilyn Manson look-a-like leads an army of cannibalistic humans that are possessed by Martians! Not one of Carpenter’s best films but definitely worth a rewatch as I believe it got a bad rep first time around. The film also stars Pam Grier, Robert Carradine, and a unknown Jason Statham! I give the flick 2 ½ stars.


Dark Haul (SyFy Channel/DVD) – Tom Sizemore stars in a very confusing movie about the Jersey Devil, its origins, and its sister which shares powers with it. Over 300 years ago a prophecy foretold of the demon and since then it has been kept captive by people within the government trying to make sure the end of the world doesn’t happen if the Jersey Devil gets loose? Sounds cool but ends up being a big waste of time at the end of the day as I give the film 1 star.


The Possession of Michael King (DVD) – The possession movies seem to be pooped almost on a weekly basis that you can’t tell one from the other. But that is where this one differs as the movie is about a man named Michael King who believes there is no such thing as ghosts, afterlife, demons, etc. King decides he will make a documentary with cameras on him 24/7 trying to get answers or the truth on the subject of possession, demons, and ghosts as he was heartbroken by his wife’s death six months earlier. Along the way Michael King does find a demon and it takes ahold of him causing him to have evil urges towards his sister and daughter. He fights it as much as he can but Michael slowly goes insane trying to figure out how or if he can get rid of the demon that is now inside of him. It’s a great creepy roller coaster ride that has a few jump scares for the horror fan’s delight as I give the flick 3 stars.


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New York, NY – Oct. 13, 2014. The 13th edition of the New York City Horror Film Festival celebrates two stalwarts of the genre with a Lifetime Achievement Award presented to 88-year-old Phantasm series star, “Tall Man” Angus Scrimm, and The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus receiving the Achievement in Acting Award for his strong dedication to the craft, currently creating new heights, and depths, as everyone’s favorite crossbow-wielding zombie-killer Daryl Dixon.


Award recipient Norman Reedus is internationally known for the role of Daryl Dixon in AMC’s immensely popular series, now entering its fifth season. Roles for Guillermo del Toro in MIMIC and BLADE 2 have led to the upcoming dark videogame SILENT HILL, co-directed by Hideo Kajima. Norman will also soon be seen in AIR with costar Djimon Hounsou, and John Hillcoat’s TRIPLE NINE featuring Aaron Paul, Kate Winslet, Woody Harrelson, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.


Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Angus Scrimm received instant worldwide recognition for his frightening performance as The Tall Man in Don Coscarelli’s classic PHANTASM. Returning to the series over the course of five films, Angus also lent his talent to many features including Jim Wynorski’s THE LOST EMPIRE and CHOPPING MALL, and Don Coscarelli’s JOHN DIES AT THE END with Paul Giamatti.


The festival runs Nov. 13–16, 2014, at Tribeca Cinemas, 54 Varick St., in Manhattan. 13 features and 32 shorts, 5 World and 13 New York Premieres, include FEAR CLINIC starring Robert Englund and Slipknot’s Corey Taylor; Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly’s TALES OF POE with Adrienne King and Caroline Williams; Dead By Dawn award-winner HOUSEBOUND, and Andres Torres’ BAG BOY LOVER BOY, and films from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Britain, and Portugal.


The NYC Horror Film Festival was born in 2002 by filmmaker Michael J. Hein as a venue for newer independent horror filmmaking. After Michael’s passing in 2011, the festival created the Michael J. Hein Achievement Award to celebrate the hard work and perseverance of creators in the field. George Romero was the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, followed by other classic scaremeisters including Tom Savini, Tobe Hooper, Roger Corman, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Frank Henenlotter, Robert Englund, Wes Craven, and Stuart Gordon.


Copies of Dustin McNeill’s exhaustive tome PHANTASM EXHUMED ($20), and Norman Reedus’ ode to his thankful fans, THANKS FOR ALL THE NICENESS ($75), will be available for purchase during the festival. Tickets are available at the door or at


Ghosts, demons, occult figures…


Are you a closet believer, an avid ghost hunter or a skeptic? Join us to discuss this topic at Rickert & Beagle Books! Panelists include Kelley Sparks, Tim Gross, Nick Noir and Moderator Christine M. Soltis. Check out their bios below:



Kelley Sparks: Panelist


Kelley Sparks has worked with Southwestern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society, among others, to investigate and study paranormal activity in haunted places; they have been featured in news articles for their work.


Detailed bio details will be coming soon.



Tim Gross: Panelist


Tim has a more skeptical viewpoint on the paranormal. He is a rare breed of horror movie fan in the same spirit of Chilly Billy, Joe Bob Briggs, and Rhonda Shear that makes you want to see or should I say experience bad horror films. But Tim and his trusty Yuengling beer in hand has a knack for spewing out random information about Full Moon films that Charles Band doesn’t even know, condensing the most absurd sequels to horror films into a paragraph, and points out some very hidden gems of horror films that many do not know about.


His writings of movie reviews, good or bad, has found him respect among many independent filmmakers as he takes the time to watch anything sent his way from Jon McBride to Fred Vogel to a random never heard of filmmaker in Finland recently.


Between his ramblings, he has also found himself in several independent film features as an extra to a few speaking roles that has eventually led him to directing a short film and co-directing a feature in the past 12 months. And all this in the search of free beer and free horror movies in hopes of willing a new Leprechaun sequel or starring in the next Puppet Master flick or just living the dream of watching, making, and being a part of fun horror films!



Nick Noir: Panelist


Nick Noir is the owner/operator of The Eyes of the Oracle. A natural witch, hailing from the Black Mountains of North Carolina, he comes from a long line of witches,freemasons, tarot readers and spiritual guides.


The Eyes of the Oracle offers spiritual guidance through tarot readings, house blessings, spell jars, and spiritual jewelry. His focus is to combine mind, body, and soul

by use of energy work, crystal healing, and communication with Spirit.


Nick has been a practicing spiritualist for all of his life without actually knowing what he was preparing for! Over the past 5 years he has grown very insightful into tarot, crystal healing, ritual magic and communicating with

other worldly beings.



Christine M. Soltis: Panelist/Arranger/Moderator


Christine M. Soltis is an author, actress, scientist and lover of all things intellectual. She has written dozens of books and countless articles, acted in a handful of shows, arranged panels, travelled a great deal and is always ready for the next stimulating event. She has degrees in Broadcasting and Environmental Studies. Her books can also be found on


Christine has always had a fascination with supernatural and otherworldly beings and creates journalistic/arts episodes via SolsticeNightSky Productions, which features panels, science, travel, artists and events in the local area. These episodes can be found on YouTube at


Christine will be acting as co-host for tv show Serotonin After Dark beginning in October 2014. Christine also works in the field of private investigations. Her additional interests include travel, time travel, futuristic societies and countless other items.



Our first episode of CARPEN-TOBER


Here it is people. Our first episode of CARPEN-TOBER. Our month long series of shows dedicated to the films of the master John Carpenter. Also it is the Cinema Wasteland wrap up show. This week we talk about In the mouth of madness, and ghosts of mars. And since I broke our website (a new better one is on the way) you can download it directly from our talk shoe account right here