Circle “In Here…Everything Gets You Killed.”


Los Angeles, California – Votiv Films and Taggart Productions have released the first official images from their upcoming psychological thriller Circle. The film, written and directed by Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione is an intense real-time thriller, which uniquely examines humanity under the worst possible circumstances. In a massive, mysterious chamber, fifty strangers awaken to find themselves trapped with no memory of how they got there. Organized in an inward-facing circle and unable to move, they quickly learn that every two minutes one of them must die… executed by a strange device in the center of the room. At first the attacks seem random, but soon the strangers realize that they, as a group, have the power to decide who will be the next to be killed. A vote. A chance to control the machine. But how can they choose who deserves to die? And what happens when there is only one person left?


The first official images showcase the stark, bold aesthetic developed by Director of Photography Zoran Popovic and Production Designer Tom Lisowski. Reminiscent of the austere settings in Vincenzo Natali’s The Cube (1997), it was designed to give the strangers no place to hide; forcing them to face each other – and the deadly machine at its core – through each harrowing round.  Intrigued by the idea of fifty strangers trapped together, Directors Hann and Miscione drew inspiration from the classic drama 12 Angry Men (1957), which locked its characters in a single room and focused on the differences and relationships of 12 jurors tasked with determining a man’s guilt. This, along with iconic genre influences such as The Twilight Zone (1959), helped inform Circle’s central premise. “From the beginning we wanted to tell a story about people and what they do when they’re thrown into a terrifying, no-win situation. What do we become when we have no way out?”
Circle stars: Carter Jenkins, Julie Benz, Mercy Malick, Allegra Masters, Michael Nardelli, Autumn Federici, Lawrence Kao, Kevin Sheridan and Cesar Garcia.


A trailer for the film will be released soon. Stay tuned!


Stills are available in their original form here:


Directors/writers: Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione.

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Gross Movie Reviews #344


Gross Movie Reviews #344


By Tim Gross


The Murder Collection Volume One (DVD) – A film from the famous Toe Tag Pictures aka Fred Vogel and crew. The best way to describe this film is the new generation’s “Faces of Death”. Yes indeed if you are over the age of 35 you remember the days of these crazy videos that the shelves in the early days of Video Home Movies. Now that I am done remembering the old days, let’s talk about this sick entry into the Toe Tag catalog. An unknown man named Balan has been taken into custody for hosting a web show that shows violent footage from around the world. This collection of violent acts was just a taste of what Balan posted before being arrested. Fred, Shelby, and crew once again test the limits of violent content and if you the viewer can take it? Another great project from some talented folk as I give the flick 3 out of 4 stars and you can purchase this fine flick at .


The Jitters (VHS/DVD-R) – A lame ass gang is trying to take over Chinatown, one store owner at a time. Well leave it to good old James Hong to be storing vampire Asians in his basement who are not ready for the afterlife since they have unresolved issues. But apparently this very lame gang of criminals since it’s rumored the one store owner Mr. Lee, who they killed, has over a $100,000 stashed somewhere. So the gang makes it their top priority to harass Lee’s niece and future husband for the money. Oh I forgot the Asian undead hop also! The off the wall flick makes for a great double feature with “Robo Vampire”. This film so bad it’s good especially when it looks like they just told James Hong to act like his crazy old character from “Big Trouble in Little China”. I give the film 2 ½ stars.


Demon Warp (VHS/DVD-R) – Sasquatch is a mother fucking alien that crash landed over a hundred years ago and terrorizes a location that looks like it was stolen from “Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter”! And it just so happens to star George Kennedy, Billy Jayne, and the beautiful Michelle Bauer… 3 stars just for whoever thought this was a good movie idea!


Dead Body Man Chronicles (DVD) – A woman leaves her kid with drunken crazy ass grandpa while she goes to work. So grandpa decides it’s not only time for the kid to start drinking but tell him the story of the world’s greatest serial killer, ‘Willie’… and Willie is a chicken fucker! But the point is Willie’s life was screwed from the beginning when his stripper mom gave birth to him while stripping and her water breaks all over her customers. Willie knows he is screwed up but finds a home with some crazy people for a while who somehow understand him which eventually leads Willie getting into a fight with a dude in a chicken suit that leads to butt sex. It is the most random and hilarious serial killer film I have ever witnessed. For that I give it 2 out of 4 stars.

Dead Kansas

Dead Kansas (DVD) – What once started as a short web series turned into a full fledge film or web series parts put together out on limited edition DVD. The film focuses on a father and daughter Emma in the Midwest who is just trying to live life the best they can since the zombie plague aka “the rottens” began years ago. Their neighbors or nemesis Jebediah and crew spend most of the film trying to kidnap Emma as they claim they want to begin “repopulating”. After Emma’s father is injured during the aftermath of a twister she spends her time on the run and trying to find a doctor who may have a cure for her father before he turns into a ‘rotten’. But the intriguing thing about the film is filmmaker and writer Aaron K. Carter doesn’t flood his film with cheap zombies but gives you the zombie, sorry, the rotten’s point of view when attacking and searching for flesh. A very cool little independent flick that was shot in California and nowhere the Midwest and also had a little help from great cameos in Irwin Keyes, “American Horror Story’s” Ben Woolf, and the talented and cute Juliette Danielle. Folks this flick is worth tracking down for the purchase and support of Aaron K. Carter as I give it 2 ½ out of 4 stars. And yes they do admit there is two different actresses playing the character Emma, it’s called “limited time in the world of independent filmmaking” and I totally understand. Find out more info at: . You can also now view it on Amazon Instant Video:


Night Wars (Laserdisc/DVD-R) – Another Dan Haggerty flick that has David A. “I made Sledgehammer” Prior directing a story about two guys who are having nightmares of their days in Vietnam. And their dreams or nightmares are becoming more real every time they sleep as they are haunted by a buddy they left behind and a douche bag traitor that wants to torture them every time they fall asleep. Great, fun, crap that has one of those dream within a dream endings as I give it 2 stars just for the two dudes shooting up their apartment from the bed and couch!


Wild Country (DVD) – A lesser known horror film from the UK in 2005 that is about a wolf creature/werewolf. The story begins with a teenager giving birth in a hospital and giving the child up for adoption. Six weeks later she is out with her youth group going on an overnight hike. Faced with her ex-boyfriend showing she begins to rage and kick him in the beanbag. Once anger passes and the group tries to settle for the night they are scared by the local scary farmer dude then begin to hear a baby crying in the distance. Curious the girl and her ex investigate and find a baby in the ruins of a castle along with several dead bodies with their throats ripped out. The kids trying to do the right thing pick up the baby and bring it back to the camp site but now begin to hear scary unknown sounds like a monster is stalking them. The film keeps the plot simple, interesting, and bloody… Plus it does not hurt it’s a horror flick from over the great big body of water and that usually means good things. I give the killer wolf flick 3 stars.


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Fellow podcaster Gary Hill joins us for our latest episode…


This week we welcome back guest host Gary Hill of The cinema beef podcast and two drink minimum commentaries.  We will be talking all the usual topics and what have you. And we bring along a disco slasher film in DISCOPATH. Tim and Kyle watch David Croenberg’s RABID for the first time. And Kyle also busts his cherry and sees THE DEADLY SPAWN for the first time also.  So check it out won’t you!

episode 154

Gross Movie Reviews #343


Gross Movie Reviews #343


By Tim Gross


Shark Assault (DVD) – The movie is also known as “Shark Week” and “Shark Island” and had a premiere on SyFy Channel that I somehow missed?  A man seeks revenge against several individuals who got his son killed and he will have them play a ‘survivor-type’ of game with sharks… and it stars Yancy Butler! If anything its hilarious just to watch a shark do its best “Tremors” imitation. I give the flick 1 star.


The Axeman of Henderson County (DVD) – A newer independent slasher/serial killer flick from filmmaker Larry Parmiter has the likes of wrestling legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan and former college football star Major Harris grace the screen in his flick. The story takes place in a small rural town where a person has taken upon themselves to begin killing the townsfolk or storefront owners with an axe. But each time the killer does not leave many clues for the sheriff and also mocks them with letters. The film suffers from several minor issues; it has that first project type of feel? Which I had a chance to discuss with Mr. Parmiter at the recent Horror Realm convention including a horrible story of an editor that really wasn’t sure on the editing part but got paid for it. Larry has a good head on his filmmaking body and understands what mistakes were made and is excited to not only try to correct them in a remastered version of the film some time down the road but considers it a lesson learned for the next project. And hearing that Larry’s next project has me intrigued? In the meantime help out another cool independent filmmaker and check out the Facebook page for this slasher/serial killer flick: . Besides I wanted to see this movie either way just for the mere fact that Hacksaw Jim Duggan plays the mayor. I give the flick 2 out of 4 stars.


Tinnitus (DVD) – A pretty creepy short film about a love triangle that has gone bad. Filmmaker Bradley Walkowaik did a great job of building a lean, mean, and suspenseful short film that will have you asking what’s next. I give the short film 3 out of 4 stars. Find out more about the filmmaker here: .


Destroyer (VHS/DVD-R) – With this unknown 1988 flick (at least unknown to me anyway) I seen the box art late last year and knew I needed to see this horror flick. It is an 80s wet dream of a horror movie: Lyle Alzado as the killer or undead killer, Deborah Foreman as the cute stunt girl, Anthony Perkins as the director of the woman-in-prison flick, and Clayton Rohner who was the guy in “April Fool’s Day” that seem to be banging his girlfriend the whole film. Ivan Moser (Lyle Alzado) is on death row for murdering two dozen people and is going to be electrocuted. When it happens, power goes out, riot begins, and Moser’s body is never recovered. 18 months later a film production of a women’s prison movie is ongoing in the former prison that held Moser and people are starting to show up dead. All Moser wants is to be alone with Malone (Foreman’s character). Even though most deaths happen off screen there is one hell of a death scene with Moser killing someone with a jackhammer that is somewhat featured on the cover of the movie! When I talked about it on our Bloodbaths and Boomsticks podcast I gave it 3 stars but I got to amp it up a little and give it 3 ½ stars just because it has everything you look for in an 80s slasher flick. I do not remember anything about this flick even with “Shocker”, “The Horror Show”, and even “Prison” getting a lot of press at the time of this film. But glad I found it to enjoy its Lyle Alzado greatness!


Psycho Pike (DVD) – A lumber yard on the lake is dumping illegal waste into the lake causing many fish to die except one… The Pike! It is mutating into a large fish that has a taste for humans. Two couples go to their beachfront cabin on the lake to enjoy the summer but soon are in for a rude awakening as sickly fish begin to show up along with the police looking for dead bodies. “Psycho Pike” has it all as it’s the cheaper version of “Frankenfish” and beats it by 15 years! This B-movie greatness was so much fun I watched it two days in a row as I give it 3 ½ stars for its entertainment value!

My Zombie Flick

My Zombie Flick – (YouTube) – A short film that deals with zombies and their fans from a man who I believe gave us “Mini-Golf Massacre” and for that I am grateful. But the short film mocks “The Walking Dead” and its fans and also has a fun time mocking no budget films that hold zombie auditions. If you cannot laugh at yourself then what’s the point is what I got out of this fun mocking look at an over bloated zombie genre that I give 3 out of 4 stars as Bobby Keller declares his film to end or kill it all in zombie films. My favorite scene is a tie between the girl at the auditions who claims to be from Pittsburgh, Pa., and the two zombie movie makers arguing with two women at a bar about “The Walking Dead”. Check it out at: .


The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters (DVD) – A great old school monster/horror film from 1954 that I bet influenced many filmmakers and monster films of the 60s, 70s, and even early 80s. The story revolves around two men in the spirit of Abbott and Costello comedy try to seek out the landowners of a lot nearby their friend’s diner that could be used for a baseball diamond for the neighborhood kids. Little the Bowery boys know is the owners is a couple of crazed scientists, a very pretty but curious woman, and a murderous old lady who all have plans for the two men that all end in death. When you watch it you will draw a lot of parallels to the famous TV shows “The Munsters” and “The Addams Family”. I give this fun old school monster flick 3 stars.


Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard (DVD) – If there was a middle ground between the zombie storylines of the dramatic TV series “The Walking Dead” and George Romero’s “Dawn and Day of the Dead”, “Zombie Killers” may have found it? Doc is a man trying to keep a community together during a zombie apocalypse where walls have been built, an army or people called ‘zombie killers’ are trained to protect, and new laws are enforced to help protect those who live behind the walls. Many try to live life best they can as others wonder is there an answer or reason for the walking flesh eaters. As tensions mount inside the community between the religious fanatics and a man named Rory that many in the community do not trust there is a problem as two people captured from another safe-zombie free location come to warn the community of a zombie horde in the millions about to descend on the community. If you can get past the CGI zombie deer and fish you will most likely enjoy this bloody but dramatic at times zombie flick. If anything you will enjoy Dee Wallace playing the usual worrying mom character, Billy Zane being the great Billy Zane, and Miss Felissa Rose in her best character in my opinion since “Sleepaway Camp” where she plays the community’s religious nut as you can easily seeing her as a cult leader in many other films. We are talking she has found her Jeffrey Combs or Tim Thomerson role here folks. The zombie film doesn’t drag, gives enough blood and gore for nerds like me, and gives you an interesting storyline for the mainstream “Walking Dead” fans, especially for the filmmaker pointing to fracking being the cause of the zombies rising… I give the flick 2 ½ out of 4 stars and a huge thank you to Miss Felissa Rose.


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We drop another episode of Bloodbaths and Boomsticks on yinz!


This week Tim and Kyle have a discussion on the Aliens franchise after the announcement of Alien 5 and Neil Blomkamp’s involvement.  We also have a rather long discussion about SNL’s 40th anniversary and our history with the show.  Also, Tim picks the worst movie to cover in the history of the show (at least in Kyle’s Opinion) in REPO JAKE.  And instead of covering John Belushi and Dan Akyrod in NEIGHBORS Kyle decided to cover DOG SOLDIERS instead…Because NEIGHBORS was horrible.  All this and a ton more.  So check it out.

episode 153

Gross Movie Reviews #342


Gross Movie Reviews #342


By Tim Gross


The Equalizer (DVD) – Denzel’s latest effort just happens to be a reboot of a cool 80s TV show. Now with that being said if it wasn’t based on the TV show or under a different title I believe a lot of people would have a different opinion on this dramatic action flick. Denzel is just an older dude that happens to work at the bootleg Lowes or Home Depot (take your pick) and helps out his fellow employees and lives alone. He also goes to the same diner in the middle of the night to read and talk to a young prostitute about the weather, his books, and the pie at the diner. One night the young woman gets into a scuffle with her Russian pimp and Denzel’s character takes offense. What does he do he goes into the Russian pimp’s territory and fucks everybody up in less than 25 seconds. From there the war is on as a hitman/clean up man/one bad ass dude comes into town to clear things up and find out about this character that just killed five guys without anybody seeing him. We are talking some awesome and radical dramatic action stuff going on here people. Put it simply for me this may have been Denzel Washington’s best film ever! I give it 4 stars.


Deuces Wild (DVD/YouTube) – A film that takes place during the summer of ’58 or otherwise known as “the summer of blood” where two gangs in Brooklyn are out for blood after Norman Redus gets out of jail for a three year stint. It reminds of an updated version of “The Outsiders” and a little “West Side Story” minus the singing. Where the film shows how two gangs bloodlust changes their lives forever. Cool stuff as I give it 3 stars.


Last House on Dead End Street (VHS/DVD) – An independent 70s film which to me at least is nowhere near as interesting as the story or stories of how it came to be. Yeah this film has some die-hard fans that will hate me for saying that but come on the shit that went on years after this film is pretty god damn interesting. Pretty much the film is about a crazy/evil dude gets out of jail and wants to make money making real snuff films. I know you have seen stuff like this before but this is the film that most likely inspired all who have done something since. Especially since the director Roger Watkins aka Victor Janos for the film didn’t even claim making the film until the year 2000. He claimed they made the film in 1972 and somehow 1977 it was unleashed onto the exploitation community where several film goers for years claimed the film to be real?! Really interesting stories behind this flick but for the most part Watkins made a fake snuff film for about $1500 and it’s pretty fucked up so prepare yourself if you never have witnessed the carnage. The film is a little boring and bizarre in parts but will blow your mind when Mrs. Palmer’s legs are being hacked off among other torture. I give it 2 stars as a movie 4 star quality for the legend and many stories behind the making of the film, people who wouldn’t claim it, and the lawsuits.


The Clown Murders (VHS/DVD) – I stumbled upon another 1970s film is more thriller than horror, more rich people with rich people problems, and it stars John Candy! Four friends plot to kidnap a friend’s rich wife during a Halloween party only to fuck with their friend they are jealous of. But of course when it all gets down: one dude wants to rape her, another thinks they went too far, and the other two just fights about what should happen next. Like I said rich people with rich people problems which usually equals borefest as I give it 2 stars.


Zombie Toxin (VHS) – A completely random, retarded, and chaotic zombie film made in the UK on the cheap… very cheap. Somehow this Tom J. Moose flick has the tagline: ‘Monty Python meets Dawn of the Dead”. I am going to go out on a limb and disagree with this statement but that didn’t stop Mr. Moose in 1998 making a flick where a scientist and his assistant unleash a zombie toxin in the water supply. Which helps jolly old England countryside turn into a zombie apocalypse that just so happens to have a bootleg Hitler looking for the formula. It’s fun for the first 15 minutes but soon turns into a chore just to finish watching the flick. I give it a ½ star.


The Room (DVD) – Described on the DVD box as “a quirky black comedy”. It’s been a few days and I am still waiting for the comedy. Or is the comedy when the lead character Johnny kills himself. Damn! I just gave away the movie and for good reason as I try to save you from this bad movie. Hell it wasn’t even that good of an episode of “Red Shoe Diaries” as I believe lead actress Juliette Danielle (Lisa) gets her beaver obliterated three times over in the first 15 minutes of the film and seems to be up for more, including showing her beauties at a drop of the hat when Johnny’s best friend stops by. Again even after all the nudity I still fail to see the comedy. Don’t try and explain this film to me because I don’t care and it’s all Bootleg Tim Gross’s fault that I watched it as I give it 0 stars.


Jug face (DVD) – Apparently Mountain rednecks believe in this dirty water hole they call “The Pit”. They pray to it, they sacrifice to it, they totally believe in it. Until the crazy family member makes a jug face of a young girl who is pregnant and doesn’t want to die. Never mind she got knocked up by her brother! But anyway she hides the jug face and other people around begin to die horribly until she tells the truth and end of the movie… literally! I give it 0 stars and still question why I watched it?

Sasquatch Poster 3b_Text_FIN_web

Valley of the Sasquatch (Vimeo/DVD) – This is the third film I have had the pleasure of checking out from writer/producer/director/all around talented filmmaker dude John Portanova. And ‘Valley’ does not disappoint folks as The October People crew as usual put together a film that relies a lot on storytelling which can be rare these days but when needed will get the bucket of blood out. A father and son head out to an old family cabin as they have fallen on real bad times. Mike believes slightly this may be a chance for his father Roger and him to reconnect but soon finds out his father has other plans for the weekend and the rest of Mike’s life. Soon Roger’s party weekend comes to a screeching stop when a possible Sasquatch or Squatches attack the hunting party. Things quickly get out of hand and Mike is unsure of how to rescue his father let alone surviving the night. Great story telling and an awesome Sasquatch costume makes this a must see in 2015 as I give Portanova and The October People crew’s flick 3 ½ out of 4 stars. You can find out more about the flick at .


The Lashman (YouTube/DVD) – Another independent effort from filmmaker Cameron McCasland puts together two things I like in a film: the 80s and a slasherfest. Mr. McCasland does a wonderful job of giving “The Lashman” a 80s feel with the clothes and vehicles and even characters. He also gives it that ghost story in the middle of the movie that explains the unstoppable killer trying to kill off a group of friends on a weekend of fun. But the weekend of fun, drinking, and swimming comes to an end when The Lashman is loose in the Kentuckian countryside again. The low budget effort suffers from pacing issues but the passion of making it an old school 80s flick goes a long way for me when watching movies and for that I give it 2 ½ out of 4 stars. For more details on the fun horror flashback film go to: .


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The independent film “Hate Crime” has been banned in the UK!


Thanks to for the article:


Monday 2nd March 2015 – THE BBFC announced today that HATE CRIME, the first release in a new joint VOD venture between geek blog and TheHorrorShow.TV – has officially been banned in the UK. It is one of only four horror movies officially refused classification by the BBFC since 2009, the others being Grotesque, The Bunny Game and The Human Centipede 2, later released with nearly 3 minutes of cuts.

Hate Crime

Set to be the first release under the new Nerdly Presents banner, HATE CRIME tells the story of a Jewish family, having just arrived in a new neighbourhood, who are recording their youngest son’s birthday celebrations on video when their home is suddenly invaded by a bunch of crystal-meth-crazed neo-Nazi lunatics.


The film is the second feature from director James Cullen Bressack (To Jennifer, Blood Lake, 13/13/13), and has already had a successful release in the US, reviewed favourably by the likes of Bloody Disgusting, MoreHorror and even the UK’s very own Starburst Magazine.


The full official statement from the BBFC:


“HATE CRIME focuses on the terrorisation, mutilation, physical and sexual abuse and murder of the members of a Jewish family by the Neo Nazi thugs who invade their home. The physical and sexual abuse and violence are accompanied by constant strong verbal racist abuse. Little context is provided for the violence beyond an on screen statement at the end of the film that the two attackers who escaped were subsequently apprehended and that the one surviving family member was released from captivity. We have considered the attempt at the end to position the film as against hate-crime, but find it so unconvincing that it only makes matters worse.  


“The BBFC’s Guidelines on violence state that ‘Any depiction of sadistic or sexual violence which is likely to pose a harm risk will be subject to intervention through classification, cuts or even, as a last resort, refusal to classify. We may refuse to classify content which makes sexual or sadistic violence look appealing or acceptable […] or invites viewer complicity in sexual violence or other harmful violent activities. We are also unlikely to classify content which is so demeaning or degrading to human dignity (for example, it consists of strong abuse, torture or death without any significant mitigating factors) that it may pose a harm risk.’


“It is the Board’s carefully considered conclusion that the unremitting manner in which HATE CRIME focuses on physical and sexual abuse, aggravated by racist invective, means that to issue a classification to this work, even if confined to adults, would be inconsistent with the Board’s Guidelines, would risk potential harm, and would be unacceptable to broad public opinion.”

“Of course, the Board will always seek to deal with such concerns by means of cuts or other modifications when this is a feasible option.  However, under the heading of ‘Refusal to classify’ our Guidelines state that ‘As a last resort, the BBFC may refuse to classify a work, in line with the objective of preventing non-trivial harm risks to potential viewers and, through their behaviour, to society. We may do so, for example, where a central concept of the work is unacceptable, such as a sustained focus on sexual or sadistic violence. Before refusing classification we will consider whether the problems could be adequately addressed through intervention such as cuts.’ The Board considered whether its concerns could be dealt with through cuts. However, given that the fact that unacceptable content runs throughout the work, cuts are not a viable option in this case and the work is therefore refused a classification.”


Says director James Cullen Bressack: “I am honoured to know that my mind is officially too twisted for the UK. So it goes … I find it unbelievable that a film that shows little to no on screen violence and no nudity was actually banned. it just shows the power of what is implied and peoples imagination; and is a testament to the fact that the same crimes that happen in the world are truly horrifying.”‘s Phil Wheat adds: “HATE CRIME was always going to be a contentious title to submit to the BBFC, especially given recent racial tensions. But as part of Nerdly Presents’ remit to uncover great underground movies it was worth taking the gamble on James Cullen Bressack’s movie. After all, horror is often about pushing boundaries and making your audience uncomfortable. HATE CRIME does that by throwing political correctness out of the window to create a raw, emotive and disturbing film that is a tour-de-force in reality filmmaking, taking the found-footage genre to a whole new level – asking questions of both the filmmakers and the audience. As such it’s definitely worth championing.”


TheHorrorShow.TV’s Jack Bowyer said: “Although it may surprise some people, TheHorrorShow.TV supports classification over censorship, as we would hate for any of our growing number of films to be viewed by an inappropriate audience. We work in collaboration with the British Board of Film Classification to ensure that our content is appropriately rated, but sometimes you need to test boundaries to find out where they are. In the case of HATE CRIME, it appears that the BBFC has deemed the content inappropriate for people of any age, even adults, and regrettably we will be unable to bring the film to the UK as part of our very exciting collaboration with Nerdly.”

Episode 151 and 152 are up for listening pleasures


episode 151

This week we welcome back JOHN PORTANOVA to the show. We will be talking about his new film VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH.  And we will also be laughing and discussing our way through 3 more genre movies including THE SENDER, CUT AND RUN, and HARDWARE.  So, if you like Sasquatch and or Bigfoot, pervy midget neighbors, aqua Michael Berryman, or killer robots.  This show is for you.

 episode 152

So, while rooting around my computer I stumbled across this artifact recorded last Christmas. What was once lost is now found.  Here we check out ELVES with Dan Haggerty, DEATH WARRANT, with Van Damme, and THE BABADOOK! We also answer all your listener questions and review our watches of the week.  ENJOY!


Valley of the Sasquatch… it’s coming!


Sasquatch Poster 3b_Text_FIN_web


Check out independent filmmaker’s John Portanova’s latest effort:

John Portanova Writer/Director “Valley of the Sasquatch”

IMDB page: