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This week Tim and JSB are joined by BB&BS honorary secretary of race relations T-Shirt Joe as he discusses the independent 2010 flick Monsters.  JSB talks about the film that kicked off the new wave of French horror movies High Tension.  And Tim tells us why you don’t armor a werewolf in Project: Metalbeast.  All this and we answer your listener questions, and blabber on about everything under the sun.  And enjoy as Joe gives you his own personal guide to pooping.


Episode 85

Bill Oberst Jr. and Lynn Lowry Shine Like the Edge of an Axe Blade in this Clip taken from the Upcoming Slasher Film Ditch Day Massacre!


“There’s Hell to Pay for Cutting Class!”

Horror fans will be pleased to know that the much anticipated Ditch Day Massacre is finally complete. Fans have selected the official artwork. And a clip has just been released. Ditch Day Massacre, the 80’s styled slasher flick—shot entirely in daylight—stars Bill Oberst Jr. as Vick, a man driven to settle a brutal score. He’s after Jenny (Katy Foley), an all American high-school sweetheart holding onto a mysterious past. Lynn Lowry, Zach Silverman and Pandie Suicide also star in Megan Waters’ production, Ditch Day Massacre. Ditch Day Massacre is a film directed by Joe Hendrick and written by Daniel P. Coughlin and Ryan Coughlin. Both Oberst and Lowry are presented in the film’s first released clip.

Much of the film’s story is revealed in this short reel. The character Vick is shown stalking Jenny’s neighborhood. He’s pleasant at first, but his intentions are not quite neighborly. This is quickly established when he reveals his true nature to Mrs. Donattucci (Lowry). Now, audiences can take a peek!

Also, Ditch Day Massacre has been submitted to several film festivals. This title will begin its film festival run as early as October, 2013. The film has been submitted to the Tucson Terrorfest: Horror Film Festival (Oct. 17th -19th) and also to the Sundance Film Festival. A World Premiere is coming soon! The official wide release promises to follow shortly. For now, enjoy this first clip of Ditch Day Massacre!

Official synopsis: “Jenny Bilson, a high school senior, is the perfect student, a wonderful daughter to a veteran police detective and an all American Dream. But the one mistake she is unaware of making is about to haunt her in a very violent way, as her past returns for revenge (Water Tree Media).”

The new clip for Ditch Day Massacre is here:

For more info on the film, please visit the Ditch Day Massacre homepage:

The film’s fan page:



Episode 84 is finally here… we claim we work too much but most likely its drinking too much…




This week Tim and JSB kick it by themselves as we talk about a really obscure slasher featuring Joey Belladonna from Anthrax as Syd Snyder in Pledge Night.  And JSB watches 2 remakes that are pretty hard to handle… but in a good way. Also we do the normal thing and chat about what we’ve been checking out movie wise.  Cover a few lists.  And engage in the general tomfoolery that we do every week.  So enjoy.  and remember to always HACK THE PLANET!!!!


Infinite Santa 8000: Official Video on Demand Release and Artwork Reveal!


Infinite Santa 8000: Official Video on Demand Release and Artwork Reveal!

Infinite Santa 8000 will available on Video on Demand December 1st, 2013. Official carriers to be announced.

About the Film

Infinite Santa 8000 is the feature length story based on the popular web series of the same name. The original Web Series is 13 episodes long on YouTube which features the same lead characters (Santa, Dr Shackleton, and Martha) but tells a separate story from the film. With a view count of over 720,000 views, the series has garnered a cult following of fans demanding more content. Filmmakers Michael Neel and Greg Ansin, the team behind Midnight Releasing’s Drive-In Horrorshow and the Web Series, decided to give the fans what they want. They took the characters and the universe and have created a full length film with a simple concept: A cyborg Santa Claus killing mutants and robo-people in a vast post apocalyptic wasteland in the year 8000.  With a heavy metal soundtrack, the film features epic battle scenes, violent killing, and a 100-Foot Evil Easter Bunny.


A thousand years ago the world completely collapsed. Not much remains, except for the mutants, scum, and robo-people. Everyone must kill to survive.

Even Santa.

It is the year 8000. War, famine, and disease have ravaged the earth, transforming it into an inhospitable, desolate wasteland. Infinite Santa – half human and half machine – survives any way he can in this bleak world. Despite his tough existence, Infinite Santa still dreams of keeping the Christmas spirit alive by spreading goodwill and cheer to the nice people of the world.  But as the years have passed it has become harder for Infinite Santa. Instead of good people, all he finds are evildoers and hideous, no-good robo-mutations.

His one ray of hope is Martha, a robot girl full of the Christmas spirit. He rescued her from a deadly situation, and now she is like a daughter to him. They have a hard life but a good one, living on Santa’s ranch with his robo-reindeer. But Santa’s luck is about to run out. Santa’s arch-enemy, the evil mad scientist Dr. Shackleton, has found Santa again. Shackleton hates Santa and his stupid holiday, and will stop at nothing to uncover Infinite Santa’s mysterious secrets…and then destroy Infinite Santa once and for all. Dr. Shackleton is no fool. He knows how powerful Infinite Santa is, and has built an army to destroy him and Martha. Batsharks, Crabmonkeys, Dragonfly Snakes, Octo-Blobs, and Skin-Bots – and if they can’t kill Infinite Santa, a 100-foot Evil Easter Bunny should do the trick.

This fight will test Infinite Santa to his limits. He’ll need machine guns, flamethrowers, machetes, knives, jet packs, ornament grenades, and everything else in his arsenal just to survive.

The Original Webseries:


Official Trailer:


Infinte Santa

Circus of The Dead “From the Director of Doll Boy.”


Actor Bill Oberst Jr.  (Children of Sorrow) has recently wrapped a lead role as a necrophiliac clown in Circus of the Dead. Several early stills from the film have been released of Oberst Jr. and others, courtesy of director Billy Pon. The film’s story involves a deadly circus and a group of sadistic clowns; these clowns want to play some games, with those they have captured. Circus of the Dead also stars Parrish Randall (Gut Instincts), Brad Potts (Puppet Master X: Axis Rising), Chanel Ryan, Ryan Clapp, Rusty Edwards and Mike Williams. This title is currently in post-production and horror fans can preview several bloody stills, here.


Actor Oberst Jr. has something to say about his character Papa Corn. Oberst Jr. describes Corn as “a homicidal serial rapist with a taste for necrophilia. His day job happens to be as a circus clown. He and his highly-disturbed fellow clowns use the circus as cover for some of the darkest and most graphic acts of violence I have ever seen in a script or on set.” Circus of the Dead is full out gory horror! Oberst Jr. also promises brutality, from Corn: “the effects team, led by Marcus Koch and Matthew Ash, has been churning out corpses and body parts non-stop for the entire 5-week shoot.” This film will satisfy even the most experienced gorehounds.


Circus of the Dead will also shock fans, in just a few months. Oberst Jr. gives fans a behind-the-scenes account of the shoot “we’ve sawed off heads, hands and tongues; we have stripped the skin off a living man’s face, drooled clown slime on multiple females in varying states of undress and I have chased a stark naked woman through a parking garage, with a real cattle prod!” Circus of the Dead charts new horror territory in 2014!


Horror fans can support Circus of the Dead by giving it a like on IMDb:


The film’s fan page is here:


Bill Oberst Jr: Circus of the Dead is the 10th feature completion this year for Oberst Jr. Oberst Jr. is an actor, whom Variety magazine recently called “chilling” and whose Emmy winning performance in Jason Zada’s viral Facebook app’ “Take This Lollipop” has topped over 100 million views at Recently, Oberst Jr. has played the lead in Jourdan McClure’s Children Of Sorrow, a multiple festival winner. Children of Sorrow is slated for an early 2014 release by After Dark Films.

Official Release Dates for GONE DARK!


                GONE DARK will be released to the world on Video on Demand November 1st, 2013. Final carriers to be announced. Following that the film will be officially released on DVD January 7th, 2014!


Gone Dark


About the Film

GONE DARK is a bloody and brutal romp that challenges the envelope by pushing it in every way it possibly can. Guns, drugs, babes, GONE DARK has it all. Featuring memorable performances by cult film superstar Bill Oberst, Jr. (Children of Sorrow, Blackout, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Take This Lollipop, The Secret Life of Bees). The film has been described by Rance Howard (Ron Howard’s father and one of the film’s main stars) as “The project, or the material, the script, reminded me of Pulp Fiction, and I thought, well, gee, you know this maybe can out pulp Pulp Fiction.” GONE DARK is Natural Born Killers meets Kill Bill and is sure to leave audiences talking. Another cult sensation is born.


Five years ago Jack’s partners helped him fake his death.  When his little sister Kim becomes an agent she finds evidence that shows his partners killing him and blames them for his death.  She goes off the grid to hunt them down and starts climbing the drug food chain to find Jack’s former friend and closest partner, Slick, who took the blame for pulling the trigger on Jack.  When the company finds out what’s going on they send in several cleaners to clean up the mess they already tried to cover up.  Everything gets bloody when Jack finds himself in the middle of an every man for himself hunt to the death where only the last man standing will walk away.

Official Trailer:

Official Page and More Info:

Murder Eleven


“The Countdown Has Begun!”


Murder Eleven is a tale of a serial killer working in the streets of Atlantic City. This crime thriller and horror film had its World Premiere at the Down Beach Film Festival. Here, the film won three awards at this film festival (“Best Actress,” “Best Writer” and “Best Use of Atlantic City”). As well, the film centrally stars Jim Klock (Bitch Slap), Autumn Federici (The Blackout), Julienne Irons, Michael Mack and Richard Reid. Now, the film is set to release on DVD, through distribution house Indican Pictures. The final DVD artwork has recently been released and horror fans can view the grisly graphic here.


In the film’s story, Detectives Jesse (Reid) and Mayfield (Mack) are tasked with solving a brutal series of murders. A mysterious serial killer has stalked and captured ten women, from the streets of Atlantic City; each one has turned up dead. The killer’s next target is Katey (Federici), a desperately vulnerable prostitute and drug user. Katey was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Now, Katey is in the hands of the killer and the detectives only have a few hours to find her, before her time runs out.


Murder Eleven was shot over twelve days in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The cast and crew mostly utilized night shoots, with much of the film shot during the witching hour. Director Klock, who also stars in the film, says of the shoot and the film: “my goal was to make a film that was uncomfortably realistic and to keep the viewer interested in these characters.” These characters must make decisions, which may save a life or end it. Actress Federici, who plays Katey, found her role challenging: “Katey was a dark and twisted role to play. I was bound, gagged, and tortured for the entire shoot.” The character Katey is also bound in the DVD artwork for the film (attached). Murder Eleven will release on DVD October 22nd, 2013 and fans can preview the release details here.


Release Date: October 22nd, 2013 (DVD).


The official synopsis: “A serial killer roams the streets of Atlantic City killing prostitutes with ruthless efficiency. His motives are unknown, but the killers’ most recent clue lets the two homicide detectives know that they are in a race against time before he murders #11. With no leads and luck against them, their worst nightmare comes true when the killer decides to turn his last victim into a deadly game of cat and mouse… (Indican).”


More details on Murder Eleven can be found at the Code 3 Films’ Website:


And, the fan page:


Gross Movie Reviews #301


Gross Movie Reviews #301


By Tim Gross


Invasion Roswell (SyFy Channel/DVD) – That damn government fucked up again and Area 51 was built for a reason as aging band of troops are retired after training all their lives for aliens. Seven years after being retired it’s a generic version of ‘Independence Day’ and makes you question why I still watch some of these flicks? I give it 0 stars.


Runaway (DVD) – Oh age may not be kind to Gene Simmons and this movie but Tom Selleck in his mustache prime and a pre-Cheers Kristie Alley gets 80s early teenager going inside yourself as Tom Selleck tracks “Runaways”. Or in the not so distant future for 1984… computers or robots that have gone fucking nutzoid! Tom Selleck is Sgt. Ramsey, a cop who takes care of Runaways and Stan Shaw helps him along the way to break in a new partner and explain to her why he is needed. Meanwhile Gene Simmons plays himself aka an asshole aka Dr. Luther who makes exploding missile bullets and has just stolen templates to make rogue computer chips. If you were always looking for that warm up film to ‘Robocop’ this fun 1984 film is it as I give the dated flick 2 ½ stars.


Ghost Shark (SyFy Channel/DVD) – It stars mother fucking Richard Moll and has a scene where a shark kills a dude from being in a cup of water and splits him a part. I am all in with ridiculously awesome bad shark flick. I give it 3 stars.


Race War: The Remake (DVD) – Only hearing about this film recently on our podcast show Bloodbaths and Boomsticks from T-shirt Joe Garcia, words could not describe what this crazy, off the wall independent film is. This film is either the greatest current film to explain tensions between race and cultural differences or one of the best independent films of 2013 that doesn’t give a fuck who it offends as it throws all the races of mankind under the bus and had me laughing all the way! Tom Martino of DWN Productions ( expanded his award winning short film into a feature like no other as the plot revolves around a character named “Soda” who sells the best crack in town and has the help of his best friend “G.E.D”… And do not even ask about “Black Kreecha” aka a dude in a Creature from Black Lagoon mask with a Hawaiian shirt or it will ruin the ending for you. But for the most part the rest of plot revolves around Soda fighting off white demons who are trying to take over his territory. This of course leads to the best scene of an independent film in 2013 where Soda fights a white dude in Mortal Kombat montage game scene and when Soda wins it says, “HATE CRIME”! This strange but very entertaining film will have you questioning your own reality, as I give this flick 3 ½ out of 4 stars! You can purchase the DVD at and for more on Tom Martino go check out as you will find the greatest horror icon mask available there ever… Jack Frost the Killer Snowman!


Cheeseballs (DVD) – Tom Martino and friends are back together for an anthology that I declare wasn’t made for anybody to watch sober. With Lloyd Kaufman introducing all six segments your will be reduced to mush as it features a man-eating pizza that butt fucks dudes, hooker ghosts, Black Aquaman, a Klansman played by T-shirt Joe Garcia, a fake T-shirt Joe commercial, A weird character named Sweet Hole Brown, and Black Spider-man who shoots web from his penis of course. This doesn’t come off by any means to be taken seriously as much as Mr. Martino is entertaining himself and others that can last through this project drunk or high? If you like early Low Budget Pictures films you may like this also as I give it an entertaining 2 out of 4 stars. You can find out more about it at .


Robocroc (SyFy Channel/DVD) – Parker Lewis aka Corin Nemac has thrown the gauntlet down to be the supreme end all of end all actors for SyFy Channel flicks as he faces off with Dee Wallace who just happens to be a top scientist whose experiment has crash landed into a zoo and has bonded with a big salt water croc. Parker Lewis is the zookeeper who caught the croc, “Stella” and is worried that the military doesn’t understand what they are dealing with until they all don’t understand exception being Dee Wallace as nanobots have taken over Stella and making her into ‘Robocroc’! Imagine a killer croc version of ‘Jason X’ or they just decided fuck it we are remaking ‘Project: Metalbeast’ with a crocodile? Either way first half of the film is awesome and second half is boring and lacks any excitement until Dee Wallace goes all Superstar Billy Graham on a supporting character. Give the film 2 stars.


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Official artwork for and release date for Ridge War Z from Brain Damage Films!


Ridge War Z will be available on DVD November 05th, 2013 from Brain Damage Films. Video on Demand (VOD) run will begin on November 1st for those that can’t wait until DVD! Official carriers to be announced.

About the Film

Ridge War Z is a story of honor, sacrifice and brotherhood. The film honors the soldiers who have fought for this country by capturing the true fighting spirit and courage of the American soldier set against the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse. A tribute to our real life veterans and full of gory zombie action, Ridge War Z will delight horror buffs and fans of military fiction.

Full Synopsis:

Three years have passed since the zombie war had been won but for the veterans who fought in that terrible conflict, their memories and pain won’t let them forget. Now the only three surviving veterans of the most brutal battle of the entire war (Gory Ridge) return to recount their horrific experiences to an author who intends to write a book so that the world may better understand the sacrifice of the American infantryman during the great zombie war. It is a story of horror, honor, sacrifice, and brotherhood. This is war, scars and all.

View the Official Trailer :

Ridge War for more info…

Brain Damage