Acort International Acquires “Rabid Love” For Worldwide Distribution


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Acort International, one of the top distributors of independent films in the global marketplace, has recently acquired Rogue Taurus Productions’ classic 80’s throwback horror film “Rabid Love” for international and US distribution. Distribution plans are currently in consideration which will include a North American DVD on the indie-horror label Midnight Releasing and cable/satellite/internet VOD run as well as being showcased at this year’s 2013 American Film Market.

About The Film:

Rabid Love takes place in 1984 and is a rejuvenation of classic films like ‘An American Werewolf in London’, ‘Friday the 13th’, ‘Evil Dead’, and ‘The Howling’.  As a young child in the 80’s, the time period holds a special place for director Paul J. Porter as a mixture of dreams and memories. Rabid Love is not a gory slasher film, but a thrilling and nostalgic story about unique characters with their own motivations and desires.  They just happen to catch the attention of an evil recluse living in the woods and become the subjects of his latest experiment when all they wanted was a happy weekend with their friends before they all went their separate ways to their post-college lives.

“I made it a point to bring the look and feel of the era through in the settings, props, wardrobe, and most importantly, the characters of the film.” – Director Paul J. Porter

More information on the official release date in the United States is yet to be announced. Official artwork and more news coming soon! Fans can get connected via the official Facebook and Twitter (#CatchTheVirus). There is also more information on the official website!


When Heather Ross and her lifelong friends take one final trip out to a cabin in the woods before they go their separate ways after graduating from college, the weekend takes an unexpected turn when people start disappearing. Is one of their own responsible? How about the killer bear that’s rumored to be in the woods? Maybe one of the seemingly unstable hunters that have been drawn to the area and are out to get the bear? Join Heather and the gang as they find out where their loyalties truly lie and discover the secrets of the forest that might become a grave for all of them!

About Acort International:

As a full service independent distributor, Las Vegas, Nevada and Scottsdale, Arizona-based Acort International distributes feature films to the international marketplace. Acort International and their associates release 50-60 films a year into a variety of domestic and international outlets including theatrical, DVD, VOD, broadcast, internet and mobile. For more information please visit and



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Official teaser/trailer linked here:

Gross Movie Reviews #297


Gross Movie Reviews #297


By Tim Gross


What They Say (Internet) – A short film from director Justin Romine that is about a young lady that seems to only find peace with life through cutting aka slicing yourself in certain areas to relive pain, etc. This young lady feels nothing is going right; no one listens, and is on the verge of wanting to just slice open someone’s neck. The film being a short film finds enough time to explain that her father may be the root of the problem. I give this cool dramatic short film 3 out of 4 stars and you can find out more about the filmmaker at .

Down the Old Dirt Road (Internet) – In this Justin Romine short film a young couple’s car has broken down and walks to a farmhouse that just happens to be Leatherface’s cousins or something! If you are a fan of TCM you’ll enjoy this also as I give 3 out of 4 stars. Check out for more info.

Dwelling (Internet) – Justin Romine shows us in this short film an affair that goes horribly wrong, like torture, murder kind of wrong… I give it 2 out of 4 stars. Check out for stuff from Mr. Romine at .

One Afternoon (Internet) – A quite odd film from Justin Romine that comes off more like a test film or student film than anything as a man named Tommy likes a girl but decides it’s time to move on and leaves it up to you to decide what actually happened? I give the short film 1 ½ out of 4 stars and you can also find cool stuff at .

Fishing Amy (Internet) – Justin Romine gives us a short film Grindhouse-style about a woman who is simply tortured, escapes, and picked up on the side of the road by another man who just happens to know who she escaped from only to become fish bait! Apparently this was a part of the “48 Hour Film Project” one year and I liked it! I give it 3 out of 4 stars. Go check out and support Mr. Romine at .

Blinky (YouTube) – Thanks to Bootleg Tim Gross aka Tim Wilder sent me a link to this flick that involves a not so futuristic toy robot that listens and performs every task it is given. Of course when a rich boy gets everything he wants and takes his anger out on the robot ‘Blinky’, the toy robot just simple does what the kid asks of it… Which for this short film is awesome! Because the only thing missing is Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons with the bullets that follow you! The short film is from a filmmaker named Ruari Robinson and I give it 3 ½ out of 4 stars.

The Time Guardian (DVD) – A low budget sci-fi film from Australia that was made in 1987 starring Dean Stockwell simply known as ‘Boss’ who runs the last city of humans in the future of 4039. His problem happens to bootleg Krull creatures known as the ‘Jen-diki’ that are cyborgs from underground that want nothing more than to crush all humans. So Stockwell’s character convinces others in charge of the city to go back in time to get away from the Jen-diki and have Carrie Fisher and bootleg mercenary dude go to early 1988 and prepare the area for the city’s landing and warn the locals of what’s coming… It’s not a great movie by any means but it is entertaining as you can see Stockwell and Fisher must have done this movie to fulfill a contract for the studio and put lackluster effort into a hilarious mostly unknown sci-fi action flick. Its Australian and for that it at least gets 2 stars.

Blast Vegas (SyFy Channel/DVD) – Its Spring Break in Vegas and Frankie Muniz’s friends just happened to disturb an ancient evil god by using an ancient sword and stabbing the earth. Now according to legend sand snakes start fucking people up with sand including John Landis and Joe Dante after they attempt to steal the sword at the beginning of the film. Sand snakes, spring breakers dying left and right, buildings falling apart, there is only one man to save them all and its bootleg Wayne Newton in the form of Barry Bostwick who puts in his best performance since Project: Metalbeast! Enjoy the film for what it is because it is fucking hilarious as I give it 2 ½ stars.

Deadly Force

Deadly Force (VHS) – Its 1983 and Wings Hauser is a former LA cop who now does side work after being run out of Hollywood. But when he gets a call from an old friend after his granddaughter is killed by a serial killer, it’s time to return to a city full of people who don’t like you including his wife who still wants him to sign the divorce papers. The serial killer seems to be killing at random until Mr. Hauser finds a connection to the killings with a prostitute. If you are looking for a fun random unknown 80s action film you will be entertained with this action packed choice as I give it 3 stars.

We Are What We Are (DVD) – A subtitled film about a family of cannibals in Mexico. After the father of the family dies, the siblings begin to panic as they believe mother is just going to let them all starve and die. The film starts off slow and takes some time to build the storyline but as it progresses and becomes even more interesting as the brothers and sister question why they are different with no answer from their mother but still tries to right the right person that be eaten by them. This cannibal film is more story driven and may scare off the ADD horror person but stick it out as the climax of the film makes it all worth it as I give it 2 ½ stars.

The Last Stand (DVD) – Yeah bad ass ARNOLD maybe old, but the mother fucker still picks awesome fucking movies as this action flick has him playing a sheriff named Ray, in a small town in Arizona right outside the border of Mexico. Most of the town as gone away to watch the high school football team, meanwhile one of the most wanted drug lord cartel leaders has escaped FBI custody  and is speeding toward the small town in order to cross the border without issues. Ray gets wind of this when a local farmer (Harry Dean Stanton) is murdered and needs to deputize Johnny Knoxville and a drunken war vet to help stop this criminal from driving through his town. The gun fights are brutal, the car scenes are crazy and stunt filled, and ARNOLD plays his age and pulls off another great performance in a memorable action flick you will want to watch dozens of times. I give it 4 stars.


In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro (VHS) – A 1986 film that was based on a true story of 90,000 baboons in Africa during a ferocious drought of 1984 viciously attacked animals and humans. John Rhys-Davies is a man who is working on a mine that is suffering because the lack of rain. He is always at odds with the local wildlife expert who just wants to pounce on him if a wrong move happens to effect wildlife. Little do they know crazed baboons are fucking power workers, food trucks, a poor dude just trying to change his tire and he gets eaten inside of his truck? This film has some wonderful stock footage of stampeding baboons and you know if this film was made today the scenes with the baboons would have been all CG’d. It is a great 80s killer monkey movie that deserves a watch and a the special DVD treatment. I give the flick 3 stars.

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Midnight Syndicate’s Monsters of Legend CD review


Midnight Syndicate’s Monsters of Legend CD review


By Tim Gross



Over the last few years Midnight Syndicate has produced some good and fun music: Carnival Arcane, The Dead Matter, The 13th Hour just to name a few. But this project is their best work to date as they composed what seems like music that was lost from the Universal Monster era. Now of course this is what they were going for and were inspired by the classic Universal Monster films and soundtracks. But I cannot stressed how much this CD touch my old school monster nerve inside of me as I would sit and just listen to the tracks and slowly it pulled me into the world of Dracula, Frankenstein, etc. The music flows so beautifully that if I would close my eyes it was like watching a totally new discovered Universal Monster film from the 30s or 40s that was never released and it just happens to play in my mind like I’m alone in a theater enjoying this fun treat! I could imagine Dracula, The Mummy, and Frankenstein lurking around a castle in search of their next victim. Universal Monster fans shouldn’t just buy one copy; buy lots of copies for your fellow monster and horror movie fans because this music is some of the best I have ever had the pleasure to hear. For me Midnight Syndicate just didn’t put out a new CD but up their game to unbelievable heights that people need to take notice and purchase Monsters of Legend. Plain and simple if you don’t own a copy of this great Universal Monster inspired CD then I just don’t know how you can call yourself a horror fan… Midnight Syndicate be excited because I believe you gave a very memorable CD for horror fans to enjoy for years to come as I give the CD 4 out of 4 stars. The CD is available through iTunes,, and select Halloween retailers.

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Their Facebook page:  

Purchase on amazon:

Episode 76 is up horror fans! (Finally)


Episode 76


This week Tim and JSB check in on our old friend Sasquatch to see how he is doing after the apocalypse in America 3000.  Also Clancy Brown befriends a enterprising circus midget to thwart the girlfriend stealing Doctor Frankenstein in 1985’s The Bride.  We also discuss a whole slew of titles just announced by Scream Factory, Nerd stuff coming out of San Diego Comic Con. And a whole bunch of horror based TV. shows about to be aired… and subsequently cancelled.  Our old T-shirt collections and a ton of other topics we shoot our mouths off about.  So check it out:

Jason Martinko has a different read for you bookworms and film fans!


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Jason 's book

The XXX Filmography, 1968-1988 features more than 3,000 A to Z entries, covering the historic, artistic, and technical aspects of adult cinema from those years, including 35mm features, 16mm storefront features, and 8mm loops. It provides director, producer, cast, screenwriter, cinematographer, and composer listings, with a detailed synopsis for each film. Production company credits, release dates and running times are also given. A DVD appendix lists all titles currently available on DVD, and complete cast and director indexes make this work the most comprehensive guide to Golden Age triple-X films ever published.

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Huge announcement for the independent film Intrusion: Disconnected!


July 24, 2013 – Storytime Productions is proud to announce that Corey Feldman (Goonies, Lost Boys, Stand By Me) has joined the cast of Intrusion:Disconnected.


Intrusion:Disconnected, an independently produced psychological horror and thriller movie with a cast of over 50 actors! The film from Award winning writer/producer, Craig Everett Earl is directed by Award winning filmmaker Kyle Cates. James Houk (An Affirmative Act) serves as cinematographer and Carrie Cates (Summer League) as co-producer and editor. Octavia Earl, Jonathan Reece and Kelsey Forren are also co-producers to the film. Lead actress, Katie Stewart serves as executive producer.The film co-stars Scream Queen, Tiffany Shepis (Prometheus Project, The Violent Kind), three time award winning actress, Sebrina Siegel (Overtime), Amanda Dunn (Catching Fire, Michael Rooker’s Pennhurst) and Mark Nash. (Everybody Loves Raymond, CSI).


Gross Movie Reviews #296


Gross Movie Reviews #296


By Tim Gross


The Day (DVD) – It’s been a decade since something happened: war, plague, they don’t exactly go into detail. Now, food is scarce, things look like a wasteland, as the movie progresses you learn that some people have turned to cannibalism to survive in the new harsh world. These cannibals are a family of people who are not your average cannibals as they are branded to know not to attack or eat their own kind… unless they have too! They also set up houses in the country that can be used by survivors only to become death traps or what a bear trap would be. The film doesn’t get into much story as much as introduces you to a small group of people who find a farmhouse they believe can be shelter for them and they trip the trap only to know the cannibals are coming and they must fight for their lives. I like the film, I like the grayish look of the bleak world setting, but the only thing missing is a little more storyline to make it that much more interesting. But this is a lean and mean cannibal/fight to death kind of flick that doesn’t spend too much time on dialogue as much as people, getting fucked up! I give the film 3 stars.


Sharknado (DVD) – “NUFF SAID”! Not by a fucking long shot people. We all know Asylum Entertainment and SyFy Channel have come up with some crappy, off the wall, crazy, and so bad it’s awesome film ideas over the past several years. But this idea from its conception had horror movie fans and the mainstream media talking. A tornado of sharks hitting L.A. and it stars Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, and John Heard and made for a million dollars! BRILLANT! You already know it’s going to be bad, but how bad, and when does it become so bad you do your best imitation of Mystery Science Theater 3000? Asylum and SyFy have had some fun ideas but this film took the cake and hope this isn’t the peak of bad fun films. Because this film made mainstream and horror fans alike it doesn’t take 200 million dollar budget to entertain… I give it 4 stars for the brilliance it is and thank you Tara Reid not taking it serious as you had about five lines of dialogue. Remember folks you know you are in for a treat when a man is standing inside of a house full of bloody water and possibly sharks and says, “It must be that time of the month”.


Hands of the Ripper (Blu-ray/DVD combo) – Another Hammer film released by Synapse Films from 1971 and is a film about Jack the Ripper possessing his child. The child Anna is now all grown up and is discovered by a doctor who sits in on a séance that he believes is bullshit and discovers the ghost’s voice is Anna behind a curtain. A murder occurs shortly after the doctor leaves when Anna is sold to a man by her guardian. Doctor runs in only to find Anna’s guardian stuck to a doorway murdered and a man running out the door. The doctor becomes fascinated with Anna and wants to find out what may be in her past that she does not remember. But as the good doctor soon realizes wherever Anna is murder happens. By time the good doctor believes he has found the answer to help Anna it’s too late. A great Jack the Ripper film of sorts for fans of the mysterious serial killer. I was surprised also with it being a Hammer film having no Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee anywhere in it. The cool things about this package doesn’t end there as Synapse does not disappoint by packing it full of extras: A great featurette that talks about the film but the book of the same name and how they differ and also features some cool interviews with the actors of the film. But a great extra to check out is the Motion Still Gallery called, “The Evolution of Hammer Gore”. A must have for Hammer fans as I give the film and the package 4 out of 4 stars and can be found at .


Street Trash (Blu-ray) – A few years ago Synapse brought the cult favorite to the DVD format with a great transfer of the film and we nerds rejoiced. Now, Synapse went that extra step for us nerds and ultra-Blu-ray nerds and made the ‘Special Meltdown Edition’ of ‘Street Trash’. So after you get to watch bums fight over a drink called, “Viper” that is being sold for a dollar at the local liquor store and see all who drink it turn into complete toxic goo. You can be bombarded by the amount of extras this Blu-ray carries: Not one but two commentaries, a feature length documentary about the making of the film, the 16mm short film that inspired the feature, some cool interviews, and deleted scenes. Which in my mind I like to call this ultra-violent and gooey film “the nerd edition” more than the “Special Meltdown Edition”?  I give the film 3 stars but the package in general gets a perfect 4 out of 4 stars as you can go check it out at .


Hitchcock (DVD) – A great film about legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and his struggles with making and getting possibly the most famous horror film made of all time ‘Psycho’. The film picks up in 1959 where Mr. Hitchcock played by Anthony Hopkins wants to make something different. He is unsure at first but believes nothing is inspiring him anymore until he comes across a book called, ‘Psycho’ that is based on the famous killer Ed Gein that has inspired many films even to this day with many still not knowing that this was inspiration behind ‘Psycho’. When Hitchcock decides this will be his next film, all studios refuse to have anything to do with the film because of its subject matter. But Hitchcock decides to use his own money and the help of his wife to edit what becomes the first modern day slasher of sorts. The film goes into Hitchcock’s obsession with blondes and how Janet Leigh was casted but also shows how he struggles with his weight problem and marriage. True or not true there have always been a lot of stories that has this film being made and released in 1960 that truly shocked the world. To be honest Hitchcock was before my time but as a kid I got to watch some of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV show and got to watch Psycho and The Birds and just the man himself I have always found fascinated like the Universal Monsters, Dick Smith, and others that were big when my or our parents or grandparents got to witness when they were in their prime. Hitchcock is a small piece of cinema history but he is someone that horror fans should be happy to know existed because his passion kick open a door to horror films that hasn’t been shut since 1960 when Janet Leigh’s scream in the shower was heard. I give the film 4 stars.


America 3000 (DVD) – A very lost and mostly unknown film from 1986 that has been recently released by Shout Factory with three other sci-fi gems. ‘America 3000” is a film that takes place after the apocalypse or 900 years after “The Nuke”. It’s a complete wasteland and tribes of women rule what’s left of the ruined cities. These women use men as toys and slaves and they are not equal to women. Yeah, there are cavemen out in the middle of the wasteland but they don’t dare come near the main village. And to let you know ahead of time the film is narrated from time to time by an escapee of the women who also explains all the different language you hear throughout the film. When a couple men escape a village of women they decide to set up their own village at Camp Reagan where men can exist not being toys, slaves, etc. Soon a war is started between the two villages and it’s up to this legend the women tell stories about, “the president” to help work out their differences. The movie doesn’t move flawlessly but gets help from a random mutant Sasquatch that keeps running around using a siren and eventually carries a large Boombox that was busted out of prison by the men! I give it 2 ½ stars.


Resident Evil: Damnation (DVD) – The second animated CG film made based on the video games and having no connection to the tragically horrible live action PG-13 films. This film takes place in East Slav Republic where Leon Kennedy has been dropped in by the CIA but is told its time to abort after he was taken off vacation to be there. Soon Leon finds out the local government is using BOWs to fight the war against rebel fighters that live underground. The film has a lot of the mutated creatures including the ‘Lickers’ but no zombies as Leon must try to stop the creatures getting outside of the city. This film unlike the first CG animated film is directed totally to the video game crowd and Resident Evil fans. Better the live action crap that seems to get released on a two year cycle but doesn’t live up to the first CG animated film as I give this flick 2 stars.


Incest Death Squad 2 (DVD) – Filmmaker Cory J. Udler decided just one film could not contain great characters such as Amber and Jeb in their heaven wasn’t enough as Cory takes you on a road trip as the film takes place about a month after the events of the first film. Reporter Aaron and his lovely fiancée Andrea have moved in together and trying to live a normal life but like most people they both have dark secrets of their own. But the couple is in for a big surprise when Amber knowing she has Aaron’s seed inside of her convinces her brother Jeb they must visit Aaron to tell him the news he will be a father and give him another chance to come back to their heaven. Andrea doesn’t want any part of this happening and hires her cousin to kill the incest-filled god fearing couple. Things go from bad to worse when Andrea learns of her fiancée’s dark secret. Then Aaron has completely lost his mind and decides to meet Amber and Jeb at a remote location. The sequel doubles up on the incest, perverted and disturbing scenes, gore, and nudity in this fun independent horror film that is not for the faint of heart and I believe a scene in this film that involves Amber and her pregnancy that will piss off someone! I give the film 3 out of 4 stars and can be found at . And look for the alligator petting zoo commercial at the beginning of the film.


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