Gross Movie Reviews #381


Gross Movie Reviews #381


Mummy Sleepover Massacre (DVD) – Where has this horrible greatness been hiding at? Well first off it was written, edited, and directed by the one and only Henrique Couto… when he was like 15! Within minutes of me posting of this film being in my possession, Henrique wanted to know how I got it. Second off, with a title like this you knew this movie would find its way to me just because. It has been long out of print but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the horrible glory of a toilet paper covered mummy murdering teenagers at a slumber party. There isn’t a whole lot to say about it besides that. Is it bad… yes? Did I enjoy this gem from an unknown filmmaker (2003) at the time who is a big deal now… Hell yeah!!! Henrique understand this film has found its rightful place in my movie collection where it belongs as I give it 1 ½ out of 4 stars. But it is one the best god damn 1 ½ star movies ever just for the title and the toilet paper mummy! And Henrique, thank you.


The Conjuring 2 (Theater) – After the events of the first film the Warrens find themselves investigating the famous home in Amityville in 1976. During a séance Lorraine finds herself defending herself against an evil she has never experienced before but not a part of the famous Amityville house. Once home she makes Ed promise her they take a break because she has seen his death. But this evil spirit takes residence in a single mom of four’s house in London 1977. The Warrens are called in by the church just to observe for three days. When they arrive one child is completely terrorized and the other three kids and mom scared for their lives with no one to turn too. After video proof that it was faked or supposedly fake, the Warrens rush back to the home to help the family from this beyond evil spirit that refuses to go away. Amazing flick again horror fans. I am not much into paranormal movies but the two ‘Conjuring’ flicks I have absolutely loved and glad they exist. I give the sequel 4 stars and forgive them for even thinking ‘Annabelle’ was a good idea. Wait a minute… there may be a sequel to ‘Annabelle’? Don’t fuck with the formula based on true stories Hollywood! Just sayin…


Swamp Thing the Series: Volume Two (DVD) – This box set covers half of the third season as the third season had something like 50 episodes. Crazy, but what is really weird I must start my quest looking for this other box set as it seems to unavailable everywhere? But anyway after ignoring for a full season that Arcane sent a kid to South America news comes that Jim is alive sending his mom on many trips to South America looking for him. Sadly no help from Swamp Thing but that doesn’t stop Alec Holland from getting a new love interest that during an episode Mr. Swamp Thing eats rare lizard eggs that gets him high and dream about his new girl. They do kill off Kari Wuhrer’s character quickly and have a few episodes where Swamp Thing and Arcane must help out each other. Overall its cheesy television but worth checking out if it pops up on Netflix, On Demand, Hulu, etc., as I give it 2 ½ stars.


Survivors (DVD/Vimeo) – Those filmmakers in the UK refuse to let the zombie genre go away as this latest entry into the genre takes a dramatic and political take on it. Medea is a medical testing joint that is funded by the government and recently some human patients have gone missing. With little to go on Kate and her cameraman Duke try to get the inside scoop on what is going on and see if the rumors are true about a new secret weapon, “Zombies”. While investigating the experiments have worked and the patients have escaped causing a shitload of chaos in the world. From here the film focuses on Kate before and after the chaos flipping back and forth. After Duke takes off looking for help Kate continues on trying to survive only to meet Paul, who just so happens to be sent by the government to find out what actually does Kate know? The film is a dramatic, classic, smart take on an overloaded zombie genre which for me never gets old as I give the film 2 ½ out of 4 stars. The film has the suspense of another recent zombie movie I liked called, ‘State of Emergency’. For more on this film check out: and .


Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow (Blu-ray) – A Michael Felsher project that took a life of its own as it went from a special feature to a full-length documentary that can only be explained as an orgasmic explosion of amazingness about the legendary film ‘Creepshow’. The documentary covers everything of how it began to Tom Savini thinking it was Halloween for five months straight while being on set to make all sorts of creatures for the anthology. The film is almost timeless and has one of my favorite stories of horror in the segment called ‘The Crate’. The documentary has some great interviews with George Romero, Savini, Ed Harris and so on but also great stories about Stephen King and him being a kid at heart. The Blu-ray also has ‘Scream Greats’ Tom Savini video which was watched by many horror fans who grew up in the 80s but now has a commentary as well with Savini looking back at the video. This Blu-ray is a true nerd out of a disc as it has everything you could ever imagine about ‘Creepshow’ and for that I say thank you to Mr. Felsher as I give the Blu-ray 4 out of 4 stars but also it will be one of the best horror discs of 2016! Place your order now at .


Blood Glacier (DVD) – A German horror film about a Climate Research Center high in the mountains and its occupants finding a strange blood red covered mountain one day and gone the next. But after a dog is bitten or prodded strange noises are heard and they get back to home base to examine the samples. The samples are no good or so they thought so they rush back up there the next day and it’s gone. Strange things are happening to the world since the glaciers are melting and this can be one of them where animals and bugs mutate then attack humans. It boils down to the German version of ‘The Thing’. It’s hard not to make the comparison but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this lesser known creature feature as I give it 3 stars.


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & 2 (DVD) – The 2012 animated feature stars the voice of Peter Weller as Batman where Batman is now 70 and been out of the spotlight for ten years. But since his disappearance Gotham has gotten worse from a whole new slew of criminals called “The Mutants”. Bruce Wayne tired of retirement and Commissioner Gordon about to retire decides it is time for Batman to return and restore order in Gotham. But this isn’t your Saturday morning Batman cartoon folks as not only does Batman kill some people or criminals, but “The Joker” does also during his return to society. Pretty violent and the story of how Batman fakes his death so he can continue teaching young people to take care of Gotham from the shadows. I give the flick 3 stars.


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Blackburn Sets the Town Alight this August on DVD


June 20th, 2016 – Vancouver, B.C.: Blackburn is set to release on DVD this August. Tombstone Entertainment will handle the release. A 3Brane Entertainment production, Blackburn involves a group of friends, trapped in an old mining town. From a script by Nastasha Baron and directed by Lauro Chartrand, this title stars: Lochlyn Munro (Poker Night), Jen and Sylvia Soska (“Hellevator”). Emilie Ullerup (A Little Bit Zombie), Sarah Lind (Wolf Cop) and Calum Worthy also star. All of these filmmakers have developed this hard R (restricted) horror feature, which now invites you to take a look at the official DVD artwork.

In the story, a forest fire forces five friends to take a detour. Lost and afraid, they seek shelter in an old mining shaft. But, someone or something lives in these dark depths. Now, this fivesome will have to fight back, against mutated miners and demented psychopaths, if they hope to continue living.

The official DVD artwork reveals more of the film’s story. The Blackburn Asylum, long since closed, still haunts the local woods. Its residents, forced out by its closure, roam inside this broken down building. Promising to “take people” many of the deformed monsters can be seen, in this official artwork. And, more on Blackburn will be revealed this Summer as the film nears its August 2nd, 2016 release date.

The official trailer for Blackburn is here:

The official Synopsis: A forest fire and rock-slide trap five bickering college friends in a small Alaskan ghost town with a horrifying history. When they seek refuge inside the torched ruins of Blackburn Asylum, they must fight to survive as the angry inhabitants slaughter the friends one-by-one.

A fan page for the film:

On Twitter:


Two for one special at Bloodbaths and Boomsticks


This week we celebrate 200 episodes by watching 2 rape/revenge flicks in I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 1 & 2 and a weirdo ant-sploitation flick in PHASE IV.  Also we chat about Twisted Sister documentaries, Oddball James Bond Movies, Why does Marvel continue to ignore Blade in the MCU, The reunited Misfits, and How Game of Thrones should end, and Dolph Lundgren awesomeness.

 episode 200


This week we talk about an eye-talian slasher flick in STAGE FRIGHT, A fangoria produce zombie flick in DEAD MEAT, and a movie that everyone loves even if they don’t wanna admit to it in SOLARBABIES.  We also talk about ESPN’s 303 for 30 Believeland, Art Model and Kyle’s hatred for him, the weirdness of Zoolander 2, Indiana’s Drive-In revival, And we break into a spontaneous Richard Pryor retrospective.

episode 201


“Dark Web”


“Wants You to Scare Us.”

Los Angeles, California: Taggart Productions and Felt Films have teamed up with Latino-Review Media (LRM) for the horror/sci-fi series “Dark-Web.” The eight-part anthology series revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a young Cyber-security analyst and the trail of stories she leaves behind for her friends to unravel.

Both companies are encouraging writers to participate in the series by submitting their own entries (scripts should be around 10-15 pages), themed around the concept of “the dark side of the internet and a constantly connected world.” One entry will be chosen to be part of the anthology. This writing competition has already started as of May 13th and due to positive response, will run until July 5th, 2016. You can read instructions and submit your script here:

Michael and Tim Nardelli have teamed with Circle writer/director Mario Miscione (also co-creator of the popular web series “The Vault”), to craft this overarching tale. The series will be highlighted by a number of short films within the story, each written and directed by different filmmakers. 
As well, a number of creatives have already been attached to the project: Tim and Michael Nardelli, Mario Miscione, Autumn Federici, Zelda Williams, LRM’s Kellvin Chavez, Roxy Shih, Nicky Whelan, and Kerry Rhodes.

The writer whose script is chosen will get their writing credit on the episode and a co-producer credit to the project, in the credits and on IMDB. 
This is your chance to create something truly horrifying and take the next step in your filmmaking career by having your own piece of content produced and distributed. Send your scripts now! And, be sure to check out LRM ( for updates and winner announcements.


The Dooms Chapel Horror



“Yours. Mine. Ours.”

Paducah, Kentucky – The indie horror title The Dooms Chapel Horror is set for a wide release. This title, from director John William Holt and writer Jason Turner, will be available on DVD and through Video-on-demand formats this week. This feature focuses on the character Kyle Cole, his return to a small town and a strange group – with nefarious plans. As well, the film stars Bill Oberst Jr., Joshua Mark Robinson, Shaun Gerardo and Wendy Kneeling. A preview of the film’s home entertainment launch is hosted here.

The film will be available on a number of platforms. On cable, The Dooms Chapel Horror will be showing on DirectTV, the Dish Network and Charter. Through Video-on-demand, this title will be on Netflix, Vimeo-on-demand, iTunes and Amazon Video. Also, this horror title will be available on DVD at: Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Barnes & Noble. Being distributed by Brain Damage Films, a sub-division of Midnight Releasing, this title will be available across North America, beginning this June 14th!

The film’s official trailer:

The official synopsis: Kyle Cole returns to home for the first time in nearly 10 years with the hopes of healing the emotional wounds caused by a family tragedy. What he finds is that his family and the town are not ready for the same. However, a mysterious man, Jordan, has been waiting for him with an evil plan.

More info:

Social media links:

On Twitter:

Several recently discovered clips look at the town of Kaler Mills and the tragedies that have taken place there:


Gross Movie Reviews #380


Gross Movie Reviews #380


Howl (DVD) – In the middle of Somewhere, UK, passengers are taking a train at night to get to their destination. Problem… train breaks down in the middle of highly wooded area that we later find out has a history of weird shit happening but never substantiated? But driver gets out checking out the problem only to be attacked by something. Two train workers check it out not finding the driver and debating with the several passengers on what they should do. Finally they leave the train only to find the remains of the driver and now something is chasing them back to the train. They are forced to defend themselves as this wolf man like creature is attacking the train trying to eat everyone inside! A fun werewolf flick with lots of blood and guts and I give it 3 stars.


Jaws of Satan (DVD) – An early 80s killer animal flick that involves a King Cobra escaping from a train and causing other snakes in the area to attack humans. All because the King Cobra is Satan himself according to the local priest! A possessed snake holding a community hostage is great stuff horror fans and a must watch as I give it 3 stars!


The Vatican Tapes (DVD) – A woman named Angela becomes possessed on her 25th birthday and the church gets involved. A special division of the Vatican gets involved after investigating the supposedly possession and tries exorcise the demon from the young woman’s body before it completely takes control. A little more interesting than most of the PG-13 possession films that have flooded the horror genre as I give the film 2 ½ stars.


Amityville Death House (DVD) – The story begins with Eric Roberts doing voiceover telling a story about a witch using the ‘Book of the Dead’ as a means to enter present day. Pay attention as you will notice the ‘Book of the Dead’ is: A) The Evil Dead DVD Necronomicon and B) its upside down. Anyway, present day and Tiffany and college friends are stopping by to visit grandma. Well grandma lives in the old Wilmont’s house that was the house to Abigail the witch during the 1800s. Locals always believed witches lived in the home for years. Now the home is shunned by the community even though Grandma Raymond lives there. Tiffany use to spend her summers there until grandpa died and since then hasn’t been back. But now she is back and weird shit begins to happen and six people need to die for Abigail the witch to come into present day. And only in a Polonia Brothers film you would hear the line, “You look like you had a dozen tits?” It’s true if you watch the film she did look like that… Tiffany I mean. Make-up effects from Brett Piper and Anthony Polonia, Fred Olen Ray as an executive producer and Eric Roberts involved with a great looking poster comes off as a slight misfire than classic. I expected more but hey it does have Amityville in the title so I give it 2 stars.


Flesh for the Inferno (DVD) – A film written by the legendary Michael Varrati begins March 11, 1999, at St. Christopher Middle School. A priest has raped a boy and the boy told four nuns about it. They choose to confront the priest and things go bad and next thing you know they are renouncing god as they are bricked up in the basement. Years later… June 2, 2015, a youth group and its leader show up to clean and fix up the old school for the weekend but they are warned it’s a bad day according to the caretaker. Once the cleaning begins the nuns return causing death and chaos inside the walls of this holy place. Gore, ugly nuns, and a little reminder for me at least of ‘The Unholy’ and ‘The Convent’. A fun and gritty low budget horror movie worth seeking out fans as I quite enjoyed it as I give it 3 out of 4 stars. This is the type of horror film I believe needs to make a comeback to the cinemas?


Black Sabbath (DVD) – Boris Karloff tells tales of terror in this early 60s horror film that even has Karloff playing a vampire in the last tale of terror. Think of Karloff as the early Cryptkeeper. Found this flick a little dull at times but sure there are some older people that would tell me to fuck off just for saying that as I give this film 2 stars.


Swamp Thing: The Series Volume One (DVD) – Yes folks, I am the weirdo that owns this box set but this set actually contains season one and two. The third season for unknown reasons right now is 50 some episodes! It was USA network in the early 90s before they knew what programs were being placed on the channel. Dick Durock returns as the big green guy who pretty much saves a kid named Jim for several episodes before he is shipped off to South America and now has to deal with his older brother Will. The series centers on the struggle between Dr. Arcane and Swamp Thing and the surrounding swamp land. With each story being wrapped up in 23 minutes and everyone including his mom forgetting Jim from the first season was shipped to South America by Arcane. An odd and quirky take on the cult comic book hero but no worse than the ‘Friday the 13th Series’ that was about cursed objects not Jason Voorhees. I look forward tracking down the rest of the episodes but until then hopefully we can get a movie or TV series that gives this interesting character some respect? I give it 2 stars.


Werewolves in Heat (DVD) – Lance Polland and company make a movie that seemed to be a lost film from the early 90s Troma catalog that even includes Ron Jeremy as a pimp named ‘Chancho’. The story centers around three friends leaving the friendly confines of L.A. for the sex, drugs, and party of the desert. Once at their rental house they proceed to the local bar to place flyers for their party and buy some whores. But these just any whores… Let’s remember Ron Jeremy aka Chancho is pimping out the best ever. The three friends are so excited for the women and their party doesn’t know until it is too late when the women/werewolves show up and start a bloodbath once horny! Everyone may get laid but it all ends in death as these women have embraced being werewolves. Hell, we even get werewolf vision which reminds me a lot of the same thing in ‘Howling 7: New Moon Rising’ (a sub-par sequel in the series). Mr. Polland accomplished in giving horror and Troma fans a low budget raunchy gem that makes you reminisce about old school Troma films? I give the flick 3 out of 4 stars. More about the film can be found at: .


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The first Trailer and Official website for the new Horror film DREAMING PURPLE NEON launched!


The trailer can be viewed and shared on any website via this link:


THINK YOU’VE SEEN IT ALL?  THINK AGAIN!  In this sea of “Safe” Horror films directed at teenagers, rated PG or PG-13, finally a movie comes along that not only makes Waves, it brings a Tsunami!  A movie with GUTS, and lots of them!  A movie that breaks taboos and never plays it safe, that goes right to the edge of the cliff and jumps off!  A movie that pushes boundaries and goes for the throat!  This is the one people will be talking about in 2016!


DREAMING PURPLE NEON is the new feature from indie Horror director Todd Sheets.  A Modern Horror Film that is also an homage to the splattery Horror films of the past, especially the mid 70s through the late 80’s!  Fresh, original and full of twists for today’s blood craving Horror Maniacs!  A strong story, all practical special makeup effects, real physical stunts and strong acting from an amazing cast of both Veterans and New up and coming talent makes DREAMING PURPLE NEON a true treat for fans looking for something new, yet retaining that familiar feeling of nostalgia for the Horror films of the past.  From the first draft of the script back in 1996, DREAMING PURPLE NEON is a true labor of love, created with passion, hard work and integrity, 20 years in the making!  A love letter to Horror films and exploitation cinema… movies that would play the Drive In Theaters and Grindhouses all over America!  Music for the film is being composed by Japanese Composer Toshiyuki Hiraoka.  DREAMING PURPLE NEON is expected to be released in October 2016, with advance screenings beginning in August 2016 at various Festivals and Conventions in America, England, Italy and Japan.  Theatrical screenings in America for Halloween are being booked already as well.  The OFFICIAL website is


In April 2012, Director Todd Sheets had a heart attack, requiring quadruple bypass surgery.  Todd was in the hospital for a month and a day.  While recovering he wrote “House of Forbidden Secrets” and began rewriting “Dreaming Purple Neon.”  After release from the Hospital, Todd began heart patient therapy, fought to regain his strength and began preproduction on “House of Forbidden Secrets” due to the script being completed first. The film went into full production in late November 2012.  Todd had been part of the Horror underground since 1989, creating Horror films for the home video market worldwide.  Many of these films went on to become “Cult Hits” and sold very well all over the world on VHS and even Cable TV.  But in 2005, Todd put his film career on hold while he raised his children and created the hit radio show NIGHTWATCH.  It was the life-threatening scare of the heart attack and spending so much time in the Hospital, not knowing if he would ever recover, that made Todd decide he had to get back to doing what he loved most.  “House of Forbidden Secrets” was his triumphant and successful return to indie Horror!  It took 2 years to complete.  House of Forbidden Secrets went on to play conventions and theaters all across America and was an Official Selection of over 70 Film Festivals worldwide from late 2013 when editing was finally finished, through March 2016!  The film is set to be released on DVD and BluRay late this Summer from MVD Distribution.  And now Todd is back at work on his follow up film, “Dreaming Purple Neon.”


Interviews with Todd and the cast are available now.  There are also extensive promotional graphics and set pics available for anyone who helps promote the film.  We are thankful for any and all interest in the film.  Please contact us through the Official facebook page for DREAMING PURPLE NEON at


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Todd Sheets

Extreme Entertainment –

House of Forbidden Secrets –
Jackalope Media



Gross Movie Reviews #379


Gross Movie Reviews #379


Sorceress (Blu-ray) – Wynorski fans will be so happy to find out that finally the uncensored version of this film has been released to Blu-ray. A project that had Wynorski fans talking for years on whether there was an actual uncensored version or not and had them scouring the conventions for the uncensored release. But it’s here kids in all its uncensored beautiful, crisp, clean glory and has two entertaining commentaries. But more on that later… And for those who do not know the title of this Wynorski/Fred Olen Ray joint, it was also under the title ‘Temptress’ which has a sequel. The film stars Linda Blair and Julie Strain as witches. Strain’s character Erica will stop at nothing to help her husband Larry moves up the corporate ladder. So of course she gets naked and turns to witchcraft. Fucks up Amelia’s (Linda Blair) husband but Erica’s husband is not happy and Erica falls to her death! Pissed off, Amelia turns to witchcraft for revenge. It all ends with the ‘Wisdom’ ending. (A mid-80s film I blame for starting a chain reaction in low and big budget films where in the end nothing happened. Look it up it stars Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore.) The film is okay but the main course or reason you need this for your collection isn’t the movie itself but possibly one of my favorite commentaries of all-time is on this new disc. The first commentary is Jim Wynorski but the second commentary is Wynorski and special effects guru Tom Savini. Within five minutes the commentary derails into a comedy of Wynorski forgetting about what’s going on screen and trying to answer Savini’s questions which are absolutely hilarious. A few of Savini’s questions and comments: Is Julie Strain a man? He questions today’s porn and compares it to Wynorski’s films. He admits not owning a Wynorski film. Questions if there was ever a plot to the film? Witches don’t make any money. And now Wynorski and Savini will be making a film called, “Blummy”! Kids, this commentary alone makes this Blu-ray well worth being in your collection. I give the film 2 out of 4 stars but the commentaries and package 4 out of 4 stars as Synapse Films is brilliant for putting this together. You can purchase the Blu-ray at .


X-men: Apocalypse (Theater) – The last film had me so excited what the future holds for the franchise and they did not disappoint. Now that they have rebooted, refigured with a younger cast it allows the filmmakers to really get into some geeky fun stories of the X-men universe! This time around the original mutant named ‘Apocalypse’ has awakened and needs his four horsemen to take control back from the humans. He was the original and wants Professor X to add to his mass of mutant powers that he has absorbed over the years. Just like ‘Captain America: Civil War’ everyone gets equal amount of time except Logan or should I say “Weapon X” but has a memorable scene to push forth another later storyline. Fun summer movie stuff as I give the flick 3 ½ stars. Bring me the X-23 film damn it!



The Unborn (DVD) – There is several films with this title but this film is from 1991 that was under the Roger Corman wing. Brooke Adams plays a woman who is having trouble getting pregnant and goes see James Karen because he has the reputation of helping women getting pregnant. But of course it’s James Karen and he is evil and oh yeah he just happens to be experimenting with the unborn babies trying to make them better. Everything goes well at first as Adams character sees other expecting mothers who went to the same clinic but shit hits the fan when the mothers begin to change and kill their spouses/girlfriends and the babies want blood! A fun movie to show to people who are about to have a kid as I give it 2 ½ stars.


The Unborn II (DVD) – The sequel came out three years later direct-to-video again from the Roger Corman wing where a woman is tracking down the babies that were started at the clinic from the first film. She knows they are evil and fucked up and the film gets rolling quickly as she shoots a kid in a playground. The film becomes a little boring at times but nothing like a crazy woman tracking down kids and killing them even if it means killing them in the hospital bed after just being born! Lots of blood splatters kids as I give the film 2 stars.


Killer Elite (DVD) – Based on a true story during 1980/1981 where a special ops guy (Jason Statham) gets out of the business until a year later his mentor (Robert DeNiro) was taken hostage because of a high priced job. The reason is six million dollars and he try to run because it’s all about oil that some secret UK guys want but don’t want the public to know. So time for Statham to go kick ass on both sides and get his mentor back so he can retire again. I give the film 2 ½ stars.


Vampire Bats (DVD) – So some mutated bats have eaten everything in the bayou of Louisiana and now out to feast on the local population. Lucy Lawless plays a college biology professor who knows about bats and wants to capture a few so she can determine how and why they mutated before they feast on the whole community. When it comes to killer bat movies this movie is pretty generic and for the most part I can see why this film doesn’t pop up any horror website or channel’s radar as I give it 1 star.


Rock & Rule (DVD) – An animated film released in 1983 that failed miserably from lack of promotion and several other things that was made to be on par with ‘Heavy Metal’. But I believe its four years in the making maybe didn’t help it either but well worth searching out if you love animation and music being smashed together. The war has happened, all humans are gone, and out of the ashes mutants and animals have taken humans place on earth. Meanwhile an evil dude ‘Mok’ is the greatest music artist ever and he is looking for that “voice” to unlock a portal to another dimension. He finds in a singer named ‘Angel’ and steals her away from her band to bring a demon forth to kill everyone! Cheap Trick, Iggy Pop, Earth, Wind, and Fire are some of the bands on the soundtrack. Cool film to watch but not on the same level as ‘Heavy Metal’ for me at least as I give the picture 2 ½ stars.


Lady Death (DVD) – A 2004 animated movie to the cult comic book series about the daughter of Lucifer. Set in the 15th century and Hope is pure at heart but does not know about her father until it’s too late when the locals show up to kill him in the name of god. When he shows his true self and escape they snatch her up to burn at the stake. When burning she says the prayer so her soul can be with her true love but instead is tortured in hell. She escapes into the realm of hell and learns she may be still pure of heart but is Lucifer’s daughter and has unimaginable powers that begin to change her and fill her with rage towards her father. She trains, gets big boobs, a big sword, two werewolf looking dogs, and an army and they attack Lucifer! Was never a fan of the comic book series and the movie itself wasn’t truly exciting but I am sure there is some fans out there that didn’t know an animated film existed as I give it 2 stars.


Any comments or questions please send to or . Remember folks always support your local independent movie theater, independent video store, and independent filmmakers! It will keep horror alive………

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