Fifteen – World’s First Periscope Movie


Fifteen” – World’s First Periscope Movie
“Not Watching Might Kill You”

Los Angeles California – October 30th, 2015 – “Fifteen” is the world’s first live horror film. Broadcast using Twitter’s Periscope app’ on October 29th, 2015, the short film had its debut in front of thousands of horror fans. Completely live, the idea for the film was developed by director Michael Gavin Booth (The Scarehouse) and Ryan Turek (Blumhouse Productions). The live film went off without a hitch!  The film starred Neil Napier (“Helix”), Sarah Booth, Hannah Kat Jones, Paula Jean Hixson and Alastair James. Fans of horror can see the film, in its entirety, now on Youtube.

The film takes place on the night of October 29th where two roommates are getting ready for a Halloween party they are hosting. A serial killer, nicknamed “Truman” is broadcasting his bloody exploits to the masses, via the Periscope app’.  Tonight, he’s picked the wrong house to mess with.

The film was developed and rehearsed extensively over the last week. The film included real time stunts and real time special effects, with the actors shooting the film with a smartphone. Gavin Michael Booth says of the shoot and of “Fifteen:”  “We set out to do something fresh, create a world first and here we are on the other side.  For me, I like to do projects that excite me and bring a challenge, I mean, every film has its challenges big and small but working on a project like ‘Fifteen,’ I’m forced to be way outside my comfort zone.  That makes me feel very much alive and the spirit of invention is thriving on a shoot like this.” Fortunately, the film went streamed seamlessly and “Fifteen” can be seen at the link below.

For those that missed “Fifteen” live, you can now watch the film on Youtube:

And has more about making the film, the cast and crew.

More photos and key art are available here (photo credit: Kyle Cassie):

Showing Date: October 29th, 2015 and Available Now!

Writer/Director: Gavin Michael Booth.

Cast: Neil Napier, Sarah Booth, Hannah Kat Jones, Paula Jean Hixson and Alastair James.

We talk “Bloody Birthday” and an independent sort of Bigfoot flick…


This week Kyle and Tim return to talk about a quasi-bigfoot flick called THE LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS, and Kyle watches a killer kid flick that blows his skirt up and becomes the best rated flick in the shows history in BLOODY BIRTHDAY.  Also we discover that Michael Dudikoff might actually be in every movie ever filmed. We watch the trailer for Helen Keller VS Nightwolves trailer.  Tim finds another killer party movie.  And a ton more.  So listen or a little kid may shoot you in the face!


Minutes to Midnight “It’s Past Your Dead Time!”


Los Angeles, California – The first official poster for Minutes to Midnight has been released. Masked and mysterious, the graphic reveals characters and a simmering conflict. Minutes to Midnight is a DeInstitutionalized LLC production. Starring William Baldwin (in his first horror film), Bill Moseley, Viva Bianca, John Hennigan, Dominique Swain, Christopher Judge and Richard Grieco the film is now complete and set to haunt horror fans very soon.


The film’s story begins on New Year’s Eve. A celebration is under way in a remote cabin. But, there are those who are on the hunt. Now, the party guests are being stalked by a masked group, who act maliciously and even murderously. Few will survive this night of terror!


This is DeInstitutionalized LLC’s second horror production. Their original release, A House is Not a Home (2015) starring Aurora Perrineau, Bill Cobbs and Richard Grieco has garnered multiple awards. Established by Christopher Ray and Gerald Webb, DeInstitutionalized continues to produce the best in horror. Webb says of Minutes to Midnight and of the film’s action: “too many times we see people run but not truly fight for their lives in horror movies. Our villains fight, our victims fight and our heroes fight to the sick twisted end.” The end will come soon enough, but this is just the beginning for Minutes to Midnight.


ForeverMaur Films and Possum On The Half Shell, LLc are presenting the   DeInstitutionalized, LLc produced Minutes to Midnight.


Official Synopsis: “On New Year’s Eve, seven friends visit a ski lodge to celebrate the New Year. But before midnight can strike, they are systematically hunted down by a group of demented masked murderers whose cryptic agenda is more diabolical than anyone could ever imagine.”


Director: Christopher Ray. Writers: Christopher M. Don and Victoria Dadi.


Producers: Gerald Webb, Christopher Ray, Paul & Colleen Sinor and Christopher M. Don.


Executive Producers: Gene & Maureen Valentino and Richard Grieco.


Cast: William Baldwin, Bill Moseley, Richard Grieco,Viva Bianca, Dominique Swain, John Hennigan, Christopher Judge, Bryce Draper, Aaron Aguilera, Mercy Malick, Jena Sims, Sara Fletcher, Phillip Andre Botello and Heather Paige Cohn.


More on the film is available at the DeInstitutionalized Films website:


Coming this Tuesday


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This time around we have a It’s Alive trilogy retrospective


This week Kyle and Tim are joined by our retrospective dude and the man behind VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH John Portanova to cover the IT’s ALIVE trilogy.  We also talk about our trip to Horrorhound Weekend in scenic Indianapolis Indiana.  Also we get into Kyle meeting noted asshole Yaphet Kotto, What we have been watching, Obscure movie tie in books, Kyle and John drop a lot of money on Severin titles, and a whole lot more.


Gross Movie Reviews #361


Gross Movie Reviews #361


By Tim Gross


Crimson Peak (Theater) – The best way to describe the film is the way Guillermo Del Toro described it as “gothic romance”. Here is the quick story; the dude that played Loki in “the Avengers” movies is inventor looking for money from big American companies to invest to help him finish it. Think of it as a Kickstarter campaign or Indie Go-Go. Well he gets denied by a big shot that just happens to have only one daughter and of course she isn’t married yet. Well Loki isn’t there so much for the money right now as he is looking for a new bride to take home to his sister to kill for the money… and incest. Things don’t go according to plan when the new bride keeps seeing ghosts in the broken down castle. Great atmosphere, great scenery, but blah overall on the ‘Hammer-lite’ flow.  It pretty much just exists and for that I just give it 1 ½ stars.


Night of the Wild (DVD/SyFy Channel) – Eric Red made a movie with Asylum Entertainment about meteors falling and causing all dogs to attack humans. Well most of the attacks looks like the dogs are wrestling or playing with the actors when they are not CG’d in. This movie tries hard not to be a pile of steaming poo but damn if you can’t get that scent out of your nose while watching it. Asylum stick with the ‘Shark Attack, Sharknados, and Shark whatever’ films as I give this flick 1 star.


Moonstalker (DVD-R/DVD) – The director of the 80s film “Hellgate” also did this flick too before disappearing from filmmaking land. It’s the middle of winter and a family is vacationing all by themselves in the middle of the woods. Until, an old dude rolls up sits down for some talk and cake and then unleashes his son! Who just happens to be a pillow sheet, straight-jacket wearing weirdo that goes and kills the family for their microwave? But that wasn’t enough for Bernie as he disguises himself as one of the incoming people to the ‘Wilderness Councilor Camp’. Then Bernie continues his slashing ways through the others. Movie was heavily influenced by “Friday the 13th”.  I give it 2 stars.


Goosebumps (Theater) – Now let me explain something here, “Goosebumps” the books and original TV series missed me by a few years. By time this book series became known and popular I was 17 or 18 years old and about to graduate. But several younger friends I had would always talk about this series for years to come. It was great PG-rated horror stuff for teenagers. So over the years the series has gone and came back and even had a new series come back for a couple years not too long ago but the movie should have happened 10 or 15 years ago. And that folks is the only bad thing I could say about the film. Now present day, Jack Black is R. L. Stine who has a daughter/Hannah/maybe and moves around a lot for unknown reasons. Cue in new boy movies in next door, Madison, Delaware, daughter takes an interest. Mr. Stine says, “Stay away!” New boy tries to be good about it until one evening he calls the police because Stine is screaming at Hannah. Worried and the police are about to file a false report warning against the young man he sneaks back in to check on Hannah with a friend a couple days later. When in they both find a room that has all the “Goosebumps” manuscripts written. Accidentally, one gets knocked down, opens and Sasquatch is loose! Hannah and the boys follow it and try to capture it but fail but get help from R.L. Stine. Mr. Stine explains this is the reason they keep moving because eventually someone opens one of the manuscripts and chaos ensues. But it’s too late as Slappy the Dummy is loose and plans on making sure none of them get sucked back into the books. This movie is absolutely wonderful and perfect. Again if it was made 10 or 15 years ago it’s “The Monster Squad” of that generation. I give the film 3 ½ stars and Jack Black was awesome as R.L. Stine. Critics get over yourselves this movie was good.


The Green Inferno (Theater) – College students join a major protestor that has arranged for them to fly into Peru and go chain themselves to construction vehicles that are about to destroy a jungle and an ancient tribe. The protestors want to protect them and film it for the world to see to help stop it. After the event they get back on a plane to go back to their hotel only for it to go down in the middle of the jungle and be capture by the ancient cannibal tribe in the aftermath. Once captured those who didn’t die almost want to as they witness some horrible imagery as they watch their friends be baked, sliced, and diced for meals. Never mind the head of the protest is a complete dickhead but adds to the horrific storyline. Congrats Eli Roth, you made your cannibal film. It was good. I enjoyed the tribes’ people and the storyline. It was a good, bloody, cannibalistic time and that is all I look for in this type of film. I am sure fans will call it Eli Roth’s “Cannibal Holocaust”, which it’s not but it is a must watch for cannibal fans. I give the fun flick 3 stars.


Knock Knock (On Demand) – So Eli Roth has been a busy man since he released this film also at the same time as “The Green Inferno”. Love the choice of Keanu Reeves as the lead but that is about all I enjoyed about the film. This film is about you are supposed to know males are pigs and do not trust another fucking soul on this earth especially if they have hacked your social media. Mr. Roth lets go make a sequel to “The Green Inferno” as I give this 1 star.


They Found Hell (SyFy Channel) – Scientists in training have figured out the doorway to hell by accident. They were trying to do the Jeff Goldblum thing with transferring an object from one place to another and thought they did it until it opened a hole in the ground that sucked them into hell. It’s a cool concept that may not have been executed correctly. But anyhow the students/scientists in training try to make their way through hell in hopes of finding the disc that can get them back through the portal. Monsters, zombies, and creatures of sorts constantly try to kill them, because it is hell… I could be wrong on this but I thought this could have made a great B-movie for SyFy Channel fans if they used it for another “Dungeons and Dragons” sequel or even a “In the Name of the King” sequel with Dolph Lundgren. I give it 2 stars.


Sequence of Demise (YouTube) – A 27 minute film from director Jim Mitchell a few years back. The film lives up to its title as a quiet ride between three friends and a baby to the cemetery goes wrong quickly after two unknown men decide it’s time for  rape, torture, and murder. The independent short film from Mr. Mitchell comes off as an experimental film or first rough cut of what Jim Mitchell wanted on film. With that said it fits in with such films as “August Underground” or “Double Dose of Terror”. Usually not my cup of tea but if it is truly experimental and Mr. Mitchell seeing what he can do film wise it has me interested how he has progressed since 2008. It’s available on You Tube and worth checking out as I give 2 out of 4 stars.


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Gross Movie Reviews inside look of a Saturday in October


So when I am not writing reviews or working 55 to 60 hours a week at my real job to try pay bills this is an inside look of me on Saturday in October…

Of course you must start your day out right. Ran out of beer so this was the next option.

Of course you must start your day out right. Ran out of beer so this was the next option.


My daughter waiting patiently for "Goosebumps" to start! Which was awesome horror fans!

My daughter waiting patiently for “Goosebumps” to start! Which was awesome horror fans!


Me hanging out with my son watching the Pitt football for lunch and I found beer!

Hanging out with a cool reviewer named Mario Dominick at the Trick or Treat screening.

Hanging out with a cool reviewer named Mario Dominick at the Trick or Treat screening.


Mario and the coolest grandma I have ever met in my life!

And... yeah this happened!

And… yeah this happened!



Is that Bootleg Tim Gross?

Is that Bootleg Tim Gross?



Joe Bob doing the introduction to Trick or Treat