Yep, we went commentary crazy yesterday and Josh was there for the fun.


For our Black Friday Commentary for the all time classic THE EVIL DEAD.  With Kyle, Josh from down the road, and Tim.


Evil Dead

Help us, help Seagal defend Bobby Lupo’s honor!



Full length commentary track for OUT FOR JUSTICE.  With special drop in guest Steven Segal himself!!!  


Out For Justice


Full Moon has launched “The Vault”


We’ve launched The Vault!


For every Full Moon movie that’s ever been produced, many hours of footage were shot that never made it past the editing room floor…until now. The Vault offers Full Moon Streaming viewers an unprecedented look deep behind the scenes of our films. These aren’t the slickly cut and tightly edited VideoZone segments that you’ve come to know and love. This raw video footage consists of excruciatingly detailed recordings of the day-to-day life on movie sets and features deleted scenes and unused interviews that didn’t quite make the cut into the final release. None of this footage has ever been seen anywhere else before. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to make a Full Moon film, take some time and dig around in The Vault! 



Full Moon has a Black Friday offer for you!





Our Black Friday mega offer is simple:

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That’s a $70 value! For only $18.

During this Black Friday Weekend sale, it’s only $18 to get full access to for 3 months, plus our free gift of 3 DVDs or Blu-Rays. And domestic shipping is FREE! This offer starts Wed Nov 27th at Noon PST and ends Mon Dec 2nd at Noon PST.

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“Slaughter Daughter”: Official Release Date and Artwork Reveal


Matricidal horror epic to grace DVD and VOD across North America on February 4th, 2014


Brain Damage films is set to unleash Slaughter Daughter on DVD and VOD in North America on February 4, 2014, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The heartwarming tale of a psychotic daughter who teams up with a jailed murderer to slay her mother on her wedding day, Slaughter Daughter will be coming to all major and minor Cable/Satellite VOD operators as well as major internet platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox Video and more. The DVD will feature a load of bonus content fans won’t want to miss; Availability info to be announced.



About the Film
Slaughter Daughter is the brainchild of Director Travis Campbell and Writer/Producer Lauren Miller. Campbell and Miller also partnered up on their previous feature, Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical. After Mr. Bricks was completed, they begin brainstorming a new idea about a matricidal young woman named Farrah. They immediately thought of Nicola Fiore, one of the stars of Mr. Bricks, to play the lead. Italian Giallo films of the 1970s, soap operas, and true crime novels all became the inspirations behind Slaughter Daughter.

In January of 2011, the team began to build an online presence for the film and shot the first of what would become a weekly web series lasting 8 episodes. The series focused in on Farrah’s stint in a mental hospital and aired on YouTube. From there, the team pulled up their socks and climbed the uphill battle of making independent film. Fueled by inspiration and determination, they completed the project and gave birth to something truly inspired.

Slaughter Daughter is an inspirational film to me.” says director Travis Campbell. “I know this sounds strange since it is a horror movie, yet making the film was an opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone. I was excited to get inside the female psyche. Independent film is a hard business, and some say it is dead. There is no money and at the end of the night, you know you have to go back to the daily grind the next morning. My hope is my movie will stand out and rescue you from this monotony. With Slaughter Daughter I believe this is entirely possible.”


After being left at the altar 5 years ago, ex-beauty queen Farrah Adjani has receded into her own world. She lives at home in an apartment shared by her mother and aunt, and rarely comes out of her room. She spends her time flipping through the 24-hour news cycle and feeding her obsession with Jackson Miles, a recently convicted serial killer. Everything changes when her overbearing drunk of a mother returns home from her date, flashes a ring, and announces ‘Mommy’s getting married!’ Thrown into a tailspin, Farrah makes a drastic move to get noticed by Jackson Miles. She wants to learn everything Jackson knows about murder. Farrah never could be the perfect daughter, but can she be the perfect killer? On her mother’s wedding day, she’s planning to find out!

Official Trailer and More Information:



“Dead of the Nite”: Official Release Date and Artwork Reveal


Tony Todd to creep out viewers in Dead of the Nite on DVD and VOD starting January 7, 2014


About the Film

Dead of the Nite is an intelligent twist on the paranormal genre including horror icons Tony Todd (Candyman, Hatchet, The Rock), Simon Bamford (Hellraiser, Nightbreed) and Suzie Lorraine (Roxanna, Torment, Destined to be Ingested).

Midnight Releasing will be releasing the film in North America on DVD and Video On Demand this January to all major and minor digital platforms, rental chains and more.



When a group of internet sensation ghost hunters are found brutally slaughtered in the infamous Jericho Manor, Police Detectives Jenkins (GARY MAVERS) and Anderson (JOSEPH MILLSON) must piece together what happened on the fatal night by viewing the paranormal investigators video footage. With the only witness being the secretive caretaker (TONY TODD) claiming it was the ghost of killer Jeffery Heath, will the detectives discover more than they had bargained for? From ghostly happenings to breath-taking action thanks to stunt co-ordinator CLAUDIO PACIFICO (MI:III, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Gang of New York), DEAD OF THE NITE will have audiences on the edge of their seat and guessing until the very end as to who, or what is slaughtering the team, and usher in the new dawn of ‘psychological slashers’.


Official Trailer and More Information:


Dead of the Nite

Its Italian week on Bloodbaths and Boomsticks… sort of?


episode 93

It’s Italian week here on the podcast.  And this week we are covering 2 of Italy’s most inexplicable movies.  First we got the fetus chomping walk fest Anthropophagous and its quasi sequel Absurd.  And then from Canada (the Italy of the north) we got the slasher Curtains.  So pull yourself out of traction and snuggle up to your speakers with a heapin’ helpin’ of baby for this episode.  Tell em’ George Eastman sent ya.


The Haunting of the Innocent


The Haunting of the Innocent

“Possession Knows No Age.”


Director Matt Hish (The Blackout) and distributors Uncork’d Entertainment are pleased to release the official DVD artwork and release date for The Haunting of the Innocent. This film was originally titled A Haunting in Massachusetts, but it has been renamed to stay truer to the film’s chilling mood. The Haunting of the Innocent will be released in late January of 2014. Also, this film is a Khoury A. Marriot and Raging Bull Entertainment production, which was produced by Autumn Federici and Justin Jones. The film stars Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club), Jessica Morris (Reel Evil), and Rib Hillis.

In the film, a family moves into a new home, in a small New England town. Their spacious home hosts an insidious evil, which attacks Tom’s (Hillis) wife, Brenda (Morris). Their strange and violent encounter with the supernatural leads them down a path full of ancient legends. Tom knows of these legends and he will have to confront his own demons, to release his family from the clutches of a powerful and malevolent entity.

Fans of thrilling ghost stories will not have to wait long to see The Haunting of the Innocent for themselves. This title will be available on DVD and Blu-ray in just a few weeks. For now, the ghostly artwork for the film is here. The graphic shows actress Hannah Cowley as a dark angel tormenting a young girl. More nightmares will be released in late January of 2014.

Official Synopsis: Desperate to reconnect with his wife and son after a violent attack leaves them fear-stricken and traumatized, a father moves his family to a sleepy New England town and finds himself in a fight against supernatural forces hell-bent on tearing them apart.

Release Date: January, 2014 (DVD).

Director: Matt Hish.

Cast: Judd Nelson, Rib Hillis, Jessica Morris and Autumn Federici.

More details on this film are available at the IMDB page, found here:

Looking for cool artwork as presents this year?




As it’s almost Christmas, I’m trying to sell some artwork to help pay for my Christmas present buying….so….if anyone knows of someone who has kids who’d love a disney princess or monster high pic, a fan of slashers or scary movies, scarehouse, or comic book vixens, please share my etsy shop!



Tracy is a great actor and artist…