Hello horror fans and welcome to the official Gross Movie Reviews website!


Welcome horror peeps! Yes it took me awhile but we all get busy. Between writing reviews, co-directing Jagoff Massacre, starting to put together a new book, and trying to work the real full time job it can take up all my time.

I’m here!!! Yes, the website is a little different Bastards of Horror… It may not be as professional looking right now, but as I learn on the fly how to do things and get a little money for it it will improve over time. But this is the official Gross Movie Reviews website that has been in the back of my mind for awhile but just never really thought it was the right time for it yet, and now it is!

But first thank you all for the support and thank you to all the filmmakers who sent me screeners during the time I didn’t have a website. Horror movie fans nothing will change:

I will post my reviews again…

I will post independent film news, press releases, etc.

I will still post all the Full Moon news!

I will post movie pics, posters, etc.

So now that it is done, keep coming back to visit, grab a beer (maybe me one also) and enjoy.

Remember folks always support your local independent movie theater, independent video store, and independent filmmakers! It will keep horror alive………