New Bloodbaths and Boomsticks podcast is up!


This week we return to the airwaves to talk about 3 more films of varying quality.  First we have a late comer to the post-apocalyptic genre starring Brion James, Kane Hodder and Motorcycle Jesus in STEEL FRONTIER.  Next Kyle picks a weirdo Eye-Talian movie that rips off everything and anything possible in GHOSTHOUSE.  And finally John digs up a true gem that begs to be seen in BLOODBATH AT THE HOUSE OF DEATH starring Vincent Price.  We also chat about other things such as why Tik Tok has Kyle scared, why everyone should CANE TIM GROSS, SyFy Channel’s new must watch show Resident Alien, and Kyle’s deep fear of tooth pain.  We also talk about what we have been watching, what’s new in the news, and we answer your listener questions.  So check this show out or Chris Hansen may appear at your doorstep.

We talked Eye-talian flicks this past week


On the show this week we cover 3 more genre flicks you may or may not have seen.  First we chat about the sequel to a beloved franchise that Kyle thinks the fans are split right down the middle on in terms of liking or not in DEMONS 2.  Then Tim picks a pretty good witch/slasher/babysitter flick in THE NIGHT SITTER.  And finally John talks about a Giallo from master Eye-Talian director Dario Argento in the Karl Malden masterpiece CAT O’ 9 TAILS.  We also run down what we have been watching the past week, John slips further down the Camp Blood wormhole,  Old MTV shows that we miss, Kyle is highly disappointed with Willys Wonderland AND the new Wrong Turn jam. All this and we answer your listener questions.  So download this episode or Curtis Armstrong will tell everyone the exact location of your moms old douchebag SPOILER ALERT:  It’s in Ohio


Bloodbaths and Boomsticks tackled Psycho Goreman this past week!


This week we come back to hit you in the mouth with 3 more movies that may or may not be noteworthy.  First since Kyle watched the original for the very first time last week he decided to walk down the monkey highway and cover the sequel in BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES.  Then John checks in with another Italian Giallo with some pretty girls in THE CASE OF THE BLOODY IRIS.  And finally Tim picks the 90’s drenched gore/super hero/ comedy spoof everyone is talking about these days in PSYCHO GOREMAN.  We also have your listener questions, what we have been watching, and we chat about what are the best kinds of monkeys and what the not so good kinds of monkeys are so download this episode or Doctor Zaius will attempt an insurrection and impeach your ass.

Another episode of Bloodbaths and Boomsticks for your listening pleasure


This week we come back with a grudge and bring with us 3 more flicks of varying quality.  First a movie Kyle has always wanted to see but avoided in the mom and pop video store days in THE BOG.  Then we go to Italy to check out a Giallo flick that John picked out in EYEBALL.  And finally Tim chats about a fine independent flick in THE SHED.  Also we have a long chat about how we would make a sequel to Schindler’s List,  Regional food that we ate growing up being poor kids, and whatever else nonsense comes dribbling outta our mouths.  We also chat about what we have been watching, and we answer your listener question.  So download this episode or Charles Band will continue to make bad movies and burn all your monies.

Bloodbaths and Boomsticks gets back to work!


After a vacation over the New Year we return to the podcasting game with 3 greater genre flicks to discuss.  First we talk about a spaghetti western directed by 2 titans of Italian cinema Claudio Fragasso and Bruno Mattei in 1987’s SCALPS.  Then Tim covers last year’s outta nowhere remake CASTLE FREAK.  And finally Kyle goes to his favorite movie making country Australia to talk about a movie franchise that should be bigger than it is in WOLF CREEK 2.  We also cover what we have been watching the last 3 weeks, The Mandalorian season 2 finales, And we welcome long time listener and good friend Patricia to the show as she will be running out letterboxed account from now on.  So download this episode or you won’t be welcome in Australia… YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Bloodbaths and Boomsticks cranking out two more episodes!


This week as we return we find that Tim Gross has been trying to kill himself by watching all 8 Bloodfist movies in a single week.  But I digress… We have 3 movies to talk about.  The first movie we have to talk about is a quasi slasher flick from 1983 in FRIGHTMARE.  Then Peter Cushing melts your bones in ISLAND OF TERROR, and finally an alien visits mother Russia in SPUTNIK.  We also are grateful that no one in the NFL snapped their legs in half; we wonder where Llamas store their laser beams, weird Rankin-Bass made for T.V. movies, and we also do the usual news, what we have been watching, and listener questions.  So download this episode or Llamas will shoot off your dick.

On this episode we come back to chat your ears off about 3 more flicks.  The first is a mainstay HBO jam in the Charlie Sheen road pirate flick THE WRAITH.  Next we talk about possibly the very best “guys in a rubber monster suit” movie in THE GREEN SLIME.  And finally we have PORNO from 202 where some people do some stuff with a sex demon in a theatre.  We also chat about football (as per usual), where in the united states to get the very best cheeses,  Amish fuckery,  Resident evil fuckery,  David Bowie fuckery, and we answer all your listener questions and whatnot…. So download this episode or Ben Roethlisberger will get none of the finest cheese.

Bloodbaths and Boomsticks drops their “Best of and Worst of 2020” show!


As we prepare to slam the door on this dumpster fire goat fuck of a year it wouldn’t be complete without a visit from T-Shirt Joe to help us run down the good, the bad, and the ugly of all the flicks of 2020.  And we also have a very important… very special message from Tim Gross that you all need to hear.  And as always we cover what we’ve been watching. What’s been happening in the news, and answer your listener questions.  So download this episode or prepare to get infected with COVID 20.

Bloodbaths and Boomsticks dropped another episode!


This week Tim, Kyle, and John come back to the show and they bring yet another 3 flicks to talk about.  First Tim picks an action flick he found in the dollar bin at the local dollar tree that stars almost every c level action star in ASSASSIN X.  Then John talks about a home alone type flick that’s jacked up to ten in 2020’s BECKY,  And then Kyle brings a sequel that kinda stands on its own merits in FROM DUCK TILL DAWN 2: TEXAS BLOOD MONEY.  We also chat about football (what else is new), Insane Llama-sploitation, John watches Tim and Dan’s flick Blood Freak, Kyle and John explain their love for disaster movies, we answer your questions and all the regular jazz that this show is known for.  So download this episode or Kevin James will carve out your eyeballs.

We dropped another episode of Bloodbaths and Boomsticks


We return this week to talk once again about 3 fine fright flicks.  First Baron Frankenstein reanimates a sexy lady in the hammer horror flick FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN.  Then we talk about a true old time classic full of monsters in ABBOT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (a first time watch for Kyle) And finally Kyle picks a new flick completely at random in 2020’s STAIRS a.k.a. BLACK OPS a.k.a. THE ASCENT… cause you know a film with 3 titles has to be awesome, right?  We also get into topics such as assorted Batman butlers, what we watched over Halloween, John’s dislike of Tenacious D, The greatness of Hell Night and the beauty of young Linda Blair, Kyle watched a great movie about a killer hair weave, We also got news, listener questions, and a ton of other fun stuff.  So download this episode or Scarlett Johansen will remake your favorite old time monster movie…. and we don’t want that.

We talk how bad Big Freaking Rat was and how it could of been better?


This week we return to discuss movies in the age of COVID.    First it’s John’s pick featuring Vincent Price in THEATER OF BLOOD.  Because it’s October Kyle picks a Kung Fu flick to talk about in 5 Element Ninjas.  We test the bounds of our theory about there never being a bad rat movie as Tim talks about BIG FREAKIN’ RAT.  We also talk about the greatness of Michael Rooker.  That time that Spider-man and Batman talk about the ins and outs of the gag reflex.  The tangled knot that is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre flicks.  What we have been watching, news, and a ton of other poop.  So download this episode or there will be 45 new reboots of Chainsaw Massacre.