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episode 194


This week we return to talk about another 3 movies. First Tim covers WHITE PHANTOM: ENEMY OF THE DARKNESS. A movie Kyle found that features Bo Svenson as a ninja.  Next we talk about THE ASPHYX. A movie that may or may not been ripped off to make Ghostbusters.  Next T-Shirt Joe talks about THE WITCH.  Also we recap our adventure to HORROR REALM in Pittsburgh.

Are you still looking for another reason to come to Horror Realm?


HR JUly 2015


Look no further than Fred and Shelby Vogel aka Toe Tag Pictures. The best thing to come out of Pittsburgh, Pa., since the legendary Greg Nicotero! What makes them different from maybe your usually vendor/celebrity: One, they have made some of the most interesting and underrated independent films in the past several years and they have done them on their own terms and have redefine how to film, do effects, and promote your own independent films. Two, Fred and Shelby Vogel are two of the nicest and down to earth movie people you may ever meet your entire life and know within three seconds of meeting them their heart is 110% into filmmaking! Three, they carry a good friend, Mario Dominick’s new book. Four, like or dislike their films there is no doubt they have made an impact on independent filmmaking.



Horror Realm this weekend horror movie fans!!!


Horror Realm march




Come on out as I will have a table with co-director Daniel Boyd as we continue pimping out our new film Jagoff Massacre! We will have copies of the film for sale and we still have a few T-shirts left. Plus I will have my book The Big Ass Book of Gross Movie Reviews for sale and of course I will be there to talk about the Bloodbaths and Boomsticks podcast, Spookies, Jagoff Massacre 2 as its in pre-production, my next book which was recently finished and just waiting for the perfect cover from the great artist Ed Quillin! And as always we will have a beer or two or 12… So come on by the convention check out all the guests, movies, and at some point stop by to chat with Gross Movie Reviews himself Tim Gross. I will see yinz there!

“The Lake Bodom Blood Murders” book review


The Lake Bodom Blood Murders

 Lake Bodom Murders book

Book Reviewed by Tim Gross


Author Matt Demas is back with his latest book that is a lot different than his past books that have dealt with fiction aka his favorite subject:  zombies in Pittsburgh. He takes a whack at non-fiction with his latest creation about a little known tragic event that happened early summer of 1960. Where four early twenty-somethings went camping and three died brutally while one survived after the horrific ordeal. The four friends were a perfect group of friends that were torn apart by something evil but it became much more than the normal murder case that went unsolved for years until 2004 where the book begins? Where a young detective brings into the interrogation room an older man in his late 60s by the name of Byron, and he just so happens to be the lone survivor of the brutal attack at Lake Bodom! The authorities or I should say a detective who worked the case as a rookie begins to ask him questions believing there is a lot more to the story, the legend, or the unsolved cold case 44 years later. Mr. Demas takes you through the whole ordeal of the brutal event in 1960 and even throws out his own theories that make you think what really happened. Matt Demas did a great job of making the book a fast read for people and that is saying something since it takes me forever to read books. Plus, Demas for his first non-fiction outing has written a book that is perfect for readers who enjoy consuming themselves with unsolved mysteries, cold cases, hell I was waiting for Mulder and Scully to show up at the end to declare it an X-file. For me Matt still young and it shows in his writing, has grown and made huge strides to make the transition from writing fiction to non-fiction. This to me makes me believe Matt is just beginning to become an accomplished writer for the long run and other readers of his books should feel the same way after reading his latest book. I give the book 3 ½ out of 4 stars and the book is available on

Have you purchased your copies of “Jagoff Massacre” to give out to the family? If not, you understand the old you would have already!


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On a cold winter night in the Greenfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA, two local drunks by the name of Chosky and Stutch run afoul of a group of inept satanists. As a chase ensues through Pittsburgh, blood will be shed! It’s time to Red up Pittsburgh!
Jagoff Massacre