Bloodbaths and Boomsticks end of the year episode!


This week it’s that time again.  It’s time to discuss the best and the worst of what we saw in 2022, And with John out on vacation we invited another Jon on to fill.  Jon Cross joins us along with stalwart T-Shirt Joe to discuss the stuff we jammed into our eyeballs in 2022. We also ponder the state of theatrical and streaming possibilities for the near future.  And as always we read your personal lists of what was good and what was bad all year long.  So download this episode or baby new year will poo poo all over your Blu ray collection.

We at Bloodbaths and Boomsticks post a couple more podcast episodes…


This week Kyle, Tim, and John gather again to chat about 3 more genre flicks to make your brain fry.  First Tim covers WERESQUITO: NAZI HUNTER (yes, you read that right).  Next Kyle picks a flick he has never seen but seems to be right up his alley in BRAINSTORM.  And John covers a sequel to a Christmas time cult classic in JACK FROST 2: THE REVENGE OF THE KILLER MUTANT SNOWMAN.  We also talk about what we have been watching and read and answer you listener questions.  So download this episode if you love Christopher Walken wearing futuristic headgear.

Welcome to the year 2020… And you know what time it is not.  It’s time to join our good buddy T-Shirt Joe and recall all of the best movies we’ve all watched in the year 2019.  We cover it all.  The good, the bad, and the honorable mentions.  So download this episode before Trump kills us all.

The 2019 was a great year for television.  And Kyle and T-Shirt Joe are here to talk about all of it.  Well, all of it except the What We Do In The Shadows series on FX because Kyle forgot to write that one down.

Triple threat this week at Bloodbaths and Boomsticks!


This week we got deals with the devil in the deep south in Angel Heart, An awesome flick that answers the question of “I wonder what would happen if genetically altered baboons decided to pick a fight with Hellboy in PRIMAL RAGE.  And a goofy race flick that has almost EVERYONE that has ever worked as an actor in the history of the world in CANNONBALL RUN 2. Also we answer your questions over Facebook live. And recount what we watched over the past week.  So, download this episode below and you too could have a mustache as grand as Burt Reynolds.


We return!  And we are bring with us a mean spirited, down and dirty, nitty gritty, sleaze fest of a slasher flick in NIGHTMARES IN A DAMAGED BRAIN.  And one of the very best of the B-tier slasher flicks in MADMAN.  Also we do the normal rounds of quality, grade A movie talk and random bullshitting.  So, listen to this zero awards winning podcast or else Madman Marz will…. I don’t know, do something probably pretty awful.


This week our good friend T-Shirt Joe (maker of fine shirts that you can purchase at returns and he brings to us OUTLAW FORCE… A movie that brings us one of our new favorite dudes DAVE HEBNER.  Also Kyle talks about a weirdo flick that is made of a patchwork of hot babes, short shorts, and a ton of other stuff that was used in other flicks (including The Evil Spawn).  And Tim talks good about Michael Pare and bad about the great Richard Farnsworth in SPACE RAGE. So Give Richard Farnsworth some love and download this show below.

We may have lost are minds but we keep making episodes?



We’ve re-branded folks!  This week after Trump stunned the world we have decided to mark the occasion by re-branding the show… hence the A.T. moniker (after Trump) to mark the beginning of the end of days.  And so to further celebrate the oncoming apocalypse we have invited the patron saint of race relations T-Shirt Joe back onto the show and he is bringing a post-apocalyptic flick called DEATH RUN with him.  Tim is also talking about the best slasher featuring a former president in THE TRIPPER, and Kyle is covering the weirdest, sickest, oddest flick to have dropped in 2016 in THE GREASY STRANGLER.  All this and News, topical discussions, and disco dancing’ so listen up.  Big Ronnie would want you to.


Episode 203 is roundtable time!



We had so much drunk fun the first time that we all got together and did it again.  The round table is back!  We invited T-Shirt Joe and Rodrigo Quast back too.  We talk about everything genre related, the life and times of “Ragtime” Billy Peaches, Books, and a ton of other stuff… but mostly ranch dressing.


Don’t know what episode it is but we are having fun doing them!


episode 194


This week we return to talk about another 3 movies. First Tim covers WHITE PHANTOM: ENEMY OF THE DARKNESS. A movie Kyle found that features Bo Svenson as a ninja.  Next we talk about THE ASPHYX. A movie that may or may not been ripped off to make Ghostbusters.  Next T-Shirt Joe talks about THE WITCH.  Also we recap our adventure to HORROR REALM in Pittsburgh.

One reason you should come to Horror Realm…?


The celebrity list looks great, events look fun, awesome vendors as usual, plus Tim Gross will be there with Out of Print Dan selling the new book “Gross Movie Reviews: The Wrath of Gross” , copies of Jagoff Massacre, and some other cool goodies from OOPD! But what if you had to pick one thing or reason you should come to Horror Realm because there is nothing like it around the state of Pa?

HR JUly 2015

For me it would be the man, the myth, the Frito-Pie eating, the T-shirt making machine, the legend… Joe Garcia!!!

Why? This is why:





GMR shirtOf course you gotta get one of those…


But Mr. Joe Garcia has hundreds of selections at his website:

Or just check out what he is making next at his facebook page:

And Fast Custom Shirts and the cool T-shirt Joe will be setting up at the fine convention of Horror Realm on July 24-26th, 2015! Get your tickets now for this great event or visit their page for more details:


We bring T-shirt Joe onto the show with us!


This week we welcome back T-Shirt Joe, a comic book fan, to talk about the movie that everyone is raving about GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.  Tim comes at us with DEATHSPORT. And Kyle talks about the Amicus anthology TALES FROM THE CRYPT 1972.  Along the way we cover such topics as racism… of course, why a guy worth 40 million dollars would have to resort to crowd sourcing a movie, and a ton of other nonsense.  So check it out. And be sure to check out for all your T-shirt needs.


I haven’t watched one second of Game of Thrones so Kyle and T-shirt Joe team up for a special podcast!



Kyle and fellow Game of Thrones fan T-Shirt Joe got together to record this one off episode.  And as 2 guys who have never read the books we won’t spoil anything for you.  We discuss our favorite people on the show, memorable episodes, and try to predict what will happen in the future. Also be sure to count the time we say “oh yeah, that dude.  Or, “you remember, that one guy”.  There will be a test later. And remember in the game of podcasts, you either win…… or you die.  So enjoy.

game of thrones