Two for one special at Bloodbaths and Boomsticks

This week we celebrate 200 episodes by watching 2 rape/revenge flicks in I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 1 & 2 and a weirdo ant-sploitation flick in PHASE IV.  Also we chat about Twisted Sister documentaries, Oddball James Bond Movies, Why does Marvel continue to ignore Blade in the MCU, The reunited Misfits, and How Game of Thrones should end, and Dolph Lundgren awesomeness.

 episode 200


This week we talk about an eye-talian slasher flick in STAGE FRIGHT, A fangoria produce zombie flick in DEAD MEAT, and a movie that everyone loves even if they don’t wanna admit to it in SOLARBABIES.  We also talk about ESPN’s 303 for 30 Believeland, Art Model and Kyle’s hatred for him, the weirdness of Zoolander 2, Indiana’s Drive-In revival, And we break into a spontaneous Richard Pryor retrospective.

episode 201


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