The first Trailer and Official website for the new Horror film DREAMING PURPLE NEON launched!

The trailer can be viewed and shared on any website via this link:


THINK YOU’VE SEEN IT ALL?  THINK AGAIN!  In this sea of “Safe” Horror films directed at teenagers, rated PG or PG-13, finally a movie comes along that not only makes Waves, it brings a Tsunami!  A movie with GUTS, and lots of them!  A movie that breaks taboos and never plays it safe, that goes right to the edge of the cliff and jumps off!  A movie that pushes boundaries and goes for the throat!  This is the one people will be talking about in 2016!


DREAMING PURPLE NEON is the new feature from indie Horror director Todd Sheets.  A Modern Horror Film that is also an homage to the splattery Horror films of the past, especially the mid 70s through the late 80’s!  Fresh, original and full of twists for today’s blood craving Horror Maniacs!  A strong story, all practical special makeup effects, real physical stunts and strong acting from an amazing cast of both Veterans and New up and coming talent makes DREAMING PURPLE NEON a true treat for fans looking for something new, yet retaining that familiar feeling of nostalgia for the Horror films of the past.  From the first draft of the script back in 1996, DREAMING PURPLE NEON is a true labor of love, created with passion, hard work and integrity, 20 years in the making!  A love letter to Horror films and exploitation cinema… movies that would play the Drive In Theaters and Grindhouses all over America!  Music for the film is being composed by Japanese Composer Toshiyuki Hiraoka.  DREAMING PURPLE NEON is expected to be released in October 2016, with advance screenings beginning in August 2016 at various Festivals and Conventions in America, England, Italy and Japan.  Theatrical screenings in America for Halloween are being booked already as well.  The OFFICIAL website is


In April 2012, Director Todd Sheets had a heart attack, requiring quadruple bypass surgery.  Todd was in the hospital for a month and a day.  While recovering he wrote “House of Forbidden Secrets” and began rewriting “Dreaming Purple Neon.”  After release from the Hospital, Todd began heart patient therapy, fought to regain his strength and began preproduction on “House of Forbidden Secrets” due to the script being completed first. The film went into full production in late November 2012.  Todd had been part of the Horror underground since 1989, creating Horror films for the home video market worldwide.  Many of these films went on to become “Cult Hits” and sold very well all over the world on VHS and even Cable TV.  But in 2005, Todd put his film career on hold while he raised his children and created the hit radio show NIGHTWATCH.  It was the life-threatening scare of the heart attack and spending so much time in the Hospital, not knowing if he would ever recover, that made Todd decide he had to get back to doing what he loved most.  “House of Forbidden Secrets” was his triumphant and successful return to indie Horror!  It took 2 years to complete.  House of Forbidden Secrets went on to play conventions and theaters all across America and was an Official Selection of over 70 Film Festivals worldwide from late 2013 when editing was finally finished, through March 2016!  The film is set to be released on DVD and BluRay late this Summer from MVD Distribution.  And now Todd is back at work on his follow up film, “Dreaming Purple Neon.”


Interviews with Todd and the cast are available now.  There are also extensive promotional graphics and set pics available for anyone who helps promote the film.  We are thankful for any and all interest in the film.  Please contact us through the Official facebook page for DREAMING PURPLE NEON at


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Todd Sheets

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House of Forbidden Secrets –
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