Two new episodes of Bloodbaths and Boomsticks


This week John is on vacation so Kyle and Tim are going back to the old school approach.  3 movies, 2 dudes and a whole lot of good movies to talk about.  First we scream ” DEATH TO THE LACTOSE INTOLERANT’ as we cover the Swissplotation epic MAD HEIDI.  Then Eric Roberts and John Voight break out of prison and hop aboard a RUNAWAY TRAIN.  And finally a burned up Richard lynch convinces some folks to become snipers while Andy Kaufman runs around a new York Saint Paddy’s Day parade in GOD TOLD ME TO.  We also answer your listener questions, recap all the news and new trailers, and round up what we have been watching this week.  So download this episode or you will disappoint our very Swiss leader Casper Van Dean.

This week we try something different.  We invite our good buddy Out Of Print Dan onto the show to talk about the greatest year for genre film of all time 1987… But this time its draft day!  We will be compiling a list of what we thing the top 18 movies released in 1987 were.  And as always we talk about the news, recent watches, and whatever the hell we want to talk about.  We got Dan of the show for Crist’s sake! So download this episode or you might get drafted as the next Cleveland Browns quarterback, we don’t wish that on anyone.