Fellow podcaster Gary Hill joins us for our latest episode…


This week we welcome back guest host Gary Hill of The cinema beef podcast and two drink minimum commentaries.  We will be talking all the usual topics and what have you. And we bring along a disco slasher film in DISCOPATH. Tim and Kyle watch David Croenberg’s RABID for the first time. And Kyle also busts his cherry and sees THE DEADLY SPAWN for the first time also.  So check it out won’t you!



episode 154

Episode 105 is up and available for download


This week Tim and Kyle welcome first time guest host Gary Hill of The Cinema Beef podcast. We talk Jeff Lieberman’s video gone wrong flick Remote Control.  Tony Randal’s swingin’ neck aids turned ancient evil medicine man midget / weird space mind trip The Manitou.  And Tim brings back Dar and his animal slavery powers to take down Wings Hauser in modern times Los Angeles in Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time.  Also, we answer your questions and all that other jazz.  So enjoy…. ya bunch of GEECHY MANITOUS!