Got six minutes go check out Undead Holocaust (the short film from Tim Gross)


The last episode of Carpentober



As we close out our month long coverage of all things John Carpenter we welcome first time guest host Filip Onell from way across the pone to discuss the prototype for all slashers 1978’s masterpiece HALLOWEEN.  Tim discusses the great siege flick ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13.  And Kyle professes his love for the cheese fest that is ESCAPE FROM L.A.


Happy Halloween to our Bloodbaths and Boomsticks podcast fans!


We love this movie, and you should too.  So we invited Danno over to cut a full length commentary for it and we are giving it to you as a Halloween treat.  HEY!  It sure beats those orange and black candies that are still leftover the time Christmas rolls around.


prince of darkness


Our first episode of CARPEN-TOBER


Here it is people. Our first episode of CARPEN-TOBER. Our month long series of shows dedicated to the films of the master John Carpenter. Also it is the Cinema Wasteland wrap up show. This week we talk about In the mouth of madness, and ghosts of mars. And since I broke our website (a new better one is on the way) you can download it directly from our talk shoe account right here