Got six minutes go check out Undead Holocaust (the short film from Tim Gross)


Episode 132 for Bloodbaths and Boomsticks is now available


Episode 132Well folks, not only is the hosting site messing with me, but now I am locked out of the website. Don’t fret though. Here is a link where you can download the new episode.


O.K. folks, here is the situation. Since many of you already know the website I use to host the audio for the show is acting really funky as of late I had to improvise. And I am behind on shows during out all october… all john carpenter fest CARPEN-TOBER. I will be doing this. I am putting up the episode where we talk about Day of the Dead & Inferno tonight. Then all throughout CAPREN-TOBER i will be dropping bonus shows where we talk about As Above, So Below with T-Shirt Joe. A Critters retrospective with John Portanova, A show where we talk about Hardcore and The Unnameable. Please be paitent and enjoy.