Killjoy’s Psycho Circus Kickstarter


We need your help! Even if you don’t have a single dollar, spreading the word and telling everyone about the Killjoy’s Psycho Circus Kickstarter will help us reach the goal. Do you want to see what happens next?!

B-Cinema saw one of its greatest killer clowns in KILLJOY, the malevolent inter-dimensional (un)funnyman, demon of vengeance and all around bad-ass monster from hell who’s graced four beloved, bloody and luridly awesome dark fantasy films from weird movie mavens Full Moon.

Now, producer Charles Band, KILLJOY GOES TO HELL director John Lechago and franchise cast Trent Haaga (Killjoy), Victoria DeMare (Batty Boop), Al Burke (Punchy the Hobo Clown) and Tai Chan Ngo (Freakshow the Mime) are back to bring their ample fanbase the further adventures of the supernatural whack pack in KILLJOY’S PSYCHO CIRCUS,  a new multi-part series to premiere on

But we need your help to get the bloody ball rolling and have called forth the power of Kickstarter to rally the troops and make our phantasmagorical dream a reality.

KILLJOY’S PSYCHO CIRCUS sees the killer clown finally worming his way to Earth. Along with his gruesome crew Freakshow, Punchy and the sexy/psychotic Batty Boop, Killjoy is free to terrorize mortals in new and excruciating ways. But two years down the road Killjoy discovers that life on Earth is a drag, filled with inconveniences such as eating, breathing, taxes and immigration issues. His crew has left for other jobs, and Batty Boop has gone her own way after a bitter lover’s quarrel. Not to mention that Killjoy is now semi-mortal. Meanwhile, back in hell, Beelzebub is on trial for letting Killjoy escape. The only way that Beelzebub can redeem himself is to trap Killjoy’s spirit and bring it back in a box. For this mission he is granted a monumental spaceship capable of destroying entire cities. And then it gets weird…

Full Moon isn’t messing around with incentives for this campaign and is offering buckets of cool swag and even cooler creative opportunities for those willing to back their mad vision. To learn more about how you can get involved, visit Kickstarter!






Chris Alexander wants you to know whats new at Full Moon Streaming!



Dear Full Moon Family, If you’re a fan of weird, wild, shocking and deeply strange cinema, you’re no doubt still picking up bone fragments and brain matter after your head exploded over last weeks big Full Moom Streaming news. Yep, it’s true. We have in fact snagged dozens of titles from the remarkable SOMETHING WEIRD library! For those not in the know, SOMETHING WEIRD is the legendary home video label owned and operated by the late Mike Vraney, one of the most passionate collectors and curators of delirious grindhouse, drive-in and vintage horror, cult and exploitation movies ever and beginning August 4th you’ll be able to see these classic bizarro features, a new one released every week!   To start things off with a bloody, screaming supernova of shock, we’re launching the SOMETHING WEIRD smackdown on August 4th with a messterpeice from the Godfather of Gore himself, HG Lewis, with his 1970 bloodbath, THE WIZARD OF GORE. An almost  existential grindhouse gem, THE WIZARD OF GORE (check out the art below) is Lewis’ best film, filled with buckets of stage blood, agonizing violence and twisted humor. A film so demented and awesome, it must be seen – twice – to be believed!

The week following, we’ll dial back the creepy clock a few years and spill out one of Lewis’ weirdest flicks, 1967’s THE GRUESOME TWOSOME. Outside of that amazing addition to FullMoonStreaming, we’re also premiering the next episode of our new series, William Shatner’s Full Moon Fright Night. This round, Captain Kirk goes for the throat and trots out our vintage sweaty SUBSPECIES spin-off flick, VAMPIRE JOURNALS. On the GRINDHOUSEFLIX side of the spectrum, culled from the amazing Blue Underground library, I’m deeply jazzed about us showing director Lamberto Bava’s underrated 1984 giallo A BLADE IN THE DARK, a film that is not as celebrated as some in the Italian horror cannon, but one that drips style, sound and of course…ample blood. FullMoonStreaming keeps growing, swelling and spreading its tendrils. When I started cobbling together our amazing in-house horror/cult film mag DELIRIUM last fall (issue #3 is available now, by the way from!), it was still in its relative infancy, offering the finest in Full Moon titles and some great sidebar esoteric. But now, almost daily I’m watching it become something even more special, something stranger and comprehensive. It really is, as the company says,  NetFlix for LUNAtics, offering dozens upon dozens of titles from every strain of wild cinema streaming out 24/7, all for only $6 a month. And now, with the addition of SOMETHING WEIRD…there’s no stopping it. Have fun! Stay Strange! Keep watching weird movies!

Chris Alexander





Gross Movie Reviews #324


Gross Movie Reviews #324


By Tim Gross


Hack – O – Lantern (VHS) – The lesser known 80s horror film is best known under its title “Halloween Night”. The film directed by Jag Mundhra which I had to watch the movie for the mere reason he has “Jag” as a name. Can’t help it, it’s a Pittsburgh thing. But anyway Jag directs a film about satanic grandpa who has special plans for his grandson or son? When you watch the flick you’ll understand. Gramps has a satanic cult going and he is shaping his grandson/son into the next leader of this evil cult. Problem is Tommy isn’t following Grandpa’s lead. The film is a lot of fun as we got incest, butt tattoos, a Dead End Drive-in poster, a horrible party band, and possible sacrifices! Sounds like a classic Halloween horror film worth watching as I give it 2 ½ stars.


Snakehead Swamp (SyFy Channel/DVD) – God damn experimental snakeheads find their way into the Louisiana swamp and they are eating all the locals. But one man believes it’s a legendary curse from a relative that was wrongly murdered 200 years ago who is angry and seeking revenge on those who live there. “Snakehead Terror” was more fun and SyFy Channel seems hell bent on going to the well one too many times on these types of films. SyFy, they all cannot be “Frankenfish”! I give it 1 ½ stars.


Eye of the Tiger (DVD) – Its 1986 and Gary Busey hasn’t fought Mel Gibson and the great “end of the film fight” scene yet and hasn’t fucked himself up so bad with drugs he has become a running joke? Busey’s character is a man who just got released from jail after serving a few years and just wants to go back home and start all over with his kid and wife. Well, a motorcycle gang led by William Smith has other plans. Best way to describe this flick with legendary actor Yaphet Kotto is calling it an extended episode of “A-Team” starring Gary Busey! I give the film 3 stars.


The Lego Movie (DVD) – “Everything is awesome!!!” That pretty much explains the whole film and that song will get stuck in your head for days. The film is a great mix of comedy, drama, and family entertainment. I was surprised how good this movie was and is for anyone 2 years old or 200… Also you might end up wanting to bust out your old Legos too after watching this flick as I give it 4 stars.

Mega Scorpions (Full Moon Streaming) – J.R. Bookwalter decided in 2003 to put together a giant bug film starring the wonderful Trent Haaga, the beautiful Brinke Stevens, independent vet Jeff Dylan Graham, and before porn career Sunny Leone. Most likely because he had seen the popularity of it on SyFy Channel but because of a deal Full Moon had with another studio the film wasn’t released until late last year. Six foot scorpions fucking people’s days up… Yep, I’ll watch that! I give it 2 stars. And once again Trent Haaga was AWESOME!


Watchers 3 (VHS) – “I got it on the VH”, had to say it just for my mom! This is the Wings Hauser film that I get confused with “Xtro 3: Watch the Skies”. But anyway Roger Corman’s company takes a shot this time around of bringing Dean Koontz’s famous novel “Watchers” to the silver screen by making it a no budget remake of “Predator”. Not as exciting as Carl Weathers losing an arm to an invisible alien hunter but I do love me some Wings Hauser playing fetch with a golden retriever! And for that I give it 2 stars.


Insecticidal (DVD) – The movie’s tagline was ‘Sorority Girls vs Giant Bugs’… SOLD! An awesomely horrible film has a young lady named Scary Cami who is doing research and experiments on her pet bugs in the basement of her sorority. One escapes and scares a couple who is bumping uglies upstairs and forces her sorority sisters to spray them with insecticide! This later has an adverse effect as the zombie bugs soon begin to grow six to eight foot tall and have a hunger for stupid naked college girls. The movie is bad, real bad. But in how bad the effects and dialogue is at times I began to find it entertaining like it was filmed this way on purpose knowing that I would be watching it? So you like bad giant bug movies? Get the beer; get the pizza, because I will be coming to your house to watch this classic again! I give it 3 stars for this horrible yet entertaining horror film!


Snow Piercer (DVD) – Humans fuck up the future again in this brilliant post-apocalyptic action film that seems to have some star power names in front and behind the camera. 2014 many countries shoot up in the air this experimental gas or what not called CW-7 that is supposed to slow or stop global warming. Instead, it sends the world into the next ice age within days. Well, with a railroad that is connected completely around the globe two men invent a train that never stops as it protects what’s left of humanity. 17 years has past now and the train is still chugging along difference is the people at the back of the train are tired of being prisoners of the rich at the head of the train. And there is an order that must be kept or the train could go in chaos causing humanity to die off. So it soon becomes a story of one man and his idea of making it to the head of the train everyone will be equal. A lot of social issues, a lot of gore, and an amazing story make this one of the best films of 2014 that will not make the theaters for most. I give the film 4 stars even though I am not sure I like the ending?


Lockout (DVD) – An updated version of Christopher Lambert’s “Fortress” in many ways stars Guy Pearce as a convict who is asked to break into a space prison to save the president’s daughter Maggie Grace. Great blend of sci-fi, action and the old school one man will defeat 500 stories that never get old! Really enjoyed this flick but seeing Maggie Grace in this flick makes me really respect her film career since she was on “Lost” TV series as keeps picking these great action films. I give the film 3 stars.


Flu (DVD) – An amazing recent Korean film that tackles social issues when a horrible superbug or superstrain of Avian Flu arrives when human traffickers open a shipping container that is supposed to have a bunch of people that paid to be in Korea instead are all horribly dead except for one man who escapes. Soon between the escapee and the human traffickers the super flu is being spread throughout the suburb city of Seoul and with no cure Seoul, Korea is next and the world after. Doctors and foreign leaders struggle to come up with a plan of action until a cure is found. A very dramatic and social commentary on how the government treats people no matter what part of the world you live in. The film is dubbed for those of you who hate reading movies… Kyle Poling! The amount of cool gore shots is underrated also. I give this Korean flick 4 star.


Wolf Creek (DVD) – Since I was going to watch the new sequel it was time to give this Australian torture flick another chance as it came out in the mid-2000s with a slew of other torture flicks that for me isn’t always my cup of tea or beer. Three friends venture off to Wolf Creek Crater in the middle of nowhere to enjoy the sights but get a whole lot more when their vehicle refuses to start. The three friends soon meet a man named Mic Taylor who helps them out and takes him back to his camp/home. Soon the friends wake up to a man who wants to torture and kill them. The movie takes a long while to get going as it lays the story for you to sympathize with the characters like the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. I don’t hate it, don’t like it but it is Australian and glad I gave it another chance as I give it 2 stars.


Wolf Creek 2 (On Demand) – Surprised it took how many years later for a sequel but there is one and if you are a fan of the first you will like the second film as it starts out just like the first film. The first half of the film is all set-up like the first film but takes a very different but fun turn as it goes the direction of 1986’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” where it changes from just being another torture film to a complete fun chaotic ride into horror! The film dives knee deep in gore and character development of the cannibalistic bushman Mic Taylor. At first I wasn’t liking the sequel but as the film got going in the second half it made appreciate staying patient and enjoying this fun horror mess of a film. I give one of the best horror films of 2014, 3 ½ stars and hope there will be another sequel.


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Gross Movie Reviews #321


Gross Movie Reviews #321


By Tim Gross


Class of 1999 (DVD) – It’s the future and schools have gone to hell… Remember the film was released in 1990. But imagine “Escape from New York” at a school and its surrounding community. Gangs have taken over everything and the school system is looking for answers in what to do and Bob Forest played by Stacey Keach is here to give an answer. He introduces the principal (Malcolm McDowell) of this high school to three new teachers played by Pam Grier, Patrick Kilpatrick, and John P. Ryan and they just happen to be androids! Androids built for the ten year war in South America and funded by the Department of Defense. Meanwhile, Cody has just been released from prison and just wants his old gang to leave him alone so he can attend class and not do hard time. Soon Cody’s curiosity gets the best of him when one of the teachers kills a student when a gun is pulled. He learns they are androids and they are beginning to do what they were built for and that is to kill in this awesome Sci-fi action/horror flick. I give this cool film 3 ½ stars.


Class of 1999 II: The Substitute (VHS) – The film picks up right after the events of the first film but the sequel wasn’t released until 1994. A man who looks like a private investigator is looking into the events of the first film and believes Bob Forest had a ‘Plan B’ if the first three androids failed? The private investigator is actually some dude that was thrown out of the Department of Defense but doesn’t know what the android looks like but is following the dead body trail. So when a stiff, tall, blonde dude shows up at a high school that is having gang related issues and students begin to mysteriously die the investigator looks into it. The sequel isn’t nearly as fun as the first mainly because the cast and the lack of budget compared to the first film as I have to give this flick 1 ½ stars just for Nick Cassavettes being in the flick!


Meateaters (Full Moon Streaming) – Its Mark Polonia’s latest independent flick with Brett Piper back doing dinosaur/creature effects. A dinosaur seems to be stalking the woods for humans to eat and some young people just happen to be hanging out there. I was expecting more of a SyFy Channel/Sharknado or even a Tiffany/Deborah Gibson effort but the film just didn’t seem to hit all cylinders at all during its 70 minute run time. I still enjoy Mark Polonia and his films but I have to give this one only 1 ½ stars.


G.I. Joe: Retaliation (DVD) – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson joins in on the action as Roadblock along with the original “Joe” played by Bruce Willis in a lackluster sequel with Cobra and his evil members already in the White House with a fake president controlling things and trying to kill the Joes! The first film gave me such high hopes for this series but I believe this sequel may have been the death nail?! I give the boring sequel 1 star.


Shakma (VHS) – Mother fucking killer ass monkey fucking doors up, now this is a bad ass movie! I am ashamed I never caught this flick when it was first originally released in 1989. Some doctors in training are playing Dungeons and Dragons in a school building overnight with Roddy McDowell as the Dungeon Master/teacher. Well they fuck up by shooting up a monkey with some shit after it was experimented on and it failed and poof “Killer Monkey on Speed”!!! AWESOME! And let’s not forget the excellent Amanda Wyss also stars. I give the flick 3 stars. So go watch Shakma fuck up some doors.


The Runestone (VHS) – This guy Martin brings home an ancient runestone from a coal mine in Western Pennsylvania to his place in New York City. He begins to study it and is possessed by the runestone and becomes this odd werewolf thing that is feeding on New Yorkers. And the only person to stop him is that bad ass long blonde haired villain dude from “Die Hard”! Cool creature, some blood, Western Pa is mentioned, I give it a solid 2 ½ stars.


The Unseen (DVD) – Here is a creepy flick from 1980 starring Barbara Bach as a news reporter and her two friends Vicki and Karen who worked with her get screwed out of their room during some town festival. Forced to look miles away for a motel and no luck they run into a chubby, sloppy, weird dude who offers them a room at his big house. Never mind the weird noises you hear in the basement and the chubby dude is just creepy especially when you learn he believes “incest is best”. The young reporter gets curious when her two friends go missing or were just pulled down the furnace vents and discovers what or who is living in the basement. A great ending to a film that may have been a little shocking at its time of release makes for a cool lesser known horror film worth seeking out as I give it 3 stars.


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Gross Movie Reviews #315


Gross Movie Reviews #315


 By Tim Gross


The Visitor (DVD) – The crazy hippie space out film from 1979 is also known as “Stridulum” is being released by Alamo Drafthouse Films. I believe there is no sure way to describe Hippie Jesus and an old dude help alien children and they are from a different dimension or something like that. This film makes the ‘mindfuck’ film “Fight Club” like a normal boring film. Apparently, Space Jesus aka Franco Nero tells a story about an alien prisoner who escaped years ago and pretty much impregnated any woman he could on earth so there would be evil alien children! It only gets better when a 8 year old named Katie shows up at a Lance Henriksen owned Atlanta Rebels basketball game to make a basketball explode in the final seconds and no one questions it. From there Katie’s mom doesn’t want to get married or have another child as Lance’s character presses her to do so as he is being controlled by a room full of unknown men. There is an agenda somewhere but between the old dude John Huston showing up to take Katie to another dimension and some weird sexual thing in white tents on top of a building I am not sure exactly what agenda it is serving except for those of you that will take LSD when watching the film. The film also stars Sam Peckinpah, Shelley Winters, and Glenn Ford in a movie that words cannot do justice for… Which by the way did I mention Space Jesus? Good luck my weird movie watching friends as I give the film 3 stars for just being that out there.


Bounty Hunters (VHS) – Michael Dudikoff is a low end bounty hunter that needs a paycheck to his bills that month and pleads to the local police he needs something. Well, he gets a guy he is supposed to pick up that gets him $10,000 but soon realizes he might want more money as a woman bounty hunter has been camping out on the guy for five days and they just got mixed up into some mob business. Unless you are a Dudikoff fan it’s not the most exciting action film as I give it 2 stars.


This is the End (DVD) – James Franco is having his usual Hollywood party that has all the young rich stars partying like it’s the end of the world until it is. Earthquakes begin to happen; trees are falling, people getting sucked up by blue lights from the sky, people dying… Once Seth Rogen and his best friend get back from the convenience store, Franco and others board up the house and try to decide what the next move is for them, if any. The film is hilarious but for me not as good as “The World’s End” but was still glad I got to see it. I have to give the flick 3 stars.


The Art of the Steal (On Demand) – If you were awaiting Kurt Russell’s comeback like I was you will not be disappointed in this crime/action flick that has Kurt Russell as an aging thief who did 5 ½ years in a Poland prison and now retired from the life of crime after his brother put him there. Russell is a motorcycle riding stuntman who pretty much does stunts for small carnivals and so on which pales in comparison what he used to do in another life. But when an opportunity arises for Russell to not only get back in the game but be remembered for one of the biggest art heists ever he has a plan you don’t see coming until it is over. The film is well directed, well casted, and kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time. Loved every second of screen time Russell had and just to top it off General Zod from “Superman 2” is a former art thief who helps authorities look into criminals like Russell’s character. The film is absolutely brilliant and cannot wait to watch it again as I believe it will be one of the best films for me in 2014 as I give it 4 stars.


Machete Kills (DVD) – Danny Trejo is back to reprise his role as “Machete” this time to do a job for his new country and to help out president Carlos Estevez kill a man in Mexico who has his sights or missile aimed at Washington D.C. But when the missile is control by the madman’s heart Machete just can’t kill him he must fight to get him over the border in 24 hours and get the only other person that exists to remove the contraption. Once again lots of over the top action, blood, and famous cameos but in the end I find myself enjoying the first film more than this sequel. Maybe it was missing crazy luchadors? But if Robert Rodriguez is able to pull off a third film that takes place in space that could be even more amazing than the first film! I give the sequel 3 stars and thought it was smart casting choice in making Mel Gibson the villain “Voz”. Now go and enjoy!


Hidden (DVD) – A fun horror film about a dude that inherits a building that just happens to hold his mother’s scientific experiments where she believed she could cure addiction all together with the help of a flying insect. But once himself and friends arrive to check out the place and decide what to do with it the man finds out his mother did these experiments hidden away for good reason as strange kids begin to fucking eat his friends one by one. The film reminds me a lot of the relatively unknown horror film “The Kindred” from 1987. The horror film is worth taking a chance on as I give it 2 ½ stars.

Back Road

Back Road (DVD) – Independent film producer and writer Jon Manthei with the help of writer/director Joseph Thompson is back at it again with his latest short film that in my belief could make a great 75 or 80 minute feature. The film follows Tommy and Tabaitha who are on their first date and have a flat tire on a long dirt road and its getting dark. Together they find help from a kind stranger driving by only to find they are next on the family’s menu but the film ends when it is just beginning as one of the couple have a surprise for the cannibal family. The film feels like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and 3” meets “From Dusk Till Dawn” as it lures you in with the feeling you have seen this film before until the surprise happens and makes you want more from the talented duo. What makes the film work really well is not only how well the surprise is set up but I thought the two actors playing Tommy and Tabaitha played the ‘awkward first date couple’ so well you actually feel really bad when they are first kidnapped. I give the short film 3 ½ out of 4 stars and hope the talented duo listens and fleshes out a feature of this short film with a little more darker and demonic overtone to it? To find out more about Jon Manthei, Joseph Thompson, and their future projects go check out . Oh by the way look for the Ted Nugent for President bumper sticker, it fits perfect in this short film.


Trancers City of Lost Angels (DVD) – Finally, the lost sequel or segment for Charles Band’s “Pulsepounders” anthology that never seen the light of day has been restored and released to DVD recently. Most people call it “Trancers 1.5” as the 25 minute film picks sometime after the first film with Jack Deth and his girlfriend Helen Hunt in 1986 running Deth’s detective agency. While during an argument between the two, McNulty knocks on the door after coming down the line to warn Jack about a criminal Edlin Shock who has escaped and wants him dead after spending five years in a prison in the future. Jack Deth springs into action again to return the futuristic criminal only to realize he misses the past and wants to spend his time in the past. It’s great seeing this film as if you are a fan of the series “1.5” fits just right into the timeline and most likely was to help new fans of Full Moon in 1988/1989 to understand the Jack Deth character more as the first film was hard to find depending where you lived. Once the sequels came out, the first film eventually became easier to find especially with the introduction of DVD in the 90s. I give the film 3 stars if you are a fan of the series, 2 stars if you are new to the whole Jack Deth story as most likely since this is one of the earlier Full Moon series that hasn’t had a sequel or reboot in years?


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Mansion Of The Doomed premieres March 26th on


Full Moon #1!

Mansion Of The Doomed premieres March 26th on

Co-starring a young, pre-fame Lance Henriksen, the cast and crew are remarkable & went on to great success, including special effects legend Stan Winston, Richard Basehart, Gloria Grahame, and director of photography Andrew Davis (director The Fugitive, Under Siege).Mansion of the Doomed tells the tale of a doctor who desperately attempts to restore his daughter’s sight by kidnapping victims, cutting out their eyes and transplanting them into his daughter’s eye sockets. Banned in the United Kingdom on its initial release, it was one of many “Video Nasties” that were considered too violent and disturbing by British censors!


Blue Underground and Full Moon Streaming team up!


LOS ANGELES, CA, February 3, 2014 – Full Moon Features is proud to announce their most exciting acquisition yet – fifty of cinema’s most obscure and beloved classics from the Blue Underground label will debut on their new subscription-based video streaming service, FULL MOON STREAMING (, home to the entire Full Moon Features library.   The Blue Underground titles will be released once per week beginning in March, and titles will include VENOM (a beloved thriller about a killer snake starring Klaus Kinski, Susan George, and Oliver Reed), MONDO CANE (the Award-Winning documentary that launched the whole “mondo” craze of the sixties), CONTAMINATION (a gory Italian homage to ALIEN), VIOLENT CITY (the Charles Bronson action classic), DON’T TORTURE A DUCKLING (horror/thriller from Italian godfather of gore, Lucio Fulci), THE CHURCH (a haunted church tale from Italian masters of terror, Dario Argento and Michele Soavi) and TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD (the first in the series of popular Spanish ‘BLIND DEAD’ films) amongst many others.


“Full Moon Streaming’s fanbase is growing rapidly and fans have come to expect the most amazing content imaginable,” explained Full Moon’s Charles Band. “I knew these Blue Underground titles would perfectly satiate that need, as we are the only subscriber-based streaming service to curate the world’s best, kookiest, and most hard-to-find cinema treasures.”


“As the mainstream VOD sites like Netflix, Hulu and iTunes have turned their backs on classic genre films in favor of TV shows and new theatrical releases, I’m excited my pal Charlie Band has launched Full Moon Streaming to fill that void,” said William Lustig, acclaimed filmmaker and President, Blue Underground. “Now, fans have a streaming site of their own dedicated to Grindhouse/Drive-in classics presented in uncompromising quality.”


Complete list of Blue Underground titles to be available on Full Moon Streaming:






















































Home to the entire Full Moon Features Library, is one of the world’s first and finest interactive video experiences, and provides fans with unprecedented access to exclusive content:  world premieres, resurrected film treasures, webisodes, behind-the-scenes footage, Full Moon merchandise tie-ins, contests, and much, much more. Viewers who watch closely will be rewarded as they seek out the hidden interactive elements built into the very fabric of the films. For only $6.99 per month, subscribers can stream titles directly and instantly on all devices, allowing them to watch their favorite films anywhere, at anytime.  A mobile-friendly version is optimized for iPhone, Android, iPad, and tablets that is nearly identical to the desktop version.  Titles include such cult favorites as Band’s Puppet Master series, Subspecies, and Demonic Toys. Full Moon streaming adds new movies on a weekly basis, both under Band’s established Full Moon banner and his GrindhouseFlix label. Full Moon’s transition into the digital age has introduced Charles Band’s immense body of work to an entirely new generation of fans.



Charles Band founded MEDA Home Entertainment in the late 1970’s, one of the first independent video distribution operations in America.  With the foresight that home video was the future, a vision few others shared, he helped pave the way for the colossal home video boom to come. In the 1980’s, Band produced such hit cult favorites as Ghoulies, Re-Animator, The Dungeonmaster, Dolls, Troll, Robot Jox, and many more.


Band founded Full Moon Features in 1989 following the early 80’s success with Wizard Video, which released such cult classics as Zombie 2, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I Spit on Your Grave on VHS.   Wizard video was celebrated for their shocking and incomparable box art, especially after their switch to the “big box” format.


Band soon teamed with Paramount Pictures and Pioneer Home Entertainment for direct-to-video releases on VHS and Laserdisc.  With upwards of twenty releases per year, Band has also built a reputation as a prolific and frequent director of entertaining low-budget genre films. In all, Band has produced almost three hundred features variously delving into the realms of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and family films under its Moonbeam Films label.

The Puppet Master series is considered to be Band’s most celebrated and popular franchise. The latest installment, Puppet Master X: Axis Rising, is the 10th film of the most successful direct to video horror franchise of all time. Full Moon has created many other well-known franchises such as the Trancers series, starring Helen Hunt and Tim Thomerson, the Subspecies series shot on-location in Transylvania, Romania, as well as Dollman, Demonic Toys, Killjoy and The Gingerdead Man (starring Gary Busey as a killer cookie!).  Full Moon’s recent releases include the Blaxploitation horror film Ooga Booga starring veteran actors Karen Black and Stacy Keach, the Blu-ray release of the critically acclaimed vampire series Subspecies, and two new grindhouse releases including Riot in a Women’s Prison and SS Hellcamp.

Full Moon titles can be found at all major video retailer outlets, Red Box, and Netflix. Full Moon films are distributed in North America on Pay Per View and Video on Demand, including Comcast, Time Warner, and AT&T U-Verse.  Full Moon movies are also available from sources as diverse as Walmart, Amazon, iTunes, Prescreen, and Hulu. In addition to feature films, Full Moon is also very active in creating and marketing a wide variety of merchandise including original action figures, resin statues and 1:1 scale replicas of its better-known puppets and dolls.



Blue Underground ( is an entertainment company dedicated to guilty pleasures for adventurous movie lovers.


Led by William Lustig, a visionary filmmaker who has long lead the way in grittier cinema, Blue Underground established itself back in 2002 as an extension of the feature production outfit he helped sculpt via the early days of Anchor Bay Entertainment. In the ensuing decade, Blue Underground has curated an outrageous library of eyeball rotating motion pictures that stimulate the id, dazzle the senses, and offend most acceptable standards of good taste.


Specializing in releasing authoritative editions of cult and exploitation movies on Blu-ray and DVD, Blue Underground has released a broad range of cult movies to disc, leaning toward European (particularly Italian) horror and exploitation. Blue Underground goes to great lengths to feature restored transfers from original vault elements and each title is mastered from the best possible sources and presented in pristine condition. Each title is released uncut and with a choice between the original audio track and usually a lossless 7.1 remix.As of October 2009, Blue Underground had issued more than 160 DVDs and in 2008 they started to release films in HD on the Blu-ray Disc format.



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