Okay folks if you are ready for something completely different from me this is the project you have been waiting for? The book (Tales from the Gross Side) is a collection of short horror stories that have been rolling around in my head, unfinished movie scripts, or story ideas. These stories have been something I have wanted to write for quite a while. And now I thought it was the right time for people to get a look inside my mind. This book is something I use to do in my high school days on a regular basis writing story after story. This perhaps helps give you the idea of you should always feel young and enjoy the scary things of life?  Yeah I am not the next Stephen King, Mike Watt, or Dean Koontz just an ordinary dude who believes beer and horror movies are a religion. As long as I am on this earth I will enjoy doing what I do!

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Gross Movie Reviews #419


Gross Movie Reviews #419


Leatherface (On Demand) – Once again someone has decided to remake “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”… again. Or is it another prequel to the prequel? Anyway I would love to sit here and take a total shit on this film but I cannot. The film falls into a couple arguments that I will explain but first let’s talk plot. The film takes place in the 50s to establish the Sawyer family and a kid named Bud who is supposed to become Leatherface? Mom is not happy as on Bud’s birthday he refuses to kill a local trespasser. The local sheriff isn’t real thrilled with the whole family either as he takes Bud away to be placed in an asylum for kids. Several years pass and Mama Sawyer is still fighting to see her kid. A couple of other inmates cause a ruckus and a riot breaks out. This allows for Bud, his protector Jackson, the two inmates that started it all, and a nurse they kidnapped to escape. The manhunt begins for them thus also setting in motion the story of how Leatherface is born. Now there is an unexpected twist that happens that will make you have a lot of questions? But let’s get back to some of my arguments about this film existing: First, this is more proof they are willing to throw crap at the wall for this franchise but not do the one thing that I believe would work and Leatherface fans be happy with? So this film has no connection to the 2013 flick that you inherit Leatherface and is it a true remake of the first (1974) version or the more recent one with Jessica Alba. Because of this gimme $5-$7 million dollar budget, Jeff Burr to direct, Ken Foree, Kate Hodge, and R.A. get to star and I have a great idea of where the story picks up 25 years after “Leatherface 3”? Second, yinz owe Rob Zombie a paycheck! He did pretty much the same thing with the remake of “Halloween”… Kid in asylum fucks shit up once escapes. Which third thing leads me to the argument of the remake “Dawn of the Dead” and “Halloween” if they are titled something else I believe they are awesome flicks but they are titled what they are it changes the dynamic. The movie wasn’t terrible at all but you think they would take a cue from the “Child’s Play” franchise and know it is okay to make a sixth, seventh sequel to the original film and it still make sense. Anyway I give this weirdo remake version of Leatherface 2 ½ stars.


XX (DVD) – A pretty cool anthology of four tales of horror all directed by women. The “Don’t Fall” segment may have been my favorite as a girl name Gretchen turns into a horrific cool creature on a camping trip that devours her friends. I give it 2 ½ stars.


Universal Monsters (DVD) – Several documentaries from the early 2000s that cover all the originals: Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein, Bride, Invisible Man. Discussing their beginnings and how the stories made it to film. But also the big thing or reason to check these out is how much they cover the Lugosi and Karloff relationship on and off film. If you enjoy old school horror this stuff is made for you as I give it 4 stars.


Would You Rather (DVD) – Brittany Snow plays a character that is in a tight spot: no job, bills are piling up, and trying to take care of her sick brother. Then an opportunity comes along where all her prayers or money woes would be answered. It comes in form of a rich older dude (Jeffrey Combs) who has eight people over for a chance for their bills to be paid for and they are set for life. All the eight people must do is make it through a dinner party and play a few little games that have consequences. The film is a little brutal but fun as of course Jeffrey Combs just brings the movie to life with his charm. I give the flick 3 stars.


House of the Witch (DVD/SyFy Channel) – It’s time for a Halloween party thrown by some college kids. So they go to the old abandoned house that was rumored to have witches living in it. Once there they begin to experience weird things and they slowly are killed off. No way this was even close to a “Night of the Demons” so save your popcorn as I give this flicked 1 star.


The Sandman (DVD/SyFy Channel) – Claire (Haylie Duff) gets her niece Madison after her brother meets his untimely death. But Claire is not ready for what is in store for her as Madison’s dream of a creature named The Sandman comes to life and kills for Madison. Meanwhile secret agent man Tobin Bell is trying to harness the power of Madison for military weapon use. To ruin Tobin’s plans of Madison a doctor played by Amanda Wyss may have an answer and a way to help Madison get rid of the Sandman forever. A solid cast and a solid horror flick for the cable channel as I give it 2 ½ stars.

Wish Upon (DVD) – Claire is a little girl who sees her mother commit suicide in their attic. Years later and now high school senior age Claire’s father finds this antique box while garbage picking. Claire examines the antique and cleans it up wishing for a horrible classmate of hers to begin rotting. The next morning the girl’s flesh is rotting. She then wishes for the cutest guy in school to fall in love with her and he does. Claire soon understands the power of this antique box. But as she learns from a guy friend who cares the box comes at a blood price. People close to you must die in some horrible way. After becoming popular she fights with her best friends about it because if she gets to seven wishes the box drives you insane and claims your soul. This was a nice entertaining surprise that was like a “Wishmaster” and “Final Destination” sandwich! I have to give this pleasant horror surprise 3 stars.


Let it Die (You Tube) – Another project from the cool ass Forte Films Entertainment where this go around is a short film about a father who has regrets of how his daughter turned out. Too bad he keeps her flesh-eating ass chained in a basement! I give it 3 out of 4 stars.


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We didn’t forget … just got drunk!


episode 183

This week we welcome back Mike Haushalter to the show.  And since he is our resident James Bond expert we will be talking about the new 007 joint SPECTRE. We also discuss 2015’s COOTIES and the Jeff Burr directed anthology FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM a.k.a. THE OFFSPRING.


We’ve wanted to get this guy on the show… and he finally got the internet so here it is.  Our good Friend and convention buddy RICK OF THE DEAD joins us to talk about something all 3 of us have in common.  Working at a video store…..  The sight, the smells, the customers, the drugs, all of it gets covered in this episode.  So download it to learn the secret origin of piss video guy.

Gross Movie Reviews #362


Gross Movie Reviews #362


By Tim Gross


Kenny and Company (DVD-R/YouTube) – So who would of guessed the man that gave us such an evil but bad ass film in “Phantasm” would do a coming of age film in 1976 centered a kid named Kenny and Halloween. We all got start somewhere and Don Coscarelli started with this film. It’s not a horror film at all but more of your typical 70s ‘after school’ special about Kenny and his best friend trying to build a car for soapbox derby, overcome bullying, girls, and having Reggie Bannister as a teacher. The film is a little dated but a lot fun if you were born during the 70s and worth tracking down. I give the film 2 stars.


The Magnificent Seven (DVD) – This was one those films that had always been on my list to watch as I am a huge fan of “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly”. Plus, Eli Wallach is a bad ass who bullies a small Mexican village ever year before harvest time. Well, the village has had enough sending the women and small children to live in the shadows as the farmers do the work but send three men out to buy guns. They come across a no bullshit gunslinger played by Yul Brynner. Yul is the man before Clint’s ‘The Man with No Name’ character showed up in 60s spaghetti westerns. Yul decides the poor farmers need help more than he needs money but it just can’t be himself that takes on Eli Wallach and his bandits. All-star cast in Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, and a young Robert Vaughn makes movie just perfect to watch. It is a piece of cinematic history as I give it 4 stars and do yourself a favor of watching it at least once before you die!


Deathgasm (OnDemand) – Best movie of 2015 outside of “Mad Max: Fury Road”! We got gore, death metal, demons, and it is made in New Zealand… Perfect! Brodie is a teenager that is screwed since he got sent to live with his aunt and uncle because his mom decided to do drunken sexual favors to a mall Santa! So now living in the middle of ‘Ass Fuck’ nowhere Brodie tries to make friends with the local nerds Dion and Giles and just happens to have a crush on his dickhole cousin David’s girlfriend Medina. Who later on we find out is a pure bad ass. So Brodie scopes out the local record shop and meets Zaak. Immediately they become blood brothers and start a death metal band. The two just happen to stumble upon satanic sheet music in an album protected by a musician named Rikki Daggers. Brodie then figures out how to play the sheet music after getting his ass kick by his cousin and bring forth demons that will put the whole world in darkness. Once it happens and demons take over almost everyone in the nowhere town Brodie must find a way to stop it with help from his friends. Highlights from the film include: the quote “Do Demons recognize Day Light Savings Time”, a fight with demons that involves sex toys, and a music shop psychic. Everyone involved from cast to crew is awesome for putting this film together. The 16 year old metalhead still inside me was ready to throw up the devil horns and start thrashing after this fun 4 star movie.


American Ninja 5 (DVD) – Hell yeah I found it folks! David Bradley is the man in this PG-13 rated 1993 direct-to-video film that also stars Pat Morita. Bradley is reluctant to talk about his ninja ways until his girlfriend is kidnapped and taken hallway across the world. So Bradley and a young boy he is stuck with that weekend stowaway on the bad guys’ plane and save his girlfriend. Boring but definitely a possible precursor to “Power Rangers” as there are multiple colored ninjas fighting David Bradley. I give the film 1 star.


Violent Shit III: Infantry of Doom (DVD-R) – The film is also called “Zombie Doom” but that doesn’t matter as Karl the Butcher returns again in this German produced independent feature. Karl now has a son to help and they live on a small island where they train to be Karl disciples. The cult finds three shipwrecked men who are disposed of quickly by torture and a game of death involving the disciples chasing them on the island. But no fear some random ninjas just happen to be on the island and Dr. Senius has made a shitload of zombies to attack Karl the Butcher and crew. Oh did I mention Karl’s son owns a double barrel shotgun with unlimited bullets. Not as entertaining as the second flick but I still found some humor in this movie existing as I give it 1 ½ stars.


Shark Lake (DVD) – Dolph Lundgren is Clint Gray who gets arrested for selling illegal exotic animals. Five years later, the deputy that arrested him has his daughter and there is a shark or sharks eating the locals. Now, Clint has to protect his daughter from his former employer and must get the deputy to not arrest him while trying to capture or kill the sharks. The effects are just downright horrendous and story seems kind of choppy. But we do get to see Dolph punch a shark in the fucking face so there’s that. I give it 1 ½ stars.


The Hollow (DVD) – A great concept about a 100 year Halloween storm and a fire creature but it three whiny sisters that you will want to die in the first five minutes. The whining is non-stop in this “should have been a lot better” Halloween-themed feature. I give the film 1 star.


Robocop (DVD/remake) – So I finally sat down to watch Snake-eyes fight crime in the future. It’s a little harsh but come on Hollywood once again remade a violent classic. But I gave it a chance and was not disappointed but if anything this flick would help my argument of just continuing the series and not rebooting it. This time around its 2028 and politicians are fighting over robots being the police force in America even though it has worked so well in other countries. So Michael Keaton and crew agree on making a cyborg to win the people’s vote. This version goes for giving a more non-violent and family man “Robocop” than the original. The film has its moments and was a pleasant surprise how watchable it was but what it misunderstood about the original concept from 1987 is it’s over the top violence but also its cheesy commercials which made the film a classic. What also did not help the reboot of the film was the main villain was killed halfway through the film leaving the new Robocop just tying up loose ends. Now that I have gotten older I have try to give remakes a second watch, a second thought, or just a chance but still doesn’t mean they are good. I am glad I watched it as I give it 2 stars.


Night Train of Terror (YouTube) – This 1985 film has been rumored to be two or three films smashed into one… Spookies anyone? But in this film God and Satan ride a train where they discuss three cases and decided who gets who when they are dead. The film is weird, has a lot of Claymation, has Richard Moll, and looks like most of it was shot in 1979. And by the way that weird bootleg Jane Fonda workout music video that was going on in the train didn’t make a lick of sense but I still give the chaos of a film 2 stars. If interested, the film has finally seen the light of day on Blu-ray.


Slimy Little Bastards (YouTube/DVD) – A cheapie but goodie from independent actor turned independent filmmaker Dave Parker gives us a film about a curator who tries to help a gentleman in need as his van “took a poop’ on him. While the curator looks for a car jack for the gentleman he tells him three stories about rare small creatures he likes to collect: ‘Organic Shit’, ‘Brain Busters’, ‘The Crusties’. If you are a Dustin Wayde Mills fan you will notice a couple familiar faces along with Dustin acting in front of the camera for Mr. Parker. The film is a gooey fantastic entertaining fun ride that doesn’t over stay its welcome in the anthology film world. I believe Mr. Parker did a fine job of giving independent fans something fun to add to their collections as I give it 2 ½ out of 4 stars. Plus I couldn’t stop laughing when a character in the last story pointed to a toxic shitfrog and ask “is that a jugaloo?”


From Whisper to a Scream (DVD) – One of my favorite filmmakers Jeff Burr got a chance to direct Vincent Price in this anthology that was very early in his career. But also I have always known this film as “The Offspring” with its creepy box art from 1987 of a small creature peeking out of a tear in the picture. Vincent Price plays a librarian who chronicles stories of the small town Oldfield. He begins telling them to a woman posing as a journalist questioning Price’s character on his niece’s execution. First story deals with an old dude having sex with a corpse and surprise comes nine months later. Second story deals with a man who wants immortality after he is brought back to life after being left for dead. Third story is about a freakshow romance that ends in buckets of gore and sadness. And the last story is about the Civil War ending and some Union soldiers having the tables turned on them when they come across some children fending for themselves. A lesser known but a very solid anthology that gets lost in the shuffle when horror fans recall some of their favorites. But believe me with its new release on DVD/Blu-ray many horror fans will be happy and it will make many more with its availability as I give the film 3 stars.


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