Bloodbaths and Boomsticks have their Blaxploitation episode up!


This week Tim is on vacation so we called upon the only man who can solve all of our current race related problems T-SHIRT JOE!  So firstly on Blaxploitation week John brings us SOUL BROTHERS OF KUNG FU, And Then Joe talks about a Bernie Casey jam called DR. BLACK AND MR. HYDE.  And finally Kyle cools us out and chats about a tale of a racist white man played by genre staple WILLIAM SMITH trying to push drugs into a clean neighborhood in BLACK SAMSON.  Along the way we talk about all the old time comedy duos we can’t stand, what is with all the recent anti-Asian hatred,  Why Kyle now hates THE OUTSIDERS (except Estevez,  that dude is harsh),  We also cover all the news, Answer all your listener questions, and cover what we have been watching the last week.  So download this episode or Bernie Casey won’t cure your bad case of Hepatitis at his Health clinic/thrift store.