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Come find me in the film room kids as my new book makes its first public appearance and I will have copies for sale! for details of this fun event

HR spring 2015

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A.P. Fuchs has a review book for you!



Superheroes have invaded film more in the past decade and a half than they have in their entire history. From major blockbusters like Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Trilogy, to DC Entertainment’s line of fantastic direct-to-video animated films, to other super-flicks like The Incredibles, superheroes are enjoying a major resurgence in popular culture and fans have now entered a golden era of superhero cinema. Lifelong superhero fan and author A.P. Fuchs has made it his mission to see every superhero movie that’s been brought to screen. Collected here are his first one hundred reviews, covering the major blockbusters of today to the lesser-known super flicks of yesterday along with everything in between. Reviewing such classics as the original Christopher Reeve Superman films to the jaw-dropping Marvel Phase One series that include Iron Man 1 and 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers, to the movies that arguably started the current age of superhero cinema: The X-Men franchise, he’s got this amazing genre covered. Also included are a multitude of animated features, superhero movies that didn’t quite hit at the box office, pulp heroes and more. Look, Up on the Screen! is a collection of reviews for the serious superhero filmgoer from a diehard fan who’s seen nearly all of what the superhero motion picture field has to offer. Whether your theatre is at the cineplex or in your own home, this is one collection that’s a must-add to your bookshelf of behind-the-scenes goodies, movie guides, superhero film novelizations and graphic novels. About the Author A.P. Fuchs is the author of many novels and short stories. His most recent books are Canadian Scribbler: Collected Letters of an Underground Writer; Redemption of the Dead, the third book in his zombie trilogy, Undead World; Axiom-man: City of Ruin; the paranormal romance trilogy, Blood of my World; and Zombie Fight Night: Battles of the Dead, in which zombies fight such classic monsters as werewolves, vampires, Bigfoot, and even go up against awesome foes like pirates, ninjas, and Bruce Lee. Also a cartoonist, he is known for his superhero series, The Axiom-man Saga, both in novel and comic book format.

Please see for more on this series. Fuchs’s main website is

Ap 2

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Check out “Winter Legend” from a first time author!!!


Virgil has always had a knack for finding things – an excellent journalist trait. As the victim of a society that seems far too easily swayed by impressively white teeth, and equally impressive cleavage, Virgil finds himself out of work, and homeless. Desperate for a commission, he accepts an assignment to write a “fluff piece” about the current winter holiday, and its remarkably attractive character. There’s journalistic integrity, and then there’s reality. The man has to eat, you know.
Always the astute investigator, Virgil attacks his assignment with his usual, obsessive zeal. But he quickly discovers that the new holiday’s “bringer of gifts” has no origins, no background. And absolutely nothing seems to explain why she dresses in tight, revealing clothing. Intrigued, he decides to dive deep into the murky waters of the past, to a time when society celebrated a holiday called Christmas. His research uncovers something shocking: Christmas has been completely erased from history!
Virgil becomes obsessed with the long-forgotten myth, thus beginning his epic, global quest to find the Winter Legend.

Info about the first time author:

E.S. Brtko was born just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Always the creative type, he discovered a love of music and writing at a very early age. At age 10 he began playing the trumpet, but quickly moved to saxophone. By the time he had reached 16 years of age, Mr. Brtko had taught himself to play several musical instruments. However, his love of writing flourished during his later years of high school, and soon, it became his main focus. He won the coveted Quill and Scroll Award for Journalism twice, and has been published in several magazines.
Mr. Brtko spent the greater part of his early adulthood living in different cities and states, sometimes living out of his repurposed, old, hockey equipment bag. This period fed his adventurous and creative inclinations. He has worked a variety of different jobs – including Sales Manager, Professional Piano Player, and Corporate Trainer. Mr. Brtko published his first novel, “Winter Legend”, in 2014. He has now returned to Pittsburgh, his city of birth, where he lives with his wife and son.



Coming Soon Gross Movie Reviews fans!!!


Its been over a year in the making and its all coming to a finish very soon. This is the final artwork from great friend and a great artist Ed Quillin! This book will mark a new beginning or the beginning of the end for me as an author. As any author can tell you it can be tough trying to sell your work?… But anyway crazy movie fans this marks book number eight I have produced in the past 11 years so keep an eye out for its release day and until then enjoy Ed Quillin’s wonderful artwork and

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“The Fall of Tomorrow” book is simply BRILLIANT!


“The Fall of Tomorrow” book is simply BRILLIANT!


Review by Tim Gross

 Fall 2

I don’t get to read too many books because my eyes are usually locked on the latest independent film for review or I am searching through my piles of movies looking for the next zombie flick to watch. But when I do read I like to make sure the book is going to be interesting, something that draws me back to the book since if I’m not watching a shitload of horror movies I am like most people working our fingers to the bone for a paycheck. The book has to be a little different, something off, maybe even a little random and David J. Fairhead’s “The Fall of Tomorrow” has all of that and then some. It’s a little Lovecraft, a little Steve King’s “The Cell” and “The Mist”, and a little of just plain good versus evil!


The book is structured in a unique way of people telling their stories of where they came from and how they are going to find this place of light somewhere in Ohio. But the story begins with the earth opening up and literally creatures of unimaginable proportions devouring the population and eventually blackening out the sun till there is maybe two hours of daylight left since they hunt during the night. The book’s main character named Kyle describes the beginnings of what becomes known among the survivors as “The Fall”. Kyle, a man who like all is trying to survive this purge of humanity by demon-like insects that come in all shapes and sizes and have planned this attack for many years. Kyle is able to find a place where the light keeps the demons at bay and is a safe place for survivors. He puts out a radio show, distress call, whatever you want to call it out across the radio airwaves to tell people about the place of “light” and that it is getting bigger. But also he wants the survivors to document and leave notes for others about themselves and their struggles or discoveries of the beasts they are trying survive along the way. Like I said the book is uniquely structure since Kyle is the main character but is only in a couple chapters as each chapter usually follows a different person or group of persons as they document their travel to Ohio.


I just love the book because for me it is structured kinda like an anthology and I could visualize the book as a movie as I read every word. But also the descriptions, names, and variety of demons or creatures that are in the book are amazing, frightening, and just plain bad ass! “The Fall of Tomorrow” to me is like David J. Fairhead reached deep into our childhood dreams and memories and brought our nightmares of monsters and demons to life in this absolutely brilliant, bleak, apocalyptic world of survival! And Mr. Fairhead I am thankful for this wonderful book as I give it 4 out of 4 stars. The book can be purchased at .

The Fall

Empire of the B’s is on sale again!


The ‘Pulse-pounding’ saga of the Charles Band Empire…
377 pages written by Dave Jay

Charles Robert Band is one of the last great B-movie survivors-a genuine pioneer who, over four decades, forged such a unique path through the no man’s land of independent genre cinema that many thought him more than capable of seizing legendary producer Roger Corman’s long-held crown as ‘King of the B-movies’. The 1970s through to the late 1980s was the last great ‘golden age’ for the B-movie community, and with a non-stop series of grindhouse classics like Laserblast, Parasite, Re-Animator and Dolls for his own company Empire Pictures, it was the era that saw Charles Band take his rightful place in the indie hall of fame as Emperor of the ‘B’s.
FOREWORD written by Stuart Gordon!

Click HERE: to watch Charles Band himself talk about the book!

There’s only a small shipment in from the UK. Get yours while supplies last!


“The Lake Bodom Blood Murders” book review


The Lake Bodom Blood Murders

 Lake Bodom Murders book

Book Reviewed by Tim Gross


Author Matt Demas is back with his latest book that is a lot different than his past books that have dealt with fiction aka his favorite subject:  zombies in Pittsburgh. He takes a whack at non-fiction with his latest creation about a little known tragic event that happened early summer of 1960. Where four early twenty-somethings went camping and three died brutally while one survived after the horrific ordeal. The four friends were a perfect group of friends that were torn apart by something evil but it became much more than the normal murder case that went unsolved for years until 2004 where the book begins? Where a young detective brings into the interrogation room an older man in his late 60s by the name of Byron, and he just so happens to be the lone survivor of the brutal attack at Lake Bodom! The authorities or I should say a detective who worked the case as a rookie begins to ask him questions believing there is a lot more to the story, the legend, or the unsolved cold case 44 years later. Mr. Demas takes you through the whole ordeal of the brutal event in 1960 and even throws out his own theories that make you think what really happened. Matt Demas did a great job of making the book a fast read for people and that is saying something since it takes me forever to read books. Plus, Demas for his first non-fiction outing has written a book that is perfect for readers who enjoy consuming themselves with unsolved mysteries, cold cases, hell I was waiting for Mulder and Scully to show up at the end to declare it an X-file. For me Matt still young and it shows in his writing, has grown and made huge strides to make the transition from writing fiction to non-fiction. This to me makes me believe Matt is just beginning to become an accomplished writer for the long run and other readers of his books should feel the same way after reading his latest book. I give the book 3 ½ out of 4 stars and the book is available on

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Spooky Skwerl Stories: 3. Skeletons in the Closet


Authored by William L. Bozarth, Laura D. James

When a friend disappears, the squirrels begin what resembles a wild goose chase around town.

Where did he go?
Who is to blame?
Will they ever see him again?

Sharks, hot dogs, and bats! Oh my!

Publication Date:

Oct 28 2013


1492824909 / 9781492824909

Page Count:


Binding Type:

US Trade Paper

Trim Size:

5″ x 8″




Black and White

Related Categories:

Juvenile Fiction / Horror & Ghost Stories


Can be purchased here: