Four… Way… Dance!


This week we check in on two dudes from the old times.  First we have Vincent Price in HOUSE OF WAX in 3D.  Then we cover FRANKIE AVALON in The HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORRORS. Also we answer all your questions over Facebook live and recount the weeks watching habits. ENJOY FUCKERS!


This wee Tim and Kyle return to talk about a Fred Olen Ray joint in THE EVIL SPAWN.  And we got a well-loved flick from the best year for movie ever 1987 in THE HIDDEN.  Also we have the usual nonsense of question answering and recounting of the weeks film watching activities.  I assure you it’s great.


On this episode we travel to 1987 (because it was the best year for movies of all time) to talk about 2 absolute staples of the genre.  First we got HELLO MARY LOU:  PROM NIGHT 2.  Then we check in on David Bowie’s zombie and his possessed television set in THE VIDEO DEAD.  Also, we have witty banter with our questions from our fans and talk about all the movies we watched in the weeks past.


This week we have our annual GAME OF THRONES: SEASON & RECAP show.  With the usual guest T-SHIRT JOE.  And also MOE PORNE from the NO BUDGET NIGHTMARES podcast.  We have our thoughts on the fate of the iron throne,  who dies… who should have dies… and how we think all this mess is gonna end up.  So enjoy the show because “The night is long and full of terrors”.


T-shirt Joe and Kyle do a recap of this season’s Game of Thrones


As a departure from the regular movie talk Kyle and T-Shirt Joe got together to give you what they thought of Season 5 of the best television series that has ever graced the small screen Game of Thrones.  we discuss the ins and outs of cock merchantry, The “shit or get off the pot” plot lines,  why Kyle is 100% team Stannis,  who may or may not be dead, plot theories and hopes, and T-Shirt Joe gets dunked on by Brienne of Tarth.  So check it out! And if you still believe that The Hound is dead….. You’re wrong! Sponsored by

episode 165

I haven’t watched one second of Game of Thrones so Kyle and T-shirt Joe team up for a special podcast!



Kyle and fellow Game of Thrones fan T-Shirt Joe got together to record this one off episode.  And as 2 guys who have never read the books we won’t spoil anything for you.  We discuss our favorite people on the show, memorable episodes, and try to predict what will happen in the future. Also be sure to count the time we say “oh yeah, that dude.  Or, “you remember, that one guy”.  There will be a test later. And remember in the game of podcasts, you either win…… or you die.  So enjoy.

game of thrones