Another Bloodbaths and Boomsticks episode up for your listening pleasures.


This week we return with 2 movies from the best year for horror of all time 1987 and what will probably be movie of the year for at least one of us.  First we have a weirdo bug/outbreak flick called BLUE MONKEY a.k.a. INSECT.  Then John covers an all-time classic horror jam in THE GATE, and Tim covers the most Tim Gross movie of the year in VFW.  We also cover this week’s watches, answer your questions and read all the news that was fit to print (or makeup).
So download this episode or you will throw up some white dog doo doo.

Two new episodes for your listening pleasures


This week we welcome back our good buddy Jon Cross to the show to talk about one of our favorite subjects DONALD PLEASENCE in HALLOWEEN 6, TREASURE OF THE YANKEE ZEPHYR, and DOUBLE TARGET.  We also chat about missing Rutger Hauer in the new Blade Runner flick,  A brief history of The X-Files, Kyle falls down a Verne Troyer based YouTube wormhole, Vietnam flicks,  The awesomeness of Paul L. Smith,  Mothra hatred, and most importantly DONALD god damn PLEASENCE!!!!

This week Tim and Kyle get together to discuss a movie that is a hotly contested subject out there in internet land in THE SHAPE OF WATER.  Also we chat about a flick that could be called Victorian Ghostbusters in WINCHESTER.  And a flick about a killer clown before the glut of killer clown movies that we are getting now these days in AMUSEMENT.  Also we discover Kyle’s extreme hatred of Michael Shannon, Destroyed bathrooms, CHUDS, and other nonsensical garbage.  So enjoy!

If episode 157 wasn’t enough, check out 158 with Jon Cross!


episode 158


This week we welcome back our good bud JON CROSS of THE AFTER MOVIE DINER PODCAST to talk about what happens when you anger a midget in THE DEVIL WITHIN HER A.K.A. MURDERBABY!!!  Tim reviews what could possibly be a lost full moon movie in GINGERCLOWN.  And, Kyle suffers through DARIO ARGENTO’S DRACULA 3-D.  Also we read your listener questions, chat about a myriad of topics, and we lay down the challenge to Jon of recording an entire album of songs about nothing but DONALD PLEASENCE!  THE PLEASENCING IS UPON US!!!


Bloodbaths and Boomsticks enjoys special guest Jon Cross coming by…


This week we welcome back one of our favorite dudes in the podcast game Mr. Jon Cross.  We get into all sorts of nonsense such as how Wolfman Jack single-handedly impregnated the 70’s,  Zidgets (zombie midgets), Italian devil movies, Sho Kusugi’s ninja star madness, Liam Neeson failing at the theater, Tim shares his line-up for the out of print room at Pittsburgh’s Horror realm convention, we fix The X-Files, And all things Kareem Abdul Jabbar.  All this and the regular ramblings.

 episode 149


Episode 110 is up and we will be off to Cinema Wasteland to hang for a day!


This week Jon Cross returns as we all give him a collective croup hug and mourn his beard loss. Tim covers an awesome Full Moon space western with the always great Andrew Divoff in Oblivion and Oblivion 2.  We hate vegans and their sort in Blood Diner brought to you by Jon Cross.  And a grumpy TLJ goes after an Indian witch in Ron Howard’s western / horror mash-up The Missing.  Along the way we talk about Danny Trejo vs. The Kool-Aid Man, Kyle see the movie of the year so far, Tim goes off the rails in a Trancers based rant, The crap that eventually be Ghostbusters 3.  And in this week dead or alive…. Paul Hogan???