Looking for a vendor spot at Grossfest 2020?


GrossFest Vendors

As im sure you’ve heard GrossFest will be 2 days next year. That means double the fun but not double the price. Yes you heard me right.

For GrossFest 2020 vendor tables are only $80 for both days!

The balcony will also be open to vendors this time around.

We accept cash, checks or PayPal.

So if you’re interested in being a vendor or have any other questions, email us at grossfest@gmail.com

As always thank you for your support!! We couldn’t do this without you!!

Grossfest is looking for Vendors!


With the holidays over and the new year underway, why not get involved with a great up and coming independent horror convention, GROSSFEST! Saturday, July 20th, 2019

With our first year being a big success and vendor spaces selling out quickly, we have changed to a new location and are able to add more vendors! Located at
Doubletree hotel
340 racetrack road
Washington pa 15301

If interested please email us grossfest@gmail.com
Tables are only $50!




Don’t forget if you are a filmmaker contact me about getting your film to our Grossfest contest?