Speaking about Grossfest 2023 this August 5th…

Since we have filled about ¾’s of the ballroom with vendors and guests (get your table soon folks) thought it was time to speak out? Say hey or how yinz doing n’at? What are the Gross Brothers doing?

Answer: The same thing we were doing in 2018… (Besides Tom Gross being a famous actor) Giving a convention or I should word it this way a home for independent vendors, filmmakers, authors, and actors to thrive. Independent movie fans we are in a world of autograph shows these days where its $125 to shake the hand of a John Carpenter and table prices for that convention that make you question you going on as an artist? We are not here to debate these actions but just like five years ago we are trying to give artists an alternative of not breaking the bank or destroying your budgets to do your next project while promoting the most recent one. We ain’t reinventing the wheel, we are just trying to have a fun convention where we all can have fun, network, sell some cool shit, and keep this cool exciting event going year in and year out! I have said it before “This is either the beginning of the end or Grossfest has just got started”. We know there is a few of yinz out there hope we don’t succeed, we know there is some of yinz watching and staying quiet to see how we do going big again (it’s cool, we will be waiting for you next year), there is a couple of yinz waiting for us to go to two day event (don’t worry we are waiting for yinz too) and we know we have our Grossfest die hards. Point is people if yinz want this to be fun and survive we will need your help: Know a vendor that could be interested? Tell them contact grossfest@gmail.com as the spaces are only $50! Know people who want to check this event out? Admission is $10 the day of the show at the door of the ballroom. Spread the word of Grossfest as our goal is not just to make money to sustain the event but for it to get bigger to bring more or different Indy guests in, play more movies, have people get together and come up with awesome crazy independent film, book, or artwork ideas, or most of all just make it the premiere event for all yinz independent folk. Remember you never know when you might be shaking hands with the next John Carpenter or even (because it is Pittsburgh) the next George A. Romero and it didn’t cost you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. Now for my closing statement: we are not here to compete against other conventions as much as to be what we always were, Grossfest… because remember we are the joke that keeps on going and told we could never do this… so why can’t we just support independent cinema, have fun doing it, and see where it goes?  See yinz August 5th for our one day Grossfest!


August 5th, Saturday 11-7pm

Hotel details:

Comfort Inn Conference Center Pittsburgh East

699 Rodi Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15235

412-244-1600 or www.comfortinnpittsburgh.com

Need reservations? https://www.choicehotels.com/reservations/groups/TP87S2

Grossfest 2023 Vendors so far…

Cluck, Cluck Productions

Glyphs & Glam

Dazed and Disorderly

Barry the Movie Demon

Wolf Hollow LLC

MMH Productions

Pgh Scrubs Guy

Minerva’s Trinkets

Nostalgic Nightmare Productions

Face Melt Productions

Broaden Torture Productions

Drunken Yinzers Productions

Video Nasty Productions

13 Occult

Shoggoth Suds

Midnight Magazine

Independent American Pictures

Addison Binek

Lou Ickes


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