Bloodbaths and Boomsticks drops another episode!


We are back once again with yet again 3 more flicks that we found outside a dumpster behind an old video store.  First Tim checks out a Don “the dragon” Wilson flick in the original Bloodspot rip off BLOODFIST. You remember how much Kyle loved Graveyard Disturbance? Well, he found a movie that was made on the same sets and by the same director in Lamberto Bava’s DINNER WITH A VAMPIRE.  And lastly John checks out a Roger Corman produced flick in DINOCROC.  We also chat about football (as usual).  Kyle watches The Hunt for Red October to honor the recently departed Sean Connery. We have a discussion about who is the greatest comedian of all time.  We answer your questions and review what we have been watching lately.  so download this episode or George Carlin will yell 7 very specific words at you.

Episode 202 is up folks!


This week we welcome back our bud John Portanova to talk about 2 Roger Corman killer baby flicks in THE UNBORN and THE UNBORN 2.  Also we get a treat as a very drunk Tim (A.K.A) convention Tim shows up to talk about more Roger Corman stuff in SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE 3.  And Kyle brings a real gross out flick in the story of Ezra Cobb in DERANGED.  Also, we have Albert Puyn’s weird broken finger.