It’s been a month but we got three new episodes of Bloodbaths and Boomsticks podcast for you!

This week we do one of our favorite shows with one of our favorite people T-Shirt Joe.  And that show will be a recap of the good, the bad, and the mediocre of 2021.  Everyone else did it so why no us.  So download this episode or NO T-SHIRT FOR YOU (because Seinfeld… ya know)

This week Tim, Kyle and John return to talk about yet 3 more movies that you may have overlooked.  First John talks about a great flick that was theatrically released last year but didn’t do much at the box office in the great monster flick ANTLERS.  Then Kyle talks about a buddy druggie flick that stars 2pac and Tim Roth in one of those “everything goes wrong” movies in GRIDLOCK’D. And finally Tim chats about one of his favorite independent comedies to come out lately in BURGERON BROTHERS: WEDDIN VIDEOGRAPHERS,  Along the way we chat about the current state of the foosballs, how Kyle got THE COVID, We got your questions and all the news that’s fit to chat about.  ALSO, we take the first trip down the Amityville road by talking about the O.G. Amityville Horror movie in what will be us covering a 52 week series reviewing any movie with Amityville in the title.  So download this episode or GET OUT!!!!!

This time Tim, Kyle and John come back and bring another 3 flicks from the deep recesses of your local mom and pop video store to talk about.  First we have an oldie but a goodie and what may be a very early inspiration for Batman in THE BAT WHISPERS.  Then Kyle finds out what happens when Corey Feldman and his buddies get up to when they find rocket launchers and a pissed off Don Swayze while playing grab ass in the woods in EDGE OF HONOR.  And Finally John talks about an Agatha Christie adaptation starring Donald Pleasence and Frank Stallone in the Cannon Groups’ version of 10 LITTLE INDIANS.  We also get up to our old nonsense like talking football, reading the news, and answering your questions.  So download this episode or your less talented sibling will tell you to listen to another podcast.

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