Halfway to Grossfest-o-ween

Hey Grossfest fans it has been a long time but mark your calendars for May 1st, 2022 as we have an event for you! It is our “Halfway to Grossfest-o-ween” event sponsored by Willow Station Restaurant/Bar. In attempt to make all people in the independent horror community happy: vendors, filmmakers, authors, attendees, artists, etc. We are having an outdoor event in the back parking lot of Willow Station Restaurant and Bar in Castle Shannon, Pa. The back parking lot of the building and patio will be the place to be from 10am to 3pm. Vendor spaces will be 10 x 10 (you supply table, chairs, tent if wanted) as this will be a rain or shine event. The limited spaces are $25 and (just one space to a vendor and of course first to pay, first to get them). If you are just attending the event to see what horror related stuff people will have at the Grossfest event the admission is free for all but we encourage for you to go inside this wonderful bar/restaurant Willow Station, as they have delicious food and great drinks. Menus will be inside as you must order and pay inside. This will hopefully be the beginning of many upcoming Grossfest events we are planning.

Willow Station

3841 Willow Ave.

 Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Their hours for that day will be 11am – 4pm.

https://www.thewillowstation.com/ or www.facebook.com/3841WillowStation

As always if there are any questions or you want a vendor application, please email us at grossfest@gmail.com or find us Tom or Tim Gross on Facebook.

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