Gross Movie Reviews #561

Gross Movie Reviews #561

The Amityville Curse (DVD) – Okay kids if you are counting at home this number five in the series where a priest is murdered in his confessional thingy and someone had the bright idea to store it in the legendary haunted house. (It’s not the original house but just go with it.) We get character actor Kim Coates as part of a group of five people garb the home to fix and flip before that was a thing on TV. As they begin work on the house almost immediately supernatural shit happens or is the character Frank just crazy or is the house possessed by the confessional thingy? This movie leaves you with more questions than answers but we do get a possessed cat in the last frame of the film to keep the series alive as I give this entry 2 stars.

Easter Bunny Massacre (DVD) – During the underappreciated holiday weekend called Easter a group of high school seniors head out to party in the woods. But in the morning they wake to find one of their own has been murdered and all unsure who did it? Of course the best thing is to cover it up and a year passes only for these degenerates to be invited to an Easter celebration and go to it. All their invites is from the dead girl Heather but also this film is from the U.K. believing high school seniors care about Easter? Any hooey, another “massacre” flick off the list as I give it 1 star.

Massacre County (DVD/YouTube) – If by some chance you live overseas and reading this review the film over your neck of the woods is ‘Massacre Country’… it was made in Brazil and they are trying to cater to all audiences, Nevermind. We are immediately introduced to a clown being interrogated by authorities who they believe just massacred a group of people? Nevermind the sadistic looking farmer wearing the animal mask but there is a reason as the story unfolds. Most of the film is a story going back and forth between clown and cop telling what happened. Basically a group of horny people head for a vacation for a few days only to be met by two clowns who want to burglarize them for their money. But things get bloody and sideways quickly. A fun little weird horror flick that didn’t need to be pushing the two hour time limit or it would have been much more enjoyable as I give it 2 stars.

Amityville 1992: It’s About Time (DVD) – And onto number six but this one looks like it is somewhat coherent or at least at first glance since it stars Stephen Macht and Megan Ward. This time around Stephen Macht brings home a possessed clock home for the family from the east coast. Bottom line kids’ evil must find a new home! After Macht’s character gets chomped on by the neighborhood dog Peaches he loses his mind and draws pictures of the original Amityville home and things get weird for the whole family. It was somewhat entertaining as I give this entry 2 stars.

The Haunted Strangler (DVD/YouTube) – This late 50s flick has Boris Karloff in old school London as a novelist who is investigating a killer named “Styles” who is long dead. James believed Styles never fit the actions he was accused of and wants to look deeper into the murders that happened decades before. Rankin’s research revolves around a missing surgical knife from a doctor’s kit he believes this is the key to what he is looking for? Mr. Rankin figures out the knife was buried with Styles and digs it up but to his horror the object changes him Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde style. Every time Rankin grabs for the knife he becomes a different person and begins to murder knowing in the end the knife must be buried again or destroyed. Not the perfect gem late in Karloff’s career but still a good one to watch as clearly Karloff enjoyed the role as I give the film 2 ½ stars.

The New Invisible Man (DVD/YouTube) – The film in Mexico is known as ‘El Hombre Invisible’ and dubbed in English on the YouTube. A man named Charles Hill is wrongly accused of murder but the police want their man and he was the one found at the murder scene. Meanwhile Hill’s brother is working on a formula for invisibility that the wife of Charles hopes he perfects to use on Hill in prison to get him out. Hill’s brother makes a surprise visit to the prison hospital since authorities are worried about Charles and injects him with the experimental formula. Surprisingly the formula works and Charles is able to escape prison being hidden by his wife but the authorities are determined to track him down and bring him back. As usual Charles goes a bit insane and wants to rule the world but his insanity stops him from making the clean escape from authorities as I give this late 50s flick 2 stars.

Amityville: A New Generation (DVD) – In the seventh entry they are just throwing money around as we got a cast of Richard Roundtree, David Naughton, Terry O’Quinn, and that bad ass woman from ‘First Blood II’! A group of artists live in a building where they are planning to have an art show to show off their works when they ain’t bumping uglies. A homeless person gives a mirror to a photographer and asks him, “to look deeper”. Once the mirror enters the loft of course it is killing people who look into it because it’s from the original Amityville house again. A couple sweaty sex scenes, some gore, the photographer finds out his father was the homeless man who gave him the mirror and wants him to enter the family business of murder… supposedly? Surprisingly the film isn’t horrible but the ending seems to go on forever as I give this entry 2 stars.

Amityville: Dollhouse (DVD) – This mid-90s flick is the eighth entry into the movie series where a family moves into a newly built home in the middle of nowhere. Dad finds a replica Amityville dollhouse out back in the shed and brings it in for a birthday present for his daughter. Of course the replica doesn’t take long in possessing the newly built home and trying to kill its occupants when it isn’t causing stepmom having sex dreams of her teenage stepson causing someone who watched this to start a sub-genre for PornHub?! When the replica isn’t playing on everyone’s dream apparently it is cheaper to build a house when there is an old fireplace? Believe me pay attention as this film goes off the rails with its dialog and how the whole kids, step kids, mom and dad dynamic doesn’t make a lick of sense but it’s an Amityville film so let’s not let that get in the way of logic as I give this sequel 1 star. 

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