We dropped another episode of Bloodbaths and Boomsticks

We return this week to talk once again about 3 fine fright flicks.  First Baron Frankenstein reanimates a sexy lady in the hammer horror flick FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN.  Then we talk about a true old time classic full of monsters in ABBOT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (a first time watch for Kyle) And finally Kyle picks a new flick completely at random in 2020’s STAIRS a.k.a. BLACK OPS a.k.a. THE ASCENT… cause you know a film with 3 titles has to be awesome, right?  We also get into topics such as assorted Batman butlers, what we watched over Halloween, John’s dislike of Tenacious D, The greatness of Hell Night and the beauty of young Linda Blair, Kyle watched a great movie about a killer hair weave, We also got news, listener questions, and a ton of other fun stuff.  So download this episode or Scarlett Johansen will remake your favorite old time monster movie…. and we don’t want that.


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