New Bloodbaths and Boomsticks episode is now up!


On this episode we invite Patricia back on the show because we are terrible podcasters that keep forgetting to read her reviews.  And she is bringing along a truly weird black magic kung fu flick KUNG FU FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE.  Also, Kyle attempts to right the wrong and cover one of the weirdest flicks to ever come out of Hollywood in the Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd monster movie/funhouse mash up NOTHING BUT TROUBLE.  Tim talks about a real oddity from the 70’s that is a snapshot of van culture in SUPERVAN.  And John rounds out this mega sized episode with a really great and timely post-apocalyptic flick THE LAST CHASE.  We also chat about the newest Jason Statham jam, Kyle watches into the night for the first time, our favorite cameos, dangerous playgrounds and a whole lot more.  We also answer your questions, run down what we have been watching over the last few weeks, and all the news that is fit to talk about. So download this episode or John Landis will drop a helicopter on your head.

God bless our lord Rutger Hauer as Bloodbaths and Boomsticks drops another show!


This week Tim is off because he is a god fearing man who celebrates the resurrection of our lord and savior Rutger Hauer but Kyle, John, and our returning guest Patricia are godless heathens who bow to no deity.  On this show we talk about our first movie chosen by Kyle has to do with a rebel high school girl looking to thwart an active school shooting in RUN HIDE FIGHT.  The John pulls out a really good drive in movie gem from the 1970’s in THE SEVERED ARM.  And finally Patricia talks about a zany suburban mom that likes 3 things.  Birds, Herschel Gordon Lewis movies, and serial slayings in SERIAL MOM.  We also chat about those cool prizes we used to get in cereal boxes, what we have been watching, disappointing flicks Kyle remembers from the 90’s.  John’s long marathons watch of all 16 Witchcraft movies. And we answer all your listener questions.  So download this episode or we will throw dog hair all over your collection of wacky wall crawlers.

Bloodbaths and Boomsticks drops two new episodes!


On this episode we bring back 3 more movies from the grave to talk about as we do every week.  And this week its SPOOFS week.  First we chat about The Hanson Bros. vs. an undead sailor Richard Kiel in HYSTERCIAL from 1983.  Then we give Jim Wynorski a shot in his epic TRANSYLVANIA TWIST.  And finally Tim talks about the sequel SATURDAY THE 14th STRIKES BACK.  We also cover getting out COVID 19 vaccines and the aftermath; Tim is still watching “massacre” flicks, the director’s cut of Commando.  And we also ramble on about what we have been watching, the news that was, and we answer all your listener questions.  So download this episode or Bill Duke will stab you with a table leg.

This week we return to settle an argument we had a few shows back… or maybe we return just to have a list show… who knows?  But we do have a special guest host PATRICIA.  The lovely lady who runs our letterboxed and instagram account. And we will all be recounting our favorite slasher flicks of all time.  This episode is a doozy and was great fun to participate in.  So check it out if you love masked killers, doomsayers, summer camps, machetes, dismemberment, Larry Drake, and of course boobs.  We also do the normal thing of answering all your listener questions.  Run down what we have been watching the past week, and all that jazz.  So download this episode or else Christian Bale will mock your lackluster business cards.