New Bloodbaths and Boomsticks episode is now up!

On this episode we invite Patricia back on the show because we are terrible podcasters that keep forgetting to read her reviews.  And she is bringing along a truly weird black magic kung fu flick KUNG FU FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE.  Also, Kyle attempts to right the wrong and cover one of the weirdest flicks to ever come out of Hollywood in the Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd monster movie/funhouse mash up NOTHING BUT TROUBLE.  Tim talks about a real oddity from the 70’s that is a snapshot of van culture in SUPERVAN.  And John rounds out this mega sized episode with a really great and timely post-apocalyptic flick THE LAST CHASE.  We also chat about the newest Jason Statham jam, Kyle watches into the night for the first time, our favorite cameos, dangerous playgrounds and a whole lot more.  We also answer your questions, run down what we have been watching over the last few weeks, and all the news that is fit to talk about. So download this episode or John Landis will drop a helicopter on your head.

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