Kyle finally woke up at the controls to post two more episodes of Bloodbaths and Boomsticks!

WE’RE NOT DEAD YET!!!!  This week we return to catch up after Kyle returns from a trip to see Tim in Pittsburgh to attend wedding of the century of our good friend and yours Out of Print Dan.  That entire aside we will be covering 3 more flicks.  The first being a weak ass independent joint called ZILLAFOOT.  The second a grand, grand WTF movie from Indonesia called DEMON SWORD.  And finally a weirded out Hollywood jam that is still perplexing to Kyle in A CURE FOR WELLNESS.  We also talk about what we have been watching, we spin the wheel of time, and we answer your listener questions.  All that and such topics as strange giallo titles, John’s upcoming attempt at cinematic suicide as he hopes to try to watch all things Charles Band has ever done, And Kyle pitches his new movie premise for Bonobo Cop… Half Man, Half Monkey… All justice!  So download this episode or “I’ll let the monkey’s loose”

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