Help Glenn get to his goal of making a sequel!


For anybody always interested in helping out with producing an Indy project, here is a great friend/filmmaker looking for some help? Here you go: If you know anyone who’s looking to boost their film resume, I’m offering associate producer credits for those who donate $100 – $249 to the project, and I’m offering executive producer credits for those who donate more than $250. And just so everyone is clear, this is not a horror film in any way, it’s an action/comedy. Thank you for your time!

Episode 131 is up and we interview a special guest!


This week Kyle and Tim have an interview with Glenn Berggoetz. Director of Midget Zombie Takeover, To Die Is Hard, and The Worst Movie Ever.  We are also talking about Jeffrey Combs’ signature role Herbert West in Re-Animator. And a movie that features on of the last time anyone ever saw skinny Val Kilmer in The Salton Sea.  We also talk about Kyle’s trip to see The Blues Brothers in 35mm.  Tim sees They Call Her One Eye.  And Kyle sees Deadbeat at Dawn for the first time also.  And we get attacked by ads.  So sit back and enjoy our ramblings.

episode 131