We talk some old school Troma and 80s Cunningham flick


This week we return to talk about a true icon of independent film.  TROMA’S flagship THE TOXIC AVENGER.  And Kyle gets to see a flick he has been searching for a long time now in Sean S. Cunningham’s THE NEW KIDS.  Along the way we talk about forgotten department stores and their awesome VHS sales.  Football and Lego skeletal systems.  And weirdo movies that star Jackie Chan and John Cusack.



Episode 98 is now up folks!




This week our patron saint of race relations T-Shirt Joe comes back to the show with a vengeance to put us two crackers in our place by laying down the law on what is and is not racist.  Along the way we talk about degenerate gamblers, what to and what not to do in Mexico, Boardwalk Empire, and we take a small break from the regular horror movies to discuss our favorite comedies.  So don’t be a racist and listen to this episode.  It’s one of our best. And with every download you will be entered into our drawing to get to drink from THE FIRE HOSE!!!!!!!