Bloodbaths and Boomsticks cranking out two more episodes!


This week as we return we find that Tim Gross has been trying to kill himself by watching all 8 Bloodfist movies in a single week.  But I digress… We have 3 movies to talk about.  The first movie we have to talk about is a quasi slasher flick from 1983 in FRIGHTMARE.  Then Peter Cushing melts your bones in ISLAND OF TERROR, and finally an alien visits mother Russia in SPUTNIK.  We also are grateful that no one in the NFL snapped their legs in half; we wonder where Llamas store their laser beams, weird Rankin-Bass made for T.V. movies, and we also do the usual news, what we have been watching, and listener questions.  So download this episode or Llamas will shoot off your dick.

On this episode we come back to chat your ears off about 3 more flicks.  The first is a mainstay HBO jam in the Charlie Sheen road pirate flick THE WRAITH.  Next we talk about possibly the very best “guys in a rubber monster suit” movie in THE GREEN SLIME.  And finally we have PORNO from 202 where some people do some stuff with a sex demon in a theatre.  We also chat about football (as per usual), where in the united states to get the very best cheeses,  Amish fuckery,  Resident evil fuckery,  David Bowie fuckery, and we answer all your listener questions and whatnot…. So download this episode or Ben Roethlisberger will get none of the finest cheese.

On a new episode we tackle films from New Zealand and another film that gets your dick shot off!


As the year came to an end Kyle, after seeing ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: The Story Of Cannon Films decided to sit down and take in what become an action movie that could have only been made in the 80’s.  And that grand piece of film is INVASION U.S.A.  Also Tim uncovers one of the best new movies of the year in HOUSEBOUND.  It’s like if Peter Jackson decided to take a humorous look at the people under the stairs.  And as always we answer your questions and get down to all the usual bullshit.  So download this episode or Richard Lynch will shoot your dick off!

episode 145