Gross Movie Reviews #584

Ash and Bone (Vimeo) – The film starts off as a slasher but quickly becomes a slow burn backwoods thriller where a young Goth girl and family head to a small woodsy town to bond. Dad and Cassie don’t get along well and this trip to a small town vacation spot is supposed to be the answer? When Cassie quickly gets bored she borrows the car, hits up a bar, and finds a couple new friends. They talk about this town legend “the Mckinleys” where some odd small town stories surround this backwoods family that gives the locals scary stories to tell the out-of-towners. Well Cassie and new friends check the place out, break in, but the Mckinleys come back home only to know someone has trespassed, knowing their secrets. Now the backwoods family is pissed and tracks down Cassie, friends, and eventually her family. Again this is much more of a thriller than slasher as it’s more about the chase because Cassie deserves much worse than the others for disturbing Ma! This tale will appeal more to audiences that are looking for more substance than gore as I give the flick 2 ½ out of 4 stars.

Jeepers Creepers Return (On Demand) – AKA part 4 aka the biggest fucking turd of 2022 for horror movie fans! Yes look no further than this crap storm for “worst film of 2022”. Anyhow its 23rd day of the 23rd Spring of whatever who actually gives a flying farthole all you need to know the monster aka a horrible grainy Playstation online game has come to life! Once what could be a great monster is now a poor excuse for a reboot not once but twice with this one being propped up by lets say an “unnamed shitty convention” but lets stick with the crappy film. This time around a young couple traveling to an outdoor horror festival that celebrates killers is set near the ‘urban legend’ of the “Creeper”. Hell, for shits and giggles they claim the first three films are fake to help propped up this so-called pile of elephant shit! Anyhow winners of the “Creeperfest” win a chance at the ‘Creeper Escape room’ at that the legendary house. The only thing going for this monkey turd is the townsfolk is in on the “Creeper legend” but while all yinz whine about the newest “Halloween” flick just remember this already forgotten cartoon poo got shit out there in the viewing universe as I give it nothing and will be my pick for “Worst film of 2022!”

Blood Hook (Blu-ray) – First time watch for me as I picked up the new two-disc Blu-ray from Troma for this 1986 uncut film that has a killer fisherman! Yes kids, Peter inherits his grandpa’s place on the lake where he hasn’t visited since a kid when grandpa got killed. Now 17 years later Peter and friends go to party at the place and check out the annual “Muskie Madness”. Before the young people get settled someone is already hooking their victims in a bloody manner. The uncut version runs close to almost two hours long because of the “devil’s trilogy of notes” man… I would say more but I want yinz to enjoy this rather unknown killer fisherman flick as much as I did as I give it 2 ½ stars.

Hellraiser (Hulu) – The new entry of the series has the puzzlebox, the chains, the music, the pain, the pleasure… okay horror kids I am in as this entry of the Cenobites went out there on a limb and gave fans what they wanted… “A one-off that made actual fucking sense, wasn’t non-sense, a piece of shit only done for movie rights issues, or had FAT PINHEAD!” Anyhow a woman named Ry still fighting her addiction to drugs accidentially begins to solve the puzzlebox and opens a doorway that scares her but also intrigues her of how this thing exists why people would be interested? After losing her brother to the box she become consumed with solving the box to bring him back as if you are able to go through all the phases you are able to “get an audience with GOD”. But while deep into this takes her and friends down a dark path of pain and pleasure they are not ready to experience… This is the best entry since Part 3 and it was nice it felt like it tried giving what fans have wanted for over two decades now as I give this entry 3 stars and hope there is more?

Cannibal Rollerbabes (DVD) – A late 90s film that looks more like a late 80s film found its way to me as I was hoping for another sequel to the “Rollerblade” series? Even I felt cheated it wasn’t a part of that series of films characters Scott and Chuck head off to a cabin on the lake for a weekend of booze, babes, and fishing. This film may have the most random cast of characters I have seen in a cheapy B-flick. Back to Scott and Chuck who find a note in a bottle while fishing that says “People Eating People”. This is where their lives take a turn for the weird as they are starring in “Solent Green” but a low budget film that is much better enjoyed with a group of friends. As this film is a huge Indy mess with not a whole of direction but heart you can respect and enjoy with friends. There is rollerblading and there is weird shit but it is all because of “Research Island”… Dongs are cut off in the name of science as if you don’t like the film you will enjoy the young actress playing Anna as I give this hilarious mess 2 stars.

Halloween Ends (Peacock) – Haddonfield has changed since Michael Myers latest rampage a few years ago including Laurie Strode. With the death of her daughter and watching over her granddaughter she has tried to live a normal life as Michael has disappeared aka (Halloween 5). But Haddonfield has been changed for the worse has death and despair has taken the over the town or evil itself is now ruling the town? With violence being contagious in this town it also doesn’t allow the townsfolk to forgive the Strode family as they are to be blamed for the shittiness of Halloween! So in a small strange twist of fate a young man Corey accused of murder at one point finds Michael Myers or a former shell of the evil that rocked Haddonfield. This is where the story of Michael takes shape as Corey just wanting to fit has decided with Laurie’s granddaughter that maybe its time to burn it all down? (Which if you are paying attention to the subtext there is many that feel this way of humanity and where we are going? Think about it?) Anyhow after Corey awakens Myers and eventually taking his mask this awakens the ‘Boogeyman’ for one more rampage of Haddonfield. I liked where this one went and how they portrayed Michael but I won’t say I love it. But also unlike some of you crazy asses out there you understand you would have bitched also if it was the same old formula??? This entry makes sense in the context of what has happened in Haddonfield in the two films before this but also saying that if you think this is the end yinz are crazy as I will see yinz in 2027 for the next Halloween flick starring Michael Myers as I give this 2 ½ stars. P.S. I do believe there will be a sequel to “Halloween 3” within the next two years just because there is too much money to be made but that will be for another conversation another time my friends.

The Unnamable (DVD) – A pretty fun monster flick based on H.P. Lovecraft’s work from 1988 that in only recent years has gotten the proper DVD release but also the respect as many Lovecraft fans deannounce this flick as many others. But this oddity monster flick always stood out to me and thought it was time to upgrade from a bootleg to this newer “Unearthed Films Classics” version that includes audio commentary and hours of interviews with cast and crew. A hundred years before a home is sealed by the local priest as he believes the devil’s work has been done as the master of the home has had his heart ripped out. Now present day (1988) near Miskatonic University a friend of Howard and Carter goes missing trying to disprove the legend. To make matters worse a couple of fraternity brothers bring their dates to the place in hopes of getting laid but soon find out why no one has steeped foot in the place as a creature has waited for victims to visit. This oddity creature feature is fun, story driven, never played by all the rules of Lovecraft or horror film rules but is tied together in a nice package with the character of Carter who is serious but playful throughout the series of events that take place inside the supposedly haunted home near the college. I really enjoy this horror film and try to revisit it every few years especially now knowing there is a legit DVD and Blu-ray finally out there in the universe. I give it 3 ½ stars but more than other films whether you are a Lovecraft fan or a horror fan I dare you to give this film a chance because something tells me this one will find a soft spot in your black heart?

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