Holy double podcast Batman! Episode 122 and 123 is now up!

This week Tim and Kyle are nursing headaches, but, never the less bring you a outstanding episode.  We are talking about Bronson taking revenge on a serial rapist in 10 Till Midnight, and Tim talks about the shot on video horror flick Death Row Diner.  Also we yammer on about Tim’s daughter’s 16th birthday.  Drunken Badminton.  The difference between bad independent movies and good independent movies. The first time Kyle ever saw Demons, and we a discussion of our top uses of gore in films.  so take a listen and Happy 4th of July.  Now go blow something up. 

 episode 122



This week Kyle talks about joyous drunken Englishmen killing dragons in Dragonslayer. And Tim talks about the Canadian oddity in 1989’s Things.  Along the way we tackle those hard hitting topics such as The Detroit Pistons.  Baseball “ERROR CARDS”.  Freakshow, Saved by the Bell Documentaries.  The how and the why Freddy Kruger A.K.A. Robert Englund needs your $360 bucks for an autograph.  Convention fuckery.  And also movies.  So give us a listen.



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