“D-Day Of The B-movies” Party July 19!

“Trancers” Stars Tim Thomerson & Megan Ward To Appear At

Delirium’s “D-Day Of The B-movies” Release Party July 19!



DELIRIUM, Full Moon’s alternative horror, exploitation, fantasy and cult film magazine has just wrapped its third, lurid and lovely, full color issue and we’re excited to share its bloody, beautiful and badass wonders with our fans! On the cover, you’ll find a vibrant reproduction of rare box art from WIZARD’s long-lost THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Atari video game and we’re using that incredible painting as the hook to high-five the legacy of the film itself. THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and we have an exclusive interview with the man who made it, the master of the macabre Tobe Hooper. Hooper sits down to discuss the genesis of the movie and what it means to not just the horror genre, but cinema culture full stop. From there, we blast off into the entire, serpentine tale of the rise and hard fall of WIZARD Games, charting the creation of both the CHAINSAW and HALLOWEEN titles that retailers were too terrified to stock. You need to read this!

Elsewhere in this bold periodical’s pages you’ll get in-depth interviews with director Dave Parker (THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING), OOGA BOOGA writer Kent Roudebush, Italian horror legend Geretta Geretta (RATS, DEMONS), artist Ryan Brookhart and believe it or not, the first installment in our ongoing, exclusive column “William Shatner’s Full Moon Fright Nights“, in which Captain Kirk himself interviews some of pop culture’s most celebrated icons.

DELIRIUM #3 is a limited edition, glossy, magazine printed on thick, beautiful paper and is available for purchase NOW. Six-issue annual subscriptions to this incredible tome are also available as are back issues of our critic and fan approved issue #1 and #2.

If print media aint your thing, don’t fret! We have more great news!

Full Moon is THRILLED to announce that you can now get your DELIRIUM fix digitally!

DELIRIUM is now part of iVerse Media’s popular “ComicsPlus” universe, a vast galaxy featuring the best new comics, graphic novels and horror movie magazines available for digital platforms including iPhone and iPad at a great price. Download the ComicsPlus App for your iPhone, iPad or Android now or get it on your PC by clicking HERE.

Finally, to celebrate all this deliriously great news, we’re throwing another one of our incredible “D-DAY OF THE B-MOVIES” release parties at Burbank-based creepy culture shop, Dark Delicacies! For this round of D-DAY, we’ve got a very special guest making an appearance in actor Tim Thomerson, star of such Empire and Full Moon classics as the TRANCERS series, DOLLMAN and ZONE TROOPERS. Plus co-star Megan Ward, who was also in Crash and Burn and other great films. Tim and Megan will be signing copies of the mag and meeting fans as well as premiering Full Moon’s glorious new high-def Blu-ray release, copies of which will be on sale at the event.

Joining Tim and Megan and Full Moon/DELIRIUM team will be stampede of stars including TROPHY HEADS stars Amy Paffrath and Jessica Morris, Full Moon legend Robin Sydney (GINGERDEAD MAN), director Ted Nicolaou (whose classic film TERRORVISION is featured heavily in DELIRIUM #3), director David DeCoteau (PUPPET MASTER 3 and 9) artist Ryan Brookhart, composer Richard Band, director Dave Parker (THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING), filmmaker Daniel Griffith, writer Shane Bitterling (PUPPET MASTER X), writer/actor Maddox (OOGA BOOGA, TheBestPageInTheUniverse.com), director C. Courtney Joyner (LURKING FEAR) and of course Charles Band himself!


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