New episode of Bloodbaths and Boomsticks is up!


This week we return and bring with us 3 movies of varying quality.  First Kyle randomly picks a movie that looks quasi interesting off of the magic firestick that has great guy Michael Berryman in MAD HATTER from 2020.  Tim talks about the newest Netflix jam starring action elite Jean Claude Van Damme in THE LAST MERCENARY, and finally watch in awe as Dean Martin introduces us to swinging spy Matt Helm in THE WRECKING CREW.  We also read the news, answer your listener questions, and we spin the wheel of time.  Also we chat about such stupid topics of how we can use math to figure out how many toilets Tim can ruin if he lives to be 75.  Bigfoot breeding habits.  And we ask Tim’s wife who is on the up and up in all the ghost hunting shows.  So download this episode or Zac Baggins will haunt you so hard you will go blind!