Grossfest-o-ween is coming October 30th, meet the first guest/guests!

We present to you Grossfest-O-Ween! October 30th, 2-3:30pm (or so… ) This lovable duo needs no introduction as they are Pittsburgh film royalty and winners of the Grossfest Lifetime Achievement Award: They are independent film royalty as these two are behind such Indy cult classics “Meat for Satan’s Icebox” and “Fetish Dolls Die Laughing” among working on several other projects throughout the years writing, acting, directing, and have so many stories of working on Hollywood films that were made in Pittsburgh! This duo is known as David and Diana Silvio of Kiss of Death Productions.

Grossfest Lifetime Achievement Award winners

Willow Station Restaurant & Bar 3841 Willow Ave. Castle Shannon, Pa. 15234

(Event is free but please support the restaurant/bar, full menu will be available when it opens at 2pm! And they will be having a party and Halloween costume contest later in the evening)

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