New episode of Bloodbaths and Boomsticks is up!

This week on the show we might have legitimately made 3 bad picks for the show this week, but we will see.  First we cover a sequel when John picks REDWOOD MASSACRE: ANNIHILATION.  Tim picks an independent slasher flick called DEATH RINK.  And lastly we cover a movie that has been recommended to Kyle numerous times in THE NINTH CONFIGURATION.  Also we chat about things suck as the season finale of The Last Drive in with Joe Bob Briggs.  The best fish rape exploitation greatness that is Humanoids from the Deep. Kyle loses 2 external hard drives full of movies, the mystery of Jimmy Hoffa, and a ton more.  We also read the news and answer your questions.  So download this episode or Ty Cobb will not play on your local softball team.

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