Bloodbaths and Boomsticks drop two new episodes!

This week Kyle, John and Tim return to talk all about kinds of things, but first our movies.  First is a fine example of a made for TV delights starring everyone from the early 80’s in ANTS.  Then a real weird example of crazy hicks in the country doing crazy hick things in INVASION OF THE BLOOD FARMERS.  And finally Kyle finally finds a giallo flick that he can get behind in TORSO.  We also have stories of plumbing woes, Kyle’s hometown completely shits itself as he has to chase meth heads out of a garage, and a cop solicits a 14 year old and local rape… all within a week.  And we run down the usual topics of what we have been watching, news, and we answer your questions.  So download this episode or meth heads will invade your garage.

We are back again and we are once again talking about 3 more strange and bizarre flicks. First John chats about a fine Truckersploitation flick starring Jerry Reed and Peter Fonda fighting the good fight in HIGHBALLIN’.  Then Tim covers a movie about Ducky from NCIS runs afoul of some weirdo pooches in DOGS.  And finally Kyle picks the newest Netflix big time jammy jam in ARMY OF THE DEAD starring Dave Bautista and his California Raisin looking head. We also talk about getting kicked off of Cinemageddon, Lost and broken hard drives, Tim finally finished us watching all the Witchcraft movies, and he is the worse off for it.  Kyle’s talks of collecting VHS and the all-consuming fire that destroyed almost all of them.  And we rundown all the news that was dropped; we answer your listener questions, and go through the flicks that we have been watching recently.  And as a bonus Time puts the myths and theories of Pittsburgh when he goes head with Pittsburgh Dad.  So download this episode or we won’t last another 100 episodes with John.

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