Another Bloodbaths and Boomsticks episode is up!

This week we have a “diet Tim” episode as his mom has banged up her ankle, but don’t worry he shows up later to talk about his and John’s continued journey to watch all the Witchcraft movies.  But as usual we will be covering 3 more great flicks.  First Kyle talks about a wild, wild, kung fu monster mash as it’s robots vs. monsters in INFRA-MAN.  Then Tim talks about a very popular slasher in THE MULIATOR.  And finally John picked a really good taxi cab revenge flick starring Robert Forrester and the very greasy Joe Spinell in WALKING THE EDGE.  Also we chat about the continued shittiness of Charles Band, the greatness that is the Creepshow T.V. series, the recent episode of Joe Bob.  And as always we read all the news, answer your questions and cover what we have been watching recently.  So download this episode or we will shove a giant fish hook into your nether regions.

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