We talked Eye-talian flicks this past week

On the show this week we cover 3 more genre flicks you may or may not have seen.  First we chat about the sequel to a beloved franchise that Kyle thinks the fans are split right down the middle on in terms of liking or not in DEMONS 2.  Then Tim picks a pretty good witch/slasher/babysitter flick in THE NIGHT SITTER.  And finally John talks about a Giallo from master Eye-Talian director Dario Argento in the Karl Malden masterpiece CAT O’ 9 TAILS.  We also run down what we have been watching the past week, John slips further down the Camp Blood wormhole,  Old MTV shows that we miss, Kyle is highly disappointed with Willys Wonderland AND the new Wrong Turn jam. All this and we answer your listener questions.  So download this episode or Curtis Armstrong will tell everyone the exact location of your moms old douchebag SPOILER ALERT:  It’s in Ohio



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