Another new episode is up horror fans!


This week Tim and Kyle go it alone but bring 2 great movies with them.  The first being the sequel to a Roger Corman rubber suited monster rape flick The Terror Within 2.  Then Kyle talks about his 2nd favorite movie of all time in 1982’s Disney masterpiece TRON.  Along the way we do the normal thing and break off into weird tangents or conversation… mostly consisting of pooping and Belladonna.  You know, like we normally tend to do. We also talk some Fulci flicks.  




Moe Porne the VHS master joins us for this episode!


This week we welcome back Moe Porne to the show… because it’s been a long time. He brings along with him Pam Grier, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, and Jim Brown in Original Gangsters.  Tim talks about The Terror Within, and Kyle goes over an important and not talked about movie in Pump Up The Volume.  Along the way we go over the top porn titles of the year,  which are funny as shit,  Moe’s quest to make the ultimate list of teen sex romps,  The stupidity of Facebook and it’s lurkers.  And bad, bad, jokes.