Yep, we are still recording episodes…


This week we welcome back our god buddy Steve Benningfield to the show to talk about a weirdo Doris Wishman flick called A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER. Tim talks about the final entry into a beloved franchise in BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR.  And Kyle talks about his go to B movie action guy Christopher Lambert in FORTRESS. Also Steve tips us off to a website that destroys the show with its vast selection of weird movies.  So sit back and enjoy.

 episode 193

Our R.I.P. Rowdy Roddy Piper episode


On this episode we welcome back Steve Benningfield A.K.A. Ben Grimm back to the show to celebrate 3 films of the late great Rowdy Roddy Piper. It’s a celebration of the Rowdy on over here as we check out the all-time classic John Carpenter’s They Live, Then Piper teams up with The Tonga Kid to do some Rock N’ Roll wrestling with the Faceman in BODYSLAM.  Then in a post-apocalyptic world Piper has the best sperm on the planet in HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN.  Also we discuss a variety of topics.  The best being Bigfoot going on a rape rampage on a pot farmer in Washington.   R.I.P. PIPER….

episode 172

Being fat, drunk, and stupid was the delay for getting Episode 109 out to yinz!


This week Tim and Kyle get Steve Benningfield A.K.A. Ben Grimm back on the show to talk about one of the most batshit Italian movies we’ve ever come across…THE VISITOR!  Kyle also decides it’s a good idea to jump out of the horror genre and watches Pale Rider.  And Steve brings along Nightmare city, because we all love it when zombies attack an episode of Solid Gold.  Also we have “can you dig it”, stories about Kyle’s grandpa, viewer mail, and Tim enters a saga of him VS. his mailman.