The Howling episode is up!


This week Kyle and Tim walk down a hairy road.  A road full of howling sequels.  First Christopher Lee tells you the “your sister is a werewolf” a bunch in HOWLING 2 starring Sybil Danning as Rob Halford.  Then a whodunit in a castle in HOWLING 5. Then werewolves in a circus side show in HOWLING 6 THE FREAKS.



We got a new episode up and we are all over the horror genre map with Steve Benningfield


This week Tim and Kyle welcome back re-occurring special guest host Steve Benningfield A.K.A. Ben Grimm to talk about His movie pick LINK, where a killer Orangutan tries to be scary in LINK.  Tim talks about a J.R. Bookwalter flick in ROBOT NINJA,  And Kyle talks about the 1874 classic THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. We also talk about that time Steve broke into the house from tourist trap, Crazy urban legends, Christopher Lambert: chess grand master, we check in on the Nightbreed price gouging debacle. Days of the Dead recap, and we finally get an answer why Tim wears XXXXL T-Shirts.  So enjoy.